Ideas For Meritocracy Soundbites

Hi Comrades - I’ve been giving some thought to what could be a good sub-heading to use BENEATH - ‘Equal Opportunity for Every Child.’

Someone pointed out recently that it’s a fine ideal & statement, but doesn’t sound radical enough on its own. We probably need an ‘action’ type of statement to go with it.

As that’s the heading we all seem to agree as a statement to the world, what could we add beneath it?

With this in mind, I thought of some suggestions:

  1. Changing The System From The Inside
  2. Open Your Mind
  3. Free Your Mind
  4. Thinking Outside The Box
  5. Turning Dreams Of A Better World Into Reality
  6. The Future Is Theirs

These type of tags would also sit well with the word ‘Meritocracy’ as lead for different more specific campaigns eg: ‘Meritocracy - Free Your Mind’ - could maybe also look good on a badge or t-shirt as well.

Just throwing some ideas in the mix for the common good.

Feel free to add a few ideas of your own…



Here are some Meritocracy soundbites

  1. Wake Up and Be the Change
  2. Wake Up and Transform/Create a Better World
  3. Wake Up and Reclaim Your Sovereignty
  4. Wake Up and Empower Your Mind
  5. Wake Up and Become the Transformers of our Beautiful Planet Earth
  6. Wake Up and Become the Architects of Your Own Reality

The following are some quotes from Ralph Smart,
Money Only Exists Because Enough People Believe In It!
Wake Up or Die! The World is The Idea—All Ideas Must Change!
Peace! :sun_with_face:

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I moved this into “Resources”, I think it’s more appropriate in there :).

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  • Building the Future
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