Meritocracy Now Chat

Would a Chat domain to this forum provide the users any benefit? Ideas, Questions and Answers would be able to be addressed more quickly, in a more “informal” manner. Not only that, but thoughts would also be able to be shared more freely and more subject to open responses. This would prompt the users to…

  • Put forward their thoughts more often.
  • Learn via discussion.
  • Create an ease about Scheduling (for the future).


Chatting available. I try to be online at IRC chat with the channel/forum #meritocracy as much as possible.
Available hours: Weekend … all day, basically.
Weekday … 09:00-17:00 UTC

Take care and see you around.

I’m idling in this channel 24/7 as it’s sole participant (for now). I’ll surrender ownership to Roberto or Ed if they show up and I’m around.

Sorry for the necro, but I feel it’s relevant now that the channel is actually open/registered.