Who should have voting rights?

Currently membership is open to everyone, but we need to consider whether to limit “membership with voting rights” to just UK citizens and residents. I think the philosophy here should be that the people living in a country should be the ones to have ultimate sway over their national political parties.

I’ve made a note of this on the Join page with the suggestion that a “non-voting rights membership” option may be created for non-UK residents who still want to support the UK Meritocracy Party.


The public should be able to openly come to the site and vote, but the same as the vote would be taken once Meritocracy is in place. What are the positions to be filled? Are they already chosen, such as a group of course majors, or 12 Major Areas, or does the teachers get to vote the head of the education board? How does that work? That way, the voter can register on the website, in a way that qualifies them for each and every vote, pick all the candidates for whatever positions, BEFORE the next election, and get the public to make a vote to switch to the whole Meritocratic system. Take everyone that was voted in by qualified voters and stick them in their positions, while tossing all of the old form.

Politics = Social designing.
The principle of “ethnic self-determination” is still a must. As Merkel admitted; “Multicultural approach now turned out to be a failure.” Same is true with Swedish case i.e. in that they are vulcanized. Same problem is shared in America — vulcanized. Conclusively, in my opinion, guaranteeing voting right for national politics to foreign nationality holders in a certain country, has in itself a future problem.