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Just to keep the ideas flowing, who in this community has been on the website Did you find anything that you think could benefit our work here?


I think the derivative eBook titled “The Meritocracy Party” by Michael Faust has something to offer.


There is much food for thought there. I think it is great, though maybe not suitable for a large audience, because of it’s high intellectual approach. Furthermore they make too long pages lately :slight_smile: You can’t expect people to read on online for 3 or more hours just to finish one link. Plus I think that the white on black is hard on the eyes when you read longer there. Furhter than that it is excellent stuff!


I think it’s a fantastic website. It was my first introduction to meritocracy, gnosticism, and related ideas. I have embarked upon a great spiritual transformation this year and it culminated in the development of certain ideas independently, ideas which were similar to some of those that I found on the AC site. I suppose the best way of describing what I found was that it clarified and developed upon my own primitive initial ideas.

One problem with it though is it’s sheer confrontational-ness and the loaded nature of the writing. It’s just so explosive and in your face. There’s no subtlety to it and as somebody put it in another thread, the nature of the content of that website is likely to scare off the vast majority of people who come across it. I certainly would have been put off if it weren’t for the similarities I was able to find between my own thinking and the ideas the website advocated. To the average person, I imagine it screams of disreputableness and unreliability because of how it’s written - even though I agree with pretty much everything it says, when I look at the pages, I am forcefully reminded of the sort of shock tactics used by the British tabloid newspapers. And that’s why it can’t really be used as anything other than a repository of useful information for people who have already begun to develop gnostic, meritocratic ideals.


AC site is just awesome … it is very good knowledge giving website… still going through it…


It’s taken me many months but i’m now about halfway through the articles on the AC website.
I haven’t found any points of hypocrisy or contradiction so far on AC, that’s quite an achievement considering it’s tens of thousands of words. To write something of that length with no hypocrisy is a task for a group of people who have a definite lineage of passed down knowledge.


Very nice site. Helped me connect a lot of dots.


I think it’s very aggressive but also very informational if not inspirational.
A good reminder that even tough I seem to have a nice life there is something very wrong in the principles by which our society works.


What’s the main message or idea?


Main message of AC is to find your higher self. In the process of doing that you need to shake off beliefs that are holding you back, the top religions created most of these negative beliefs. I have spent many months going through each article on the AC website one by one and I promise you it is worth it, it will take a few boulders off your back and lighten your load.


watching Elysium (2013) again, reminding me of The Bling King, in the bling king “The Organization” = “Elysium” hehe


I have found a few new websites recently, which, if not run by the same people (as those who run the AC website), does at least contain similar material, new material; along the same lines as the AC website. Check them out:

The last one is affiliated with Meritocracy Now (I think, since they advertise this website).


I have enjoyed the AC site!! I can feel the heart behind the anger and feel that all the info on the site is relevant to where WE are as a collective. I’ve been training my whole life for this moment in time and can’t wait to get involved in something that really makes a difference in the world. A must read…


Another one I missed is

This one is a purely gnostic site though. There is little in the way of political discussion.


I can flaw many of the theories on

I am a computer coder and a 3D animator. In computing we commonly use 3-axes (x,y,z), and using keyframes to denote trajectories.

But these 3 axes do not exist, where do you draw the first imaginary line? You have infinity options where and at what angle to draw the first line. So I suggest the 6,000 grand poobahs bother to research the physicist Nassim Haramein who breaks down physics into points with no volume, because all the matter in the whole universe somehow fit into a point with size less than one Planck length.

If you were to predict the position of Earth all you could guess is that Earth is between 147-152 million km from the Sun. So that’s the radius. We can’t know the exact x,y,z position of Earth, because even our whole solar system is spiraling through our milky way galaxy. Similarly we can only ever guess that the Moon is between 363,104 km and 406,696 km from Earth. So we use one point to reference another point to reference another point, on so on…

You also don’t need to draw a whole right angle to get the distance between two points. A submarine can just use a sonar ping and measure the time it took for the sound wave to return. Likewise with light, a laser can measure how much nano time it took for a light signal to bounce back. So here we go, no fancy drawing of right angles everywhere, why would the Universe need to do that if it already has perfect distance calculations from sound and light pings. So here’s where your knowledge and reading destroys you, you need to apply it, work on some computer coding skills, work on some 3d animating skills, and then read all the info you can, at least then you will have a practical filter and an ability to criticize the bullshit you read.

So if any of the grand poobahs are listening you should go watch lectures of Nassim Haramein. Then you can contact me and have a real discussion about your physics and maths theories.

I do however agree with the r>=0 formula for now, else I find some evidence to flaw it in future.


As far as I am aware the articles are pretty much excerpts from the God Series. This one reads like it’s from

Perhaps they flesh out their ideas further in that book and address your concerns?


I think it’s over-complicated bullshit, but I will continue reading either way, almost finished the 2-million words on the AC website.

They should have left it at r>=0 lol

The universe does not go around drawing imaginary axes and right angles everywhere.


Please stay on topic guys, MeritocracyNow! is for discussing and planning ways to promote Meritocratic Democracy. So if you want to talk about the AC website, it should be in relation to Meritocracy as a political, economic and social system. There are plenty of other venues to discuss the rest of topics that are talked about on the AC site.


Is it alright if we continue to share links? Most of the AC-related websites I have found do have political, meritocratic arguments.


The site is gone? All content replaced with “November 2: The Day of the Dead”. Please don’t be fearmongering…