I think there should be many general tabs

I think there should be many general tabs, including schooling, economics, religion, etc. All the tabs where meritocrats talk about, so you don’t have such an endless number of posts under one tab. This will make it look more professional here and also have all posts about one subject under one tab.
Just my two cents, I don’t have a dollar handy :wink:

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The thing is that they’d be mixed in with the country categories. So we have to move those into their own supra-category, e.g. “Countries” or “World” and then further divide by regions (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, etc…). Having that level of granularity isn’t worth it at the moment as we have few categories.

Here you can see the current layout: http://community.meritocracynow.net/categories

Please come up with an alternative proposal if you think we need general tabs, as it’s much easier to evaluate and implement that way :). For example, we already have “Meritocratic Business” in the mix.


P.S. I moved this thread to “Meta”, that’s the category to talk about forum organisation ;).

I don’t know. Maybe countries do not need subcategories. All economics ultimately pertains to meritocratic economics, all politics… etc. If your post pertains to meritocracy in Germany, you post under Germany. Besides I’m ready to post about the duality of Dracula Untold. If we can get intellectual stimulation from it, it seems to promote.

Look at other forums that are well visited. You’ll see the structure I mean.