The NHS is about to be slain

I draw your attention to this article, for I believe that it is very important to both world affairs, and to those of the UK.
The free at the point of service National Health Service (NHS), since just after WW2 has been the envy of the world. People come to the UK, from all over the world to live in a society supported by one of the few pillars of socialism left in the world.
Today, the UK Government has launched an enquiry into whether or not to make the NHS a paid for for insurance service. In other words, they want to scrap the NHS since it is defined as free at the point of service.
It was one of David Cameron’s explicit election promises to protect the NHS, so naturally this enquiry was not promoted by any major news outlet including the utterly disgrace BBC who so hypocritically says they report fairly and in a balanced manner.
Instead of the decline of USA style politics where parties act on the direct whim of their financiers, it is spreading, and the UK is on the road to becoming USA junior.
As much as I respect the idealism of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, I have to stress that their efforts to protect the NHS (and Sander’s efforts to CREATE an NHS for the USA) will be for nothing without the 100% inheritance tax.
Greed fuelled politics has never ever been more powerful, and the proves it. The NHS is a global symbol of socialism, and when the icon of socialism falls, it is only a matter of time before we become a full on neo-liberal Randian capitalist hellhole. This was the intention all along of course, anyone who thought that the Tories really gave a crap about the NHS is a moron. This was the plan from the start!
WE NEED THE 100% INHERITANCE TAX ASAP! We need Meritocracy, and this shows just how MUCH we need it and truly how little time we have left to make it happen.