Which American presidential candidate best fits our goals?


Obviously, none of the candidates are full-on meritocratic, but which one do you think will move America in a more meritocratic direction?

I believe that Bernie Sanders, with a big part of his platform resting on free college and breaking up the banks, would be the most meritocratic candidate out of the major party candidates; however, I doubt that he will win due to his uphill climb against Hillary’s establishment.

On the other side of the spectrum, Trump would lead us in a horribly unmeritocratic direction, in my opinion, with his emphasis on racism, nationalism, and Jacksonianism, exploiting the fears of many blue collar workers.

What do other meritocrats think?


Hi Arjun, I just had to chime in when I saw this.

I think none. However, if I had to choose who would be heavier on the Meritocratic scale than others, it would Zoltan Istvan; the first U.S. Presidential candidate of the Transhumanist Party.

He see’s progression, human evolution, as something to advocate for and participate in as a responsible and forward thinking citizen. So for me, anything resembling teleological advancement as apposed to the stagnation and/or devolution of those you mention, is the least-worst of the evils I would choose. So if that is how you vote - in choosing to participate in the first place- then vote for someone you Gknow is sincere in their efforts to better the world.

Personally, Zoltan is not aware enough to garner my gracious appreciation via a vote; yet, if the system mandated my participation in the fraud of another American/Corporate election, then I would be forced to vote for Zoltan.

I can’t wait to see candidates worthy of my vote, but bet your buck that I am not holding my breath for the next couple of elections. If a true Meritocrat comes along, I will be working for their election in anyway I can. In the mean time, I would rather be crawling in asbestos than spending half an hour to grace the polls with my presence.