United Kingdom local elections, 2017

I have become increasingly interested in the progress of Meritocracy, and been active in that way. I am looking to put UK Meritocracy Party on the map with local UK elections. I have received great support from SeanMac on this forum and I would like to nominate myself for Sandwell council elections here in England. I would be grateful for any support or advice otherwise as to how I can proceed. I have done research and realise I need a certificate of authorisation from The UK Meritocracy Party. Thank you for your consideration.


I don’t have any winner’s secrets. I’d go for the local newspapers, social media, local events where you can catch as many potential voters as possible… etc. Great that you are stepping up as a candidate!


Would just like to add that this represents a great opportunity to get the UK Meritocracy Party’s name on a ballot paper, as there’s no £500 deposit required to stand in local council elections. Therefore, there’s nothing to lose financially, given that any brand new party won’t normally pick up a landslide of votes. [Unless you’re the Swedish Pirate Party]

Zach would also make an excellent candidate, as a signed up member of UKMP and someone who has promoted meritocracy [ both on and off-line ] He has also already started a ‘help the homeless’ initiative in the city he proposes to stand in. So that would be a great local starting point to build on, in terms of p.r.


Thanks you Seán for the vote of confidence.


Great initiative Zach and thank you for stepping forward :).

Can I ask why so many people have a capital omega as their profile? Is there some link to meritocracy?

Hi D! I sent you a message.