What do you think our goals should be?

If we simply spread the message, we’ll remain poor and unfortunately I don’t think that we’re going to get into power simply from having awareness, we need money.

Because money get things done, time is money and money can speed things up, at the moment few people want to work hard towards this and there’s no short term incentive to work hard, ultimately we have to think like a real party, a party that pays people and brings in a return, and grows, investing our money to grow larger, then we can gain awareness easily, people can work 40 hour weeks and remain interested.

Only when we are paying people will things get serious. People with skills are so much more effective than volunteers, I find that someone needs to take responsibility for the financial side of the party, raising money is so important.

Is there anyone who enjoys working a 40-hour week?

There was a study done that found indigenous cultures worked on average 4-hours per day. That’s a 28-hour week. For all our fancy technology why are we working harder than ever? There are some working 12 and 16-hour days? Something smells fishy here…

About money: it tends to attract dickheads. If we had money do you think buying cheesy advertising on TV would work? Let’s get Chuck Norris to promote Meritocracy, we can re-brand it as “Chucknocracy” to make it more attractive. Or get Liam Neeson and call it “Takenocracy”, yeah that would work because advertising totally educates and attracts the right type of people yeah?

Our goals should be showing people to the truth and leading people to the correct information. They will want to join based on that

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@Curnow93 Yes, we’re well aware that we need money. There’s no need to create more posts on the subject, unless it’s specific money-making ideas that you can implement / bootstrap!

There’s a section for that over here: Meritocratic Business.

Nobody said anything about buying TV advertisements - those would, in most cases, be a waste of money for us, especially as there are better ways to invest the money.

While in a basic sense you’re right, that’s a very idealistic view. It’s fundamental that we continue to be transparent, open and have a strong rational core but when it comes to the large-scale, it’ll boil down to our stance on particular issues and the way we present ourselves.

If it were just about showing people the “truth” and leading them to the “correct information”, then we’d be living in a very different type of world!


Hey, I think that currently there is an absence of immediate and winnable goals that would provide credibility to this organisation. without this the need for money or transforming national democratic structures will remain in the abstract. What is required is political relevance and a strategy for growth that will allow for us to go from strength to strength. Its at that starting point, where things appear to be at now where it is the hardest.||

Keen to hear what others think :smile:

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While that is the case right now, the broader issue is motivation to act. I only know of a handful of serious meritocrats that are still committed after over 3 years: people who are all about getting stuff done. I also know of 1000 others that have spent all of their time discussing amongst themselves.

If we could grow the first number, that’d be fantastic, especially as it’d create momentum to inspire others and avoid people burning out too.

There are simple tasks all around that can be done, for example: Meritocracy in 100 words - I sent dozens of messages to our most active forum visitors a couple of months ago asking if they could contribute, but unfortunately none have followed through (perhaps the issue was not poking them enough or PMs getting filtered in their emails).

Either way - setting an example and pulling people into projects that you think will further Meritocratic Democracy is the key way forward. When we have enough “captains” then it becomes much easier to discuss strategy because we’ll then know we can follow through on it and achieve bigger things.

Here’s another mini-project that has a powerful impact by building up “social proof”: I believe in Equal Opportunity for Every Child

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Agreed. The only way you can grow is through activity, I think this activity needs to be seen in the real word, but also the principles need to lead to very concrete and unambiguous political demands. For instance the slogan/principle of ‘equal opportunity for every child’ could finds a very concrete application in a demand for free education of all levels of education and simultaneously a demand for the abolishment of private school systems.

This kind of demand almost gets you some support from university students and working class parents of school children.

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