Where do we stand on Podemos?

I’m just curious where everyone stands on Podemos. Are they a potential ally of the MP, or will they need to be defeated in a future election?

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I wonder what Podemos’ prospects really look like when we see how badly things have turned out for Syriza.

As a general commentary of Europe as a whole, I think that it’s possible that many so-called non-establishment extremity-based parties will be given a chance, and at the very least, as partners. Syriza is the first real test, and I don’t think this bodes well for people expecting change to come from within the traditional democratic structure.

I think that both the consolidation, exhaustion, and artificiality of traditional democracy are aspects that may be revealed by the emergence and failure of the extremities within the existing system. I think that this is all necessary for alternatives to become more prominent considerations.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. What I would like to know is their exact position on inheritance tax and whether or not they would agree to making it 100%. If so (and if they some how manage to pull out a win) they could become a very strong ally.

I don’t know the answer to that question. Perhaps they haven’t stated that. Perhaps all of their policies aren’t very well developed. The main aspect of disagreement that I can see coming from extreme Leftist parties in regards to Meritocracy is the wish to maintain a strictly egalitarian system without actually acknowledging and rewarding Merit. Of course Meritocracy maintains an egalitarian basis, while allowing variation in results, so there isn’t really sufficient reason to be opposed to Meritocracy from that aspect of the Leftest standpoint.

The main problem is the solidarity of the centralized institutions which understand that their position is far stronger in relation to the hand being played. Syriza very quickly changed their position from a rebellious one to one which stated that they will do whatever it takes ‘ad infinity’, or something along those lines.

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