I know a lot of you already have degrees in various things, but for those of you who don’t, or if you’re just trying to learn something new and don’t have the time or money for school, you should check out this website. All courses are free and there is a wide rang of subjects including psychology, economics, maths, and just about anything else you can think of.

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Are there any regarding:

  • Creation of money
  • Voting systems
  • Parliamentary decision-making processes

On there? If you don’t know, would you mind taking a look please? It’ll be helpful for current and future members of Meritocracy Now! as those are really important topics that we should all be familiar with.

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Not specifically I don’t think. Here is a complete list. Under each, on the site, is a list of courses ranging from very basic to advanced courses.

// I replaced the list you made with a link to the list to keep things tidy - Roberto.

All right, what do you think about searching around the web for top-notch quality resources on those three topics I mentioned? Is this something you’d be up for doing?