At a certain point in America, the word "liberal" becomes a slur,

I want to be a liberal. But liberals have gone soft:

Young Middle Easterners grew up witnessing or taking part in revolutions similar to the French Revolution in Europe in the 1700s. Many have grown strong and bold and are rational people, but that power vacuum in the Middle East has created an ideal scenario to allow terrorist sleeper cells to fester and sore, Ie, ISIS. Trump capitalized upon the Wests inability to defeat terrorism; he exploited our weaknesses in fighting terror to get elected. Now,

^This is why the word “liberal” has become a slur. The weakness of American liberals is being taken advantage of; we are becoming so soft that it is allowing dangerous people to infiltrate. If you watch the video, you will see that 13% of American Muslims support Sharia Law. This is much lower than other nations but it is still far too high. Good, rational people do not support stoning and public executions.

^This is the main area in which I will strongly disagree with Ben Shapiro. He essentially argues that if we must give up some freedom for security, than so be it. I disagree strongly, and I would say that his reasoning is exactly what allows dangerous people to infiltrate. As Ben Franklin said, “people who are willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither.” However, I will make the case for Ben Shapiro:

^This is a highly intelligent analysis of morality. The vision of morality in “Star Wars” is limited; both the Jedi and Sith are not entirely good nor evil. My view of morality is more similar to “Harry Potter.” In those stories, it is clear who is good and who is evil. It is black and white. In Star Wars there is gray area, that’s why there are literally grey Jedi in Star Wars folklore.

So yeah, basically, my point is that we can’t let a liberal in office because they will be soft, but if I am to support one American conservative, it would be Ben Shapiro and no one else. Unless someone can show me otherwise.

I’m all for inclusivity but not at the cost of manipulation. We cannot let our nation be manipulated.