I recommend all of you here to learn from “StormCloudsGathering” youtube channel, it gives very good education on many things like current affairs, revolution etc. I recommend that people use this as guidance alongside Mike Hockney’s AC website, unlike MH, stormcloudgathering goes into exactly how revolutions go about, studying his work you’ll start to think more realistically, at the moment I see that a lot of people (including me) are viewing this as video game, we’re not going to shoot the government, we have to use other tactics, it’s mostly a mind war. Watch this, it’s great!

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The New age is already here. The tasks now are the safety of everyone and the well being of all. We need to focus on giving abundance to everyone and aiding everyone as the age unfolds. basically the day has dawn and now we just rid of all the bad stuff.

SCG always offers an interesting perspective, particularly on hot topics. I recommend his videos as well.

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their video titled ‘geopolitics of ww3’ is gold! you guys should check it out

Thanks! @omkar_mahajan