You can find the official website of the UK Meritocracy Party over here:

The website is built using NationBuilder, which offers a bunch of nifty features and is a considerable time and money saver compared to building something from scratch.

Special thanks to Diarmuid for coming up with the current design.

Important things of note:

  • The website, as any website, is a constant work in progress. Post below if you have suggestions or feedback while using it.
  • There’s barely any content on there at the moment but it should be “good enough” for the time being while we work on it more.
  • You can join the UKMP if you’re a UK citizen/resident. We’ve decided to go for paid membership in order to be able to fund the party and campaign during the May 2015 elections. Membership costs £10/month. You don’t need to be a member to be an activist, volunteer, voter or contribute to the party. Becoming a member involves committing to a monthly donation and having the responsibility of safeguarding the continued existence and vitality of the organisatio through internal elections. Members are the ones who must hold the party leadership accountable in terms of achieving the objectives of the party, as laid out in the party constitution.



I’m liking the UKMP website! It’s a good base and point of reference to start from. We really need to come up with some solutions for the Solutions Page though. People might agree with us in principle but we give off the impression, that we lack substance at the moment. Regards.


Definitely Erica, I’ll be creating a post shortly about this!


  • Pages and CSS have been tidied up
  • International Supporter is now available as an option for people who aren’t residents or citizens of the UK but who still would like to contribute financially to the Party :).