Meritopedia is a wiki where you can create and edit pages with others. It’s easy to organise large quantities of information and there’s infinite version control, which means that you can always undo any changes you make to anything.

It’s powered by the same software Wikipedia uses. If you’ve never used a wiki before then I highly suggest checking out the following video:

We were using Meritopedia for the Meritocracy International before. I’ve tidied it up a bit to create a more streamlined and straightforward experience. This will be worked on and if you want to help out, just request an account and we’ll get you set up.


  • Everyone can view Meritopedia.
  • To edit Meritopedia your account needs to be manually created. You can request one by replying to this topic or by emailing themeritocracyparty at gmail dot com

I would like to request an account and also join the research team.

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Done, you should have received an email with the pass for “EMX”.

It seems there has not been any activity on the site recently. Is there anyone actively contributing to the research division?

There’s no research division any more … anything that isn’t accessible from the main page is mostly out-of-date, especially organisational pages.

The focus is on having an open and collaborative process. If you want to research something, you’re welcome to do so and to ask others -anyone you think is suitable- to join you in the endeavour :).

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Cool. So what would be a good way to post research report type pages?

Probably on the wiki by creating a new page. Have you used MediaWiki before?

No I have not.

For now I’d use your favourite word processor and when you have something that you’d like to put up on Meritopedia, let me know and I’ll show you how to go about doing it on IRC in real time.

Alternatively, there are plenty of guides if you prefer to take the self-learning route:

Sign me up too Roberto I would like to open an account as well

Done, you should receive an email with the pass for “Manuel”.

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thanks, Roberto :smile:

I can’t figure out how to start a new page to post a research report. For now here is the word file for a report on THE SEVEN DEADLY INNOCENT FRAUDS OF ECONOMIC POLICY by WARREN MOSLER.

moslers7.docx (21.7 KB)

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alperovitzpoliticaleconomyoftechnology.docx (26.7 KB)
Here is a report on the 2008 book Unjust Deserts by Gar Alperovitz. It discusses the political economy of technology and the anti-meritocratic aspects of the current system.

Sorry, but I’ve only just now seen this again @EMX. The fastest way to start a new page is searching for the name you want. When it’s not available, click on the red link to create it.

There are other ways too, such as creating these “red links” from within existing pages (which is usually best practice to avoid having isolated pages, but in this case it’s OK).

Full guide is available over here:

Please let me know if that works!

On another note, here’s a list of projects going on the forum at the moment:

I would like to request an account on meritopedia. I was thinking i could start by translating pages and articles into Norwegian for the site. I assume it would be beneficial for the wiki to be multilingual?

You can request an account over here: - please let me know once you have so that we can approve it (as we get requests from spammers sometimes).

On a general note, if any of the links to Meritopedia pages on this thread and other threads don’t work, it’s because we archived the old wiki and created a fresh one. The fresh one is intended to be 100% public from the very beginning, while the old one was private at the start and then made public, which was messy in terms of content and structure.

Hello Roberto. I’ve just requested an account on Meritopedia. Cheers.

Account approved, thanks for signing up!