Privacy levels for topics

Quick question…is there any way to have most of these discussions invsible unless you’re logged in? Ya know…to keep this stuff from prying eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this could be a general discussion about privacy levels for different topics.

We’re opting for an open and transparent strategy that encourages anyone who shares our ideals to participate and start doing work that needs to be done. This means everything is out in the open, there are no communication distortions due to middle-men and the advantage is that nobody else really does this (at least none of the mainstream political parties) - so people are finding it a breath of fresh air.

Besides, anything that has to be private, can always be discussed in a private category or in a completely different communication medium. For example, for coordinating the details of a street demostration (although again, most of the details can be public). In the end, it’s up to each individual party how they want to organise their members and supporters.

I know this can seem like a strange strategy at first but if you’re worried, for example, about government surveillance (which a few people have mentioned they’re concerned about), then making a forum private or certain topics private doesn’t do anything. It’s impossible to have 100% secure and private communications on the internet and we have no reason to for 99% of the stuff we’ll be doing.

Fair enough. Does the forum content come up on search engines?

Yes. Try a search for (that’s our old domain name, but in the future if you search for you’ll see similar results).