Original Promo Videos Produced by Us

I’d like members here to add any videos they’ve produced to this thread. Two have been made so far & the response has been lukewarm to say the least! As almost everyone has accounts either at Facebook, Twitter, G+ or 1 form of social media, in the interest of getting the Meritocracy message out there, let’s see all works posted here getting shared far & wide…

Here’s the first one -

Producers -

Music by Somebody_Nobodysson; video and dialogue by Catalyst Coop

Meritocracy: Collaberation

And the second -

Producers -

Meritocracy Pàrtaidh na h-Alba

The Future Is Now!

Let’s see more members attempting promo videos, good or bad it doesn’t matter, the overall message has to get out somehow - & some solid support when they do!

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New one -

JFK - The Killing of the King of Camelot!

First 2 are good but the title is *Collaboration I think. Also great music keep that up. Add some more visuals and keep it flowing with the good vibes to keep people listening/watching. It will grab

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Looks good too! Very thought provoking and keeps us feeling frustrated and angry/emotional

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I’ve been super busy the last 6 months and the next 6 will probably be as well. So I wont be around much. I have the day of work sick today though so thought I’d pop by and share a video I managed to put together for the last ‘day of rage’.

Keep up the good work everyone!