Names, plausibly real pseudonyms, and author bios at Meritocracy Party dot org

For anyone who wants to contribute writing and/or has already published at, the result of much consultation and research is a decision from the Writing Division that all articles will bear either the author’s real name or a pseudonym that sounds and looks real. This can be of the author’s choosing, but if the author wants, the Writing Division of TMI can make one up for you.

Also stemming from those discussions is the decision to give every author a bio that will appear beneath every article they publish. The author can contribute the bio or else leave it to the Writing Division to take care of.

Lastly we’ll need a pic. Whether you use your name or a pseudonym, the pic can be fake, but it has to be believable. We can find one for you if you want …

These practices are standard among successful multi-author blogs.

Anyone who has published/will want to publish, please email me at jelyrsu.bundonu at gmail with your preference of name/pseudonym, a bio, or your preference that we conjure either for you, and a pic or instructions to use our imagination in assigning one to you. This, like with the pseudonym and bio, means we’d try to get a sense of your persona and voice.

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Some previously published pseudonyms will have to be changed because they’re not real-sounding.

Another thing we need is an email address to create the author account. There’s no way around this, tech-wise. If we don’t have an email address (it could be one you get just for this purpose), then we can’t do the pic and bio and snazzy attribution. When we place Meritocracy Party in the prominent author spot, and say “by Herbert Freitag” two lines after the end of the article, it just doesn’t fly. It looks bad. Boooo. We don’t want to do that anymore. If you don’t already have an author account, but you’ve published with us and/or want to publish, please send me an email address that we can use for creating that account.


This is a good idea.

For publishing at MeritocracyParty dot org, here are the Writing Division’s guidelines for author biographies:

Every article should have an author in the correct author box.

Every author box should have a biography.

Suggested Content:
    When author joined Meritocracy Party (meaning when they first became convinced that Meritocracy was the way forward. This could be 50 years ago!)
    What kind of writing the author does
    What kind of activism the author does
    Personal traits of the author
    In brief, why the author supports the Millionaire's Estate Tax, Equal Opportunity For Every Child, Custom Education, Qualified Universal Suffrage, or some other specific policy

Every author bio should be 50-100 words in length and written in the third person.

Every author box should have a picture.

Suggested content:
    Something that people are able to identify with, ideally some kind face or animal with a face rather than an abstract picture. Faces have been shown to have a tremendous impact on people's feelings, both consciously and subconsciously.