Meritocracy in 100 words

How would you describe it?

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My cryptic description of Meritocracy:

“If you love a cloud it will freeze and stay the same shape, after a while the cloud will solidify and grow dust and mold. Love in this sense is to want something to stay the same, it is to possess and destroy. But if you “love” not an object but a subject then you allow the object to change. Let the clouds in the sky change, let them come and go, let them become form and become formless…”

Funky Meritocracy Jingle poem thingy!

Merit isn’t about what you have,
Or what you got from mum and dad.
It’s what you bring and what you do,
For the betterment of me and you.

Money is the voice of privilege
Always with the same lineage,
But the call for equal opportunity
Is sung from the mouth of meritocracy.

So bring out the books and your brains,
Throw out the rich, greedy and insane,
And join the soldiers of reason and liberty
Who serve the noble Meritocracy Party.

We want passion and radical plans,
A decisive stand against the man,
We serve no Murdoch or old Rothschild,
We are Equal Opportunity for Every Child.


Very nice contribution, cracked me up too :).

All my life I have struggled with the question: why are the very worst people in society our leaders? Gore Vidal said: “By the very act of becoming President of the United States means you’re not fit to hold the job.” I have been a fierce proponent of “left wing politics” and yet, in truth, are the people who rise to be the leaders of the Left really any different? The problem is, of course, at the very core of the bloated asylum inmate we call “democracy.” How can the vote of an idiot who does not have the intelligence to see that he is being spoon fed his ideas by the media really count as a democratic vote? Woody Allen said: “They say we get the president we deserve. Unfortunately I get the president they deserve.” In simple terms - an uninformed vote is dangerous tool, like a box of matches in the hands of a toddler. The God Series of books and the mention of Meritocracy nearly made we weep with relief. Finally, a rational, sane system that can challenge that evil, bastard child of capitalism we call democracy. Finally, a system where those who deserve it are rewarded. The world has been waiting a long time for a system that cannot be manipulated by religion or privilege. Let’s make it happen.


Democracy has failed. Meritocracy is the Next System, the optimal opportunity for everyone to flourish. It’s a people’s declaration of war in retaliation against the greedy elites’ war of conquest. We intend to take the power to structure the determinant institutions of society from greedy elites in order to prevent aspects of slavery in the human experience as much as possible. We will overcome humanity’s material obstacles by releasing science from the clutches of the greedy elite. We will reform education with expert psychology and replace their primeval pyramidal hierarchy with a round table hierarchy where merit is proportionately rewarded.

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I’ll put a first 100 words from a perspective of some nations that have applied meritocracy. In this text Mongolia, France and Finland under the rule of Russia are promoted as examples of partial meritocracy.

"Tsingis Khan, the emperor of the Mongols, promoted even his conquered enemies to a position of warlord if there were merits to prove the person. Background or skin colour had no meaning.
In Napoleon’s France many men of lower birth were promoted amazingly fast according to their skills after the old royal ruling elite was wiped out. (One of them became the king of Sweden & Norway!) In the grand duchy of Finland public officiers ruled and anyone with sufficient education could make it to be one.

These countires were exceptionally prosperous during their time. Mongols became an empire ruling half of the world for 200 years. They started as modest nomads. Napoleon fought succesfully against the rest of the world for decades. Finland transformed from developing backwaters to a democratic and industrialized country."

That’s some merit to meritocracy. Noteworthy is that in any of these cases meritocracy was not fully applied so we can only imagine the success of a nation consciously using meritocracy.

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Another 100.

"Two reasons why no country wants to declare itself meritocratic even tough meritocracy’s achievments and potential are unquestioned. One; it’s not democracy. Two; Nazi-Germany was very meritocratic (meritocracy to all aryans). Thus meritocracy has been hidden so that many masters of social sciences have not even heard of it. Meritocracy is a real threat to the current system; it has never failed.

The leftists are mostly from the poor, uneducated (untalented) part of the population. So they would have no political power in meritocratic society. Thus it may be that the real obstacle for the rise of meritocracy within a nation are the left-wing parties who fight to keep their political power by whatever propaganda it takes. True capitalist would be immediately on the side of meritocracy even tough inheritance tax might be a difficult bite to swallow."

We’ve had the ages of kings and queens… fat lot of good that did. We now need the rule of the smart and the caring; the determined, unflinching beating heart of national concern… Meritocracy! What did millionaire David Cameron ever explain about suicide driven debt, bank bailouts and loan sharks? Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. The government of the future has to have an answer for everything. Away with the word games! Bring us the most talented and we’ll put them to use. The intuitives; the experts; the raw power of the mind.

The composers of the inheritance tax laugh; the foolish think it to be here for the opposite of it’s purpose.

It is an improvement to system where those little savings could be held back from the ruling elite through inheritance; loving parents could leave the fruits of their hard work to their children. But the elite needs that property, too, because they need absolutely everything. Everyone not born into right families or those who get to work near them will be simply fuel for them. Inheritance tax will suck the last juices out of the slaves placing 100% of the value generated by people’s work into their hands. Is it your choice to go for it?

Government officials may change but they will be as easily bought as the ones that are supposed to represent the people now. And with the inheritance tax middle class will finally disappear leaving only the absolute winners and absolute losers.

Ok, ok… that’s not really an offence because we’re talking 100% taxation of everything above one million. I was talking with a Finnish guy who says he tried some activism about five years ago and they were pushing complete tax to inheritance. A system that sucks out everything from the citizens. That was fiercely opposed, no surpirise.

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Sean’s new progression is even better than thetreshold of one million. If we want to climb to a tree we must first find a tree and then start from the ground level. The top of the tree is a complete 100% inheritance tax but we cannot start from there :smiley:

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