Techniques of Infiltrators & Spooks

I bring this to everyone’s attention, for the benefit of our movement now & the future…

I’m uploading it as a PDF, as the lists of techniques are detailed and it would make for too long a copy & paste post.

You’ll find info on how forums & movements are infiltrated & sabotaged, including political parties.

The techniques relate to the USA, though other countries Intell services use the same techniques.

Knowledge is awareness, awareness is self-defence…

COINTELPRO.pdf (153.8 KB)

Although this post features the situation in Scotland & the UK at present, it is meant to highlight the amount of state control through intelligence services & the controlled mainstream media that effect us all…

"We are at a crisis in our constitutional history. I believe the momentum towards a Scottish exit from the UK is unstoppable. The British state is seeking to appear on the surface to agree to give Scots a free and democratic choice, while using every dirty trick to subvert that choice.

Those tricks range from complete control of state and corporate media to the darker arts of the security services.

As I also stated to the SNP club, the USA has decided it is in their
interest for the Unionists to prevail, not least so Scotland remains a
base for the American controlled Trident missiles the UK taxpayer so
obligingly funds. A large part of the CIA’s existence has been and is
dedicated to covert activity to keep the forms of government it wants in power in the world…

…This episode raises very serious questions. But they are not questions
about Nicola Sturgeon.

They are questions about the subversion of democracy by the security services, and the willing complicity of the corporate media."

Craig Murray [ 4th April, 2015 ]

UK Intelligence Services Attacks SNP by Craig Murray

Another article to bring to your attention. Again, if it happened in the UK, it can happen anywhere…

Undercover Cops Stole Dead Children’s I.D.'s

"There is a suggestion that the practice of using dead infant identities may have been stopped in the mid-1990s, when death records were digitised. However, the case being investigated by the Met relates to a suspected undercover police officer who may have used a dead child’s identity in 2003.

The practice was introduced 40 years ago by police to lend credibility to the backstory of covert operatives spying on protesters, and to guard against the possibility that campaigners would discover their true identities.

Since then dozens of SDS officers, including those who posed as anti-capitalists, animal rights activists and violent far-right campaigners, have used the identities of dead children.

One document seen by the Guardian indicates that around 80 police
officers used such identities between 1968 and 1994. The total number could be higher.

The disclosure about the use of the identities of dead children is likely to reignite the controversy over undercover police infiltration of protest groups. Fifteen separate inquiries have already been launched since 2011, when Mark Kennedy was unmasked as a police spy who had slept with several women, including one who was his girlfriend for six years."

Undercover Cops Stole Dead Children’s I.D.'s - The Guardian

Another example of undercover spooks being deployed in the field of politics…

Julian Assange -

"Yes Campaign “not paranoid” to think they were spied on during referendum.

Scottish Nationalists were right to be concerned about the role of
British security services in last year’s independence referendum,
according to fugitive Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
The Australian expert in espionage believes independence amounted to
a “national security threat” to the UK, justifying the mobilisation of
the “full capacities” of the British state’s surveillance network.
Some Scottish Nationalists, most notably former SNP deputy leader
Jim Sillars, have long warned that British intelligence agencies have
taken an interest in them.
Speaking via a video link from his bolthole in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, Mr Assange said they had good reasons to do so.
Asked by The Herald if Scottish nationalists were paranoid to think
security services were involved in the referendum, he said: "No, they
are not at all paranoid."
He added: "They are correct for a number of reasons.
"The attitude of the UK Government is that this is a national
security issue, that Scottish independence is, in effect, a threat to
the state.
"This mean that the full capacities of the GCHQ, for example, could be deployed."
The journalist and IT expert cited The Herald’s revelations that the
UK Government had sought support from foreign governments against
independence as evidence of how seriously Britain took the threat of
He referred to resulting foreign critics of independence, such as
former Swedish foreign secretary Carl Bildt, as a "cast of characters"
associated with US and UK interests.
Mr Assange also cited the Treasury’s partisan position on
independence as evidence that the referendum was not politics as usual.
MPs last month have found that civil servants - in the Treasury and
Holyrood - had “compromised their impartiality” during the referendum.

YES Campaign spied on during Scottish Referendum - Glasgow Herald

“How the Westminster government, the Metropolitan Police and MI5 tried to
keep Scotland from taking the path to independence using underhand
dealing, theft and lies.”

British State Subversion of Scottish Independence - BBC Alba TV Programme ‘Diomhair’ - Gaelic with Subtitles

This has been happening for over 50 years. There’s much to learn in the video for any small political group in any & every country…