Armageddon Conspiracy Website


May I suggest to those desiring to read the A/C pages that they instead find all the books by Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, and Michael Faust on Amazon. The site is gone because it was desired so; at a very reasonable price the books are ready for your absorption.

If you gain access to supposedly backed-up versions of the content, can you really be sure what you are taking in is authentic? Chances are yes, but did the Authors not make themselves clear with the removal of the sites material irregardless that it may still be available?


Who cares about their feelings on the matter. Rule number 1 of the internet: you upload something, anything; you better believe it’s going to be there unto eternity, whether or not you personally delete it. If the webmasters of AC are half as intelligent as they like to think of themselves, then they would have known and understood this rule prior to the creation of the website. They would have known that snide, disobedient little shits like myself would keep backup copies. If they didn’t, that’s too bad, because this is precisely what happens with everything else on the internet. Somebody invariably will make a take-home copy of your content, if it’s any good. And then if you delete your content, those take-home copies will still exist.

The reason the site is valuable is because it is composed of excerpts and summaries of the books of the God Series, and I daresay it makes for more coherent reading at times than the God Series. It’s not as intimidating or as dense as those books but manages to capture the key passages from them. It’s an extremely valuable resource and I for one refuse to accept that the knowledge contained within should be destroyed forever, just because of some trolls.


I have had it backed up for two years. You don’t have to tell me of its value. You miss the point.


Freddie, could I have PDF copies of the articles of the AC web pages? I missed a few. I will be eternally grateful if you could do this for me.


Hi Freddie,
I went to that link and got most of the site downloaded but when I went
back to get the rest the damn site is inaccessible! Any chance of getting
that pdf?


This isn’t a file sharing website, please find other places to request PDFs and such.