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If you need a new category for your country or state, please post below! I’ll create it ASAP.


Bonjour, je voulais savoir s’il est possible de créer une nouvelle catégorie pour mon pays le Mali.


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Hello @Roberto, would it be possible to add a category for Navarre? It should be Nabarroa (EUS) or Navarre (ENG). Nice site by the way, congratulations. Very neat design.

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Thank you very much :wink:

Can we have a category for Finland? Thanks!

‘Europe’ please.

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I’m thinking we are now developing into a 2-pronged attack. [Official] Political Parties and [Underground] Movement, if that makes sense. Using these [terms] loosely.

How about a ‘Political Parties’ category, to make a distinction between that and everything else? We can put all the advice & resources in there, about political parties, + any discussion about them - seperate from the main movement, but keeping it all under the one umbrella…

What do you think?

I don’t think it’s worth sub-diving further at this stage to be honest. The political parties are always going to dominate the conversation, but they shouldn’t be separate from the activism that swirls around them. In fact, they should encourage that as much as possible.

Organising advice, resources and best practices in a tidy way can always be done on Meritopedia.

Anything truly “underground” will naturally develop its own separate communication channels. That said, I think we should pursue Openness and Transparency as much as possible. Everyone can see how we’re developing by visiting this forum and that’s a huge advantage. It can help to dispel rumours and political BS that’s bound to arise in the future, because you can just read the forum to see for yourself what Meritocracy is up to.

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