Meritocrats Worldwide Map

Post below if you’re not represented on the map :).


I am not there yet))) Italy Florence

I’m from Hamden CT, I’m new but want to devote myself wholeheartedly. Do we just convince other people to read the information and form their own opinion and get involved?


We’re currently working on creating local groups that can start their own meritocratic parties, but yes, building up awareness is a core activity that anyone can do.

There’s still a bunch of work ahead to make sure everything is clearly laid out, so if you want to help there, ask yourself how you’d present Meritocratic Democracy to a friend. Think about common objections they’d have and how you’d overcome them. (Best to do this in a separate topic though).

Alright, sweet. I have some questions about how I want to start my party, is there a way I could contact you personally?

Fire up a new thread for where you live, or send me a PM by clicking on my name.

I am still searching for all my answers, but I am looking to help in any way possible. I live in rural TX, so finding like minds, here, will be ridiculously difficult but I’m up for attempting it.

I’ve updated the map.

PEI, Canada. Not represented.

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Updated! I also encourage you guys to set your location under Profile - Preferences - Location. It’ll help others know where you’re from and connect with future meritocrats in your area.

il n’y a pas le Mali !

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Fixed, should now be on there! :slight_smile:

oui Merci. Excellent !

Helsinki, Finland representing!

Done, added!

Another one from Helsinki here, hello :slight_smile: I’ll put an introduction as soon as I find the topic and maybe we’ll get in contact about Helsinki activity?

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Abuja - Nigeria isn’t represented on the map please :smile:

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Added Nigeria and set Helsinki to 2 people :slight_smile:

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Brazil, Maringá PR, thanks!


SEEN!! so happy about it! 1 love!

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