Meritocracy is a component of the whole System

Meritocracy is a political system. There are other systems affecting our lives: economic, financial, social, technological, geopolitical, environmental, exopolitical. Each element correlates each other. We try to establish Meritocracy in each nation. We strive for it. But a bigger picture is always needed. We the meritocrats need to have holistic view and strategy for future of a country and the world as a whole.

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I’ve come up with a few things that could integrate the considerations that you’ve mentioned. I’m going to copy and paste them together, so it might not be the most fluid, but you can get the idea, maybe.

I’ve made a meritocratic education board game of numbers, that can categorize each person as to where they excel over a very large spectrum of topics. A teammate and or individual, multiplayer chess trivia game, that is adaptable to cover 13+ topics at once. I have some thoughts on making a meritocratic society/arcology, with a renewable resource backed currency, based around this game. The currency idea is laid out after this game‬.

Smoke and Mirrors Chess could replace public education as it is, exposes the depth of character in merit for each individual, and covers a wide array of topics, so that everyone can excel somehow, somewhere. The architecture built for the most productive layout respective to this game, would start with the lowest levels of education, being closest to a biodome garden courtyard. Succeeding further up scale by points won in different categories, the sectors would be developed in layers, one bordering the last, growing in maturity and extravagance as you go out, crested by the tech development on the outside.

All tiles are numbered 1 - 13 for card topic, define all topics and create 50 cards, for each difficulty, for each topic; 50 x 6 x 13 = 3900, or make number 13 a wild card number and use 12 topics, 3600 cards.

Level of question difficulty determined by target piece’s power.


  1. Multiple Choice OR True/False

  2. Fill in the blank

  3. Team Charade

  4. Team Win/Lose/Draw

  5. Define in 1 sentence

  6. Riddle

Pawn: 1

Rook And Bishop: 2

Knight: 3

Duchess and Fortress: 5

Queen and Wizard: 8

King: 13

The receiver of attack will read the topic card, from the level of difficulty that is determined by the opponent’s piece.

Attack only successful if question answered correctly.

Incorrect answers will forfeit the move and turn.

Winning the game is 20 points.

Championships will be determined by comparing points won in previous games.

If attacking a pawn on a 3 square, the 3 would correlate to the topic of card that the player being attacked would pick up. Since it is a pawn being attacked, the difficulty of the question from the topic card is 1. The attacked party would use the question given on the card, or create a question from the key word(s). I have fully illustrated instructions.

In order to sustain the presense of life and freedom on this planet Earth, it must be taken as a responsibility for the self-aware conscious beings that inhabit it, to engineer an environment of cohabitation and liberty, devoid of inequality to all species. Thus, we pledge to harmonize the functions of our labors to reverently nurture the cradle for anticipated generations, of all kinds. Striving without end, we embark on this task in gratitude, to allow nature take it’s course, free of impairment. Priority of the task to embody compassion toward others will be perpetually held foremost, adapting habits to suit a symbiosis that considers the regional extents of intermingled thriving bodies, never to lessen their boundaries lest determined hazardous. Deliberation of this reasoning need not be outlined by numerous letter and character. By an evaluation of the professioned, detriment or development shall be managed in appropriate fashion to align with the balances aforementioned.

What I am proposing is a currency that has built in deflation, making each denomination note worth more each year and eventually making itself obsolete as we move into a money free world. A currency backed by hemp. Throughout history, I know of 3 monetary systems: bartering, gold/silver standard, and fiat currency. Imagine a currency backed by a renewable resource that has over 50,000 uses and can replace the use of trees in every manufacturing instance, can make many fabrics, makes food and medicine, produces fuel, a concrete alternative, super capacitors, and can make most things that crude oil can, all while reducing or reversing negative effects on the environment; sequesters large amounts atmospheric CO2 while growing and as a superior alternative to concrete, that maintains humidity in the building, is mold proof, fire resistant, and better sound and heat insulating; Reverses environmental radiation; Does not require pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide to grow; Produces approx. 4 times the amount as that of trees, per acre; Chemically safer to bleach; It has negligible amounts of THC and will not cause a “high”. It is easily discernible from marijuana, in that the proximity of growing for maximizing stalk height is inches apart, compared to maximizing sun exposure and bud growth by spacing far apart.

Just as with gold backing, each note would be redeemable for an amount of hemp, whether raw or in a refined state of oil, seed, fiber, or hurds. A “federal reserve” would grow, harvest, and hold this crop, along with printing the amount of money equal to the amount of resource held, so that these notes can be redeemed at the banks for the harvested raw and/or refined hemp (oil, fiber, hurd, etc). People could also grow this crop and trade it at the banks for currency (the reason that this benefit does not collapse the system and erase the need for jobs by citizens, and in turn erase capitalism markets, is because it can only be done once, possibly twice, a year). To phase it into society, the best method would be to start with businesses that can utilize the crop either by %100 or a considerable amount, for them to pay their employees in hemp notes in a slowly increasing percentage of wages and to spend the current currency in circulation into the new hemp banks, at an appropriate amount per unit of the resource, in relation to the present economic state in the nation (These companies would buy, in USD, the hemp to manufacture with, until the harvesting is USD proofed; not requiring petroleum to run the machines or paying wages in USD). Citizens could also replace current currency notes at the reserve with the new currency notes, at a value as compared to how much resource that amount would purchase from the reserve. After the first fiscal year, the number of circulated notes would be tallied, by the use of catalogued serial numbers (tracked like anonymous credit card numbers, tied to the hemp serial note, not the person), so that that amount could be grown to sustain the size of the economy. As the fiscal years turn, all uncirculated notes would leave behind an amount of unredeemed hemp, that would rollover into the value of each note, i.e. out of 10 trillion pounds, if all but 1 trillion is used, then the notes are now worth 1.1x the amount as they were previously. That amount would be factored into the next year’s crop size, to cover it possibly being redeemed later. There could be a maximum of the number of years this amount would be covered by next year’s crop, making inheritance of “old money” wealth out of the question and keeping the crop reserves fresh. So, if notes are not redeemed for, say, 3years, the serial numbers on the notes are “burned”, removing that amount from what is to be grown the next year and making those particular notes unredeemable. The amount of hemp donated from the public sector between federally sanctioned crops would count against the amount of “hemp debt” factored for the added value notes (that didn’t circulate the previous year and are not set to “burn” in that cycle) By surpassing the notes queued to cover the size of the economy for the next year, this starts to reduce interest rates on loans, potentially leading to a system that has NEGATIVE interest rates on loans. Inflation would only take place on non-renewable resources, that would increase in price with the overall amount of resource/money held at reserves, just to maintain it’s rate of attainment, so as not to use these too quickly. The numbers I have crunched are only to outline a general concept. Starting with an overestimated 350 million US citizens, at 50k pounds per person, a 17.5 trillion pound reserves would be grown. Going from an estimated 6-10k pound per acre yield, it would require 1.75 to 2.92 billion acres. The US has ~2.25 billion arable acres, so this can possibly be done in a single year.

The points system of the game could be the fiat correlation to the hemp value, and the hemp spent in philanthropy could be considered political merit points. Handing someone this currency note, is automatically handing them nearly all of life’s necessities and comforts, even extravagances.

I would also suggest making the bodies of government, likened to university majors. Which could be derived from the board game also. This is the most of what I have so far. I’m out of time to work on it at the moment. I’ll elaborate for anyone if you have questions.