Oklahoma meritocracy party

Hello my name is Cody Nieto Valez, I believe in an equal opportunity for all children. I have 3 kids if my own. I want to make sure that before I leave this world I leave them in one that is great. If were going to make this meritocrat thing happen, then I think we need to act now. Start organizing things, spread the world of meritocracy, get in touch with other meritocrats in your state, and keep in touch worldwide .I am looking for other meritocrats in my state . if you live in oklahoma and are rational and beleive in meritocracy please contact me [email protected] let’s make a better future for the sake of our kids.

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My Name is Renee Tremblay, and I would like to applaud you on you parenting skills and your concern for your children. Autism is evolution. As is Aspergers the higher form of Autism. It’s got everything to do with the way our brains are developing over time. we need to understand adhd , ocd, add, bi polar disorder. Pharmacutical companies are working closely with Dr’s to give our Children inoculations via vaccines given at schools. apparently it’s mandatory? my biggest concern is how this all corolates with all the Seaworlds? and Molark is sacrificing our Children? thank you for your letter. Yours Truly, Renee Tremblay/ Robert. Colton Robert died. I have two beautiful Daughters. Dallas Robert and Jordan Robert. I live in Pembroke Ontario. Canada and right next to C.F.B. Petawawa. the best military training Anyone has had the privelledge to be briefed about.

Hello Renee, first of all im sorry for your loss and I wish you the best.
Thanks for the reply. Our kids deserve a better future , and I believe its
up to us to make that happen for them. You made a good point about the
pharmaceutical industry. Its more of a money making industry i don’t think
they really care about our kids. When I was a kid we were all diagnosed
with ADHD because we thought for ourselves . Do you think maybe the
vaccinations could contain something in them that might make our kids more
docile? Not sure how it correlates to the sea worlds, I do know its wrong
to keep a whale in captivity . these intelligent beings should be free. You
said molark is sacrificing our children? Did you mean molech? Maybe you can
explain more if you will. I’m really not the most intelligent person but it
is my desire to be as intelligent as possible. I hope everyone has this
desire soon. We need a world full of more intelligent people. Again thanks
for the reply, sincerely Cody Nieto Valez

Hey Cody, welcome aboard!

I think you might be the only meritocrat in Oklahoma at the moment that we know about but as soon as we hear of another I’ll be sure to let you know so you can get in touch.

What appeals to you the most about meritocratic democracy / equal opportunity for every child if I may ask?

Ok that sounds good and thank you. What interests me in a meritocratic
democracy is merit. And 100% inheritance tax Which rationally will allow
every child to have an equal opportunity . I’m interested in watching we as
a species become the best we can be. There are so many people out there
with so much potential if they were just given a chance.