To the doubters,

This country was founded by traitors. This country was founded by people who genuinely loved liberty, people who would rather risk it all in forming a new nation than remain subjects to a tyrannical British Empire.

If you’re here, that’s a start. But personally, I want more, and I am impatient. As soon as companies turned peoples private information into a commodity that they can use to their advantage, something they can use to pin people against each other and exploit peoples weaknesses, it was the last straw. Snapchat probably has a database of everyones nudes. Let’s be rational here.

The pinnacle of greed is using peoples information to make money off of them while they suffer under the toil of a 9-5 job. This world has reached the pinnacle of greed and worldwide global authoritarianism is not too far away. The master-slave dichotomy that has plagued the human race for 3000 years, the bicameral mind, is something we can overcome if we are strong enough to resist it and wise enough to do it.

Meritocracy is the answer. And please, for the love of god, don’t let anyone dissuade you from the mission.

"We can explore space, inner and outer, forever. In peace."
THIS is what the stakes are. THIS is what we are trying to achieve. And Meritocracy is the way to get there.

Just so you understand the implications of this struggle and the gravity of this situation.

Buh bye