Meritocracy Newsletter - Writers wanted!

Hi there, my name’s Niall!

I am starting up a monthly news letter for Meritocracy which require writers to fill out some non-fiction roles. This is similar to the general writing position for the Meritocracy website except this will have a Journalistic slant, so it will be less essay like and it will stick to the objective news stance that quality Journalism is meant to.

So it is not essentially persuasive writers we are going for, more so creative reporters, reporting on stories, concepts etc etc which would be interesting and useful for the current subscribers to the Meritocracy website to consume on a monthly basis. A newsletter assumes that those reading are already won over to Meritocracy, so this is not a propaganda project, it merely provides them with up to date events, thoughts and information which a Meritocrat may find useful.

If you are interested, just post to the thread, there is already a Podio work space up and running so we can get to developing this month’s issue immediately.


I’m willing to make this monthly commitment. I’m not however trained as a writer, but I have completed two University degrees and understand the essay format in terms of the first paragraph being an introduction, then the body, and then the final paragraph being the summary, I think that’s the basics of what any article writer should understand in order to make it easy for the reader to decide how much they want to read.

So yeah, willing to do this on a monthly basis. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Hi Ed,

You’re all good, I’ve spoken with you before and you are always on the ball. Any specialties or oddities I’ll simply edit them in before the final release.

Glad to have you aboard. Another two (or more) people hopefully signing up and we get moving!

No problemo, when you have enough people let me know what day of the month will be the cut off date for article submission, min and max word limits, desired topics, stuff like that…

I’d be happy to help, i have a background in intelligence and analysis, and i could contribute with some articles or essays. But i cannot promise a monthly commitment at the moment, but if there is an address to submit writings to and some information on format, word count and deadlines i’ll do my best to help.

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You could try to contact Niall also through other sites. I’m not so sure about him following this forum anymore. I sent you a private message with links. I hope you get in contact and start writing whenever you have time!