Brexit and the onsueing farce

I have been watching the Brexit farce with some amusement over the past few months, not one of the established parties seem to have got an handle on the thing. whatever side you come down on whether leave or remain it is largely irrelevant. (to be honest its like fleas fighting over the dog) However I do believe that the fall out from this farce would be the ideal time to really push the party onto the political limelight.

What the Brexit split has done if nothing else is to show that the OWO is no longer functioning and that it is time for something more radical. As the party as something for all sides in terms of a socialist agenda, a business agenda, education, social movement. I believe that people are looking for something different, take the 100% inheritance tax. what does this mean to the poor and the working class? However consistent approach to education, and the ability to make something for themselves in terms of social mobility and their children, is something they can really understand.

It is time we all got together to sell the party to the public, to make people understand the aims and the goals of the party so that when elections come again we can all stand forth ready to say “We have a different and better way, We have the answer to the old cronyism of the old parties”

People really don’t understand that it is the party that picks the candidate not them, they jjust vote Labour, conservative, Liberal because they have always done. In truth most people in this day and age can not tell the parties apart.

It is now time we stand and be heard!