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Still works fine if you go directly to a link instead of landing on the main home page:


Well, so much for that.


Okay that’s down too now.

If anyone is interested I have a pdf of the web pages. Almost all of the articles have been backed up onto it. It will be missing the most recent few articles.


Yep i’m interesting in that PDF, i got 90% through the site and then it goes down. Damn.
Meanwhile read this, it should clarify what’s going on:


Sure thing, I’ll PM it to you :smile:

I actually looked it up on wikipedia early today! Coming from an Indian background I understand the premise behind (dead) ancestor worship, but I don’t however see how it explains why the site has been taken down, and when or if it will ever be back online.

The section of the wiki article I found most interesting was this:

“In Haiti voodoo traditions mix with Roman Catholic observances as, for example, loud drums and music are played at all-night celebrations at cemeteries to waken Baron Samedi, the Loa of the dead, and his mischievous family of offspring, the Gede.”

This has been lampooned in one of those blaxploitation James Bond movies starring Roger Moore, I forget which one exactly.


Would you mind sending me a copy of the pdf for the AC website? Thank you so much!



If anybody else wants it, just send me a PM.


Could you send it to me too? Or put it online somewhere? Thanks a lot!


The site will be shut down on November 14, the God Series will be ended after the publication of one more book, and the trio of Weishaupt-Faust-Hockney are to cease all their communications. They’ve been replaced by the people responsible for the Gnostic Legion website.

On November 2, 2015, the Day of the Dead, we deleted the AC site, with the exception of this page. It will never be returning.

This page will be removed on November 14, and replaced with a short commemoration to Leibniz, who died on that day. By the end of January 2016, the AC site will vanish entirely.

Also on 14th November, the God Series will be terminated prematurely. “How To Create The Universe” will be the final title in the series. The author name “Mike Hockney” will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Mike Hockney.

In December, we will release “The Case For Meritocracy” and “Crapitalism” by Michael Faust. The author name “Michael Faust” will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Michael Faust.

In January, we will release the final book associated with the AC project. This will be “Contra Mundum” (Against the World) by Adam Weishaupt. The author name Adam Weishaupt will then be permanently retired. There will be no further books by Adam Weishaupt.

We had planned to release 100 books in total, to reflect the 100 cantos of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Due to recent events, we shall now be stopping at 80 books."


This interesting. From my digging around it looks like that there was a factional fight in the previous network of people who had been inspired by the ac website that was called the movement .this factional fight led to a split that calls itself the gnostic league, which declared itself in late September . It appears that because of this there has been a shift in how the creators of the ac want to promote illuminsim and meritocracy which has led to the website being taken down as a new strategy must have been created.


Here’s another link with the whole site including the new articles:


Hi Freddy, I came across the AC website a couple of years ago and it changed my life completely, for the better. It is the most profound and important information. I had been saving the pages but never finished it and to my horror a few weeks ago I discovered the site was down! Please please please, if you have the pages saved as PDF could you send them to me? I would be eternally grateful! I have started buying the God Series ebooks but I would really love to have access to the AC information again. I was in the process of indexing and compiling, as there is, as you know I am sure, a lot of repetition and quite a lot of ranting. I agree with what is said but I want to compile the text into a more succinct form to make it more accessible for studying. I just found this thread while searching to see if anyone had done just what you did and saved the info.


No problem man, just go to the web archive link posted by sensazione. It’s more current than the pdf I have, which you will find beneficial, and it saves me the trouble of uploading it. And maybe when you’re done with that indexing you could do us all a favour and post up your notes?


The links don’t work to the ac site. I really need a pdf of the site. Or a new link. Please get back to me as soon as possible. You can email me at


Please freddy, tell me how I can access the site, I would be very greatful


i would love to please have some of the pdfs of the site


:grinning: i would love to get a few articles that all


my email is


It is down, it wasn’t before. Alright then I’ll try to find a website where I can permanently upload a copy. I normally use this temporary file hosting site which deletes what I upload in 3 days.


You can get it here:

I’ve uploaded this thing probably like half a dozen times now. The link will be taken down within three days by the hosting site, so get it quick. And I request that in future, people stop badgering me for it and try asking one of the others who have already downloaded it. They should all have copies and they can use upload sites just as well as I can, so there’s no excuse for them to not help out, and no reason for me to be the uploader-in-chief!