Crises of capitalism

Any system of capital only works for those with capital to invest. Why put most people as ants in terms of capital reserves, with a few the size of mountains? It doesn’t make any sense as to getting the work and the use out of capital.

At the end of each monthly cycle, let’s say you’ve produced your outputs outside the scope of monetary investment - let’s say a few nuclear research centers, new antibiotic drug treatments, and food. Immediately then all the excess capital isn’t sloshing around in the system anymore - so for investment’s sake it would be much better spread and redistributed amongst all those who would see it spent on something productive.

You could take off an arbitrary, chunk - let’s say 10%, at the end of each monthly cycle or yearly cycle of capitalism. Or you could go even smarter and say that immediately any money sitting and not being spent for an entire cycle is not working effectively i.e. it’s not actual capital anymore! That’s exactly one of the fundamental mathematical problems of capitalism. What the superrich are actually doing is devaluing the value of money! It’s a catastrophe for all true capitalists, because we know the vast majority of any pool of money isn’t actively being spent at the top end, but being sat on to the detriment of new money sloshing around and revitalizing new free markets and new economic trade/activity.

One of the key things a new system needs is a shake-up of the implementation of working capital and investment. We can surely trust the real creators of wealth, the world’s workers, with more of the investment power of capital (money). Money isn’t ever a static object, it’s a piece of investment power for what the world should produce next. And if we want a more fluid economy then we need the poorest to have access to direct the free market by choosing what most people actually need. That’s the way forward in a huge sense, rather than megawealthy individuals and corporations rushing to hide money and stash it away from the nation’s economy in a tax haven.

A company like Morgan Stanley has a large number of tax havens.

Why should we hide and limit our investment capital globally, as a human race? It doesn’t make sense. It’s highly restrictive to limit the sloshing around of investment power like this, because it mathematically makes the rich able to do whatever they want purely by starting out with the most investment power each cycle. Hoarding it is the end-goal which then corrupts the actual purpose and use of capital.

Instead, we need capitalism to work for everyone based on the continually reset measure of their merit. In personal life people should be judged by their current behaviour, and in public life we should also have a system which doesn’t punish everyone for not having gone to the influential banking jobs which are incentivized purely because the role centers around managing and handling money.

What do we want our future world to incentivize and reward? Do we want to reward only the bankers and the rich and the corporations, all towering giants above us? How is that actually feasible as an economic system of working capital? It’s not. It’s a fundamental restriction of all spending power for anyone but the ultra-rich. That’s what it’s going to quickly turn into.

The danger with Universal Basic Income is that people could withdraw from the political process and live cushioned from the economic and social changes they don’t keep track of. Jobs and rugged individualism is one actual cause of engaging with the state of the nation and becoming frustrated with it. We don’t want to incentivize laziness - instead what should be done, under a new system, is to increase investment in jobs and housing massively and also to increase the minimum wage, with a reasonable and fair common-sense welfare state. If only part of a general fix is implemented, it’s tempting to put off actually changing the entire system, and therein lies the danger.

Why don’t capitalists disavow and publically shame such disgusting human tragedies as these? Because our elitist, parasitic version of capitalism is all about the bottom line, the profit margin - and zero about the human quality of life we need to raise the floor of for everyone.

We need meritocracy because we need to seriously deal with these crises of capital being used to extort, exploit and traumatize everyday people. Capital should work for everyone not just the super-rich, and this means a complete rework away from the parasitic entrenched nature of elites and their corporations owning the vast majority of investing power.

It’s also an indictment of modern science that scientists don’t pluck up the courage to speak out against what are actually some basic mathematical fundamental flaws in modern capitalism. Where are you, scientists? Do you have spines? Are you aware of your social responsibility? Did nobody teach you it?

What we need is a system which minimizes this kind of economic predatory behaviour, through its very design, from the outset. It’s possible to campaign against all these individual issues, but that’s a waste of time when compared to attacking the root cause, which is the design and implementation of modern capitalism itself.

Many types of capitalism are possible, and only a meritocratic form of government would actually see it through, reliably, that a much less elitist and parasitic version of capitalism is on offer for everyone.

If we were to design and build a new futuristic city, we’d want to eliminate vehicle deliveries. It would eliminate lots of boring jobs, streamlining the purchases which were going to happen anyway, and freeing up peoples’ time and mental energy. You would have a delivery chute from a tower, going into every home, with a cushioned mattress piece at the end - but this relies on plenty of assumptions though, like the absence of terrorism exploitability, or the funding of such a massive building project, which isn’t compatible with modern elitist society. So it’s not possible right now. It’s not a compossible enough idea.

We can’t get rid of or simplify things like advertising, trade or prices without having the full control and know-how of how it could be taken care of. Better systems come into place through compossibility, not dialectical increments. It’s grand leap creativity versus incremental creativity; it’s policies versus politicians. Some things are impossible to change about the world right now, and so we need to focus on the actual changes which are possible - starting from the human, moral argument, the moral cause which can raise the power of the people in collective motion. This is what gives us intrinsic motivation and a sense of wonder and excitement.

To know more we need to engage ourselves closely with the kinds of thinking which actually go on in designing these systems and keeping them in place. We need to be one step ahead. We all need to think more and target how to actually get to what we want to know. We need to keep asking ourselves and challenging ourselves to think.

The world needs a shift away from parasitic elite systems of control - that is the main fundamental aspect. It’s not detail, but we need to get involved with the detail and actually cover the specifics in our thoughts, when we think, to be able to defend our views and explain more. That’s how we can convince people to defend meritocracy and convey that it’s the right system to get behind - why? Because no amount of anything less is actually substantial enough to change their minds for the right reasons - it would be magical thinking and delusion, then, to think we can convince people of rational understanding by emotional or psychological means. Offer the full picture and state your case. Be reasonable and stay calm, with your responses measured and fair.

Focus on the people who would care the most about meritocracy right now and who will be persuaded by argument. When we reach 10% of the population, everyone else will join our side.

We begin by focusing on the fundamentals. These are mathematical principles that cut across all other aspects. That’s what we’re supposed to be thinking about.

Why the fuck doesn’t capital work for poor people in Africa? Because parasitic capitalism limits investment based on who can produce the highest concentration of wealth for the few. This parasitic capitalism is a dead model which is unfit for unleashing the full potential of humanity. We have halved the outputs of human effort by limiting capital investment in poor countries. The megawealthy are not fit to rule humanity. Their system is blind and dumb, and this can be mathematically proven.

The role of government is to fix problems with the economy and the tax system and the regulation of businesses- make all these processes smoothly integrated so there are no problems; so that new business can be created and tax reports filed with ease. It’s not people who are to blame if they don’t want to go to work. Are you kidding me? It’s no surprise if people don’t want to work when they’re being overworked, underpaid and forced to live in squalid conditions. It’s no fun being poor in a system so heavily geared around money.

We have to raise the standard of living for everyone - yes, we do. And it’s not about giving people free money either; but it’s not peoples’ fault if the system doesn’t work for them. It isn’t that somehow all these people are individually at fault and behaving in the wrong way and to blame. That can’t actually happen. If you had a survey where 90% of people said they were unhappy with their life, it shows a PATTERN - the pattern is more than the data itself, it’s more than the information itself - it shows us that there’s something there behind the scenes which isn’t working. We need better jobs. We need to take money from the incredibly well off and raise the minimum wage to something liveable.

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The crisis of using money as index of success is that you’re left without all the unprofitable human potential all around us. If there is enough imaginary digital money in bank accounts in Switzerland, then why don’t we take a bit of that and pay mothers to not have to starve their children, restrict their childs’ progress or move between insecure housing?

Quite simply the modern world is embarrassing. It’s not fit for purpose, it’s not good enough for humanity’s daily needs. We have a system run for and by the megawealthy, frittering away money on yachts and high-end restaurants and elaborate elite bodygard units; and corporations which now also want to sue governments for any action resulting in less profits (TTP/TTIP).

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If the Meritocratic Revolution is successful, then within 300 years we will achieve the automation of technology so that at least everyone under 30 will be free to pursue exactly what it is they want to do with their lives. The most high-quality opportunity our world and planet produces is free time with an income. That’s what people desire as success and possibilities. That’s the most important gift to give everyone, and it’s what our ultimate purpose is as a civilization. We’re moving towards this with every technological, spiritual/social and intellectual goal.

Everyone under 30 will be enabled to pursue everything they want to do, as this would be the most efficient use of time and experience: music; education; relationships & love; self-development; art; cooking; computer programming; spiritual and religious experiences with others; introversion; writing and poetry; all the creative arts. When these interests have been fully exhausted and figured out, each person would be ready to choose a career path they’re fully invested & interested in; they would have figured out what works for them and gets them most excited and motivated towards working creatively & constructively with others. We all need to find this to be happy. We all deserve the space to properly figure out what makes us work well with others. And in the future we will achieve incredible capacity for food/water production, much more than we have now. We currently have enough food to feed the world but simply lack the spiritual gatheredness to wring it from the hands of the few - the elite - the gang of nobodies silently controlling the world.

We are humanity. There’s nothing to fear when we work together. We are transforming Olympus.