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Hello, my name is Lee Kaberlein. Since I was the last person to post. I will be acting as the head of the California Chapter of the Meritocracy Party. I live in Yucaipa CA, Just 65 miles easy of LA. I hope that other Californians will see this post and be numbered among us. We’ve got to lay out a workable strategy. It doesn’t have to cost us an Arm or a leg. But what we have got to do is spread the word in our local communities. We need to share the websites of Meritocracy with those we know. We should also try to gain recruits in the cities we live. To make it easy for us, lets try to get at least 4 other people to join our local group. I advise regular meetings at least once a month at a place your local group chooses. Since I live In Yucaipa, I need to find 4 other people who want to join. I will act as leader of my area. You should likewise act as leader of your area, unless another person in your group is more up to task. The point is we need organization, and a strategy.


Spread the word.


Hi Lee,
I’m working on some content writing. Would you like to proof read my work? I was thinking a series of 500 word articles that could be made into pamphlets and distributed. I was also thinking about starting a Meritocracy group on and developing a framework others can use to start their own group. I live in Orange County. Not too far from Yucaipa. If your interested give me a holler.


Id love to proof read it!
I was born in Orange County : )


Are you on our meritopidia? We can review and edit from there.

It’s under “Show off your work” 500 word article


Hi Lee,
This is my idea of starting a group on A social-community activism Meritocracy group. The way I wanted to conduct the activities and events is to let the members decide. If three members want to organize any activity (within reason) it will be posted on the site for all members. So activities can just be social events or community activism and volunteering. A bicycle ride, a cook out at the park, picking up trash on the beach, helping the homeless and elderly, getting involved with local government would be just a few examples.
There’s a discussion board build into the site so every member can communicate right on the site plus we can post guidelines and rules for the group.
If people come home from work, lock the front door, turn on the TV then grab a beer, handing them a Meritocracy flyer will do nothing. The idea is to get people out of their houses and engage each other. It’s really the same as the elite living in their bubble world. Most only think their informed by what they see on TV.
We have to create a Meritocratic identity with people, much like a Republican or Democrat is an identity. So, fun social events along with activism projects and members can choose the events.
What do you think?
There’s a short book “The Illuminati Phalanx”. I think the info is also on the AC site. This is where I got the idea. You can also google “Charles Fourier”.


Sounds like a great idea!


Maybe you can help me put together a framework for it. If it works other people can do something similar. I have a broken leg right now. Got about two more weeks of this. When I go back to work I can start. It costs about $10 a month for up to 50 people and $15 for unlimited so the cost is irrelevant. I can cover it. It’s always free to join.


What’s needed is a group title and a basic description of the group, The discussion section can have a guidelines post or any subject we want to put on it.


I’ve got time to help with the meet up page.


Hi Lee,
I think all we would need to start is as follows
Group Title/Picture
200-300 word group description
About a 500 word guidelines section
Can we exchange e-mail addresses? We can create and edit content that way.
My e-mail is
Also you can ask Roberto to set you up on “”.
I’m also on facebook under Dave Bethea.


@Lee_Kaberlein @Dave_Bethea

Are you guys still going forward with this? If so, please keep us posted!


I’m hoping to start the site in a week or two. I will try it for a couple of months and review any success.If it works others can try the same in their area. I’ll let you know as soon as I get it going.


The meetup group has been started. I did this myself but can edit any content. Could someone give it a review and please join if you live in the area.


By far, social activism is the best route to go in recruiting idealists and rationals. Everybody is surrounded by rhetoric all the time, abstract solutions for concrete world problems. If you want to turn heads, especially in California, then we need to go out and do something visible in the public.

I think we could do this by developing an impromptu soup kitchen in more economically depressed areas of San Francisco, L.A., and other large cities with the largest “at risk” population. Specifically I had this idea by understanding the christian connection to such matters. Why are Christians the only ones running soup kitchens and homeless shelters? They help people because they are ordered to, not because they care. They reinforce acceptance of the current power structure by telling the poor and homeless that Jesus is the solution to all their problems. the church will help aid them in returning to society; as long as they believe…

You could speak volumes by replacing this model with one founded on meritocratic principles, where people help each other because they want to. You can have literature and posters available to people, you could have a listing of all social services in the area, and maps to resources the poor need. make our views relevant to the immediate concrete problem.

I realize that many of you might be thinking about the money needed to open such an institution, but its really more a matter of just finding people willing to help. You don’t need a physical soup kitchen to throw up some table and chairs in the park and offer people sandwiches and conversation. I know of several activist groups in Cali doing such things now, all from acquiring food that was being wasted or thrown out by local businesses and restaurants.

Attracting more and more intellectual middle class people to the website will take us only so far. We need to harness the rage of the marginalized underclass.


Eli’s post highlights the effectiveness and importance of Meritocracy Parties getting involved in their local communities as much as possible. Elections are only every so often, but action can always be taken - and it’ll be remembered when it’s time to vote: you’ll actually have a solid case for why you need X people in Y legislature in order to achieve Z. You could say and show how you’ve reached the limits of what you can do privately.

People don’t expect Parties to act as NGOs, I doubt they expect much of them at all other than rhetoric, so that’s a strong differentiator and “selling point”!


Yes, there is no reason that Meritocracy can’t set out to prove itself in as many ways as possible. In can be an actual entity that exists no matter what. No matter elections or otherwise. That way when an election or crisis comes, it’s not “I don’t know about these Meritocracy guys…who are they? What are they about? I’ve never heard of them. Sounds weird”. That “Carnegie pledge” thing that I posted a while ago was intended to highlight this exact notion. Although as soup kitchen is much more practical! haha


Has anyone looked at the meetup group yet? The intention is to have social events as well as activism opportunities and to spread Meritocracy. I’ve posted a few articles on the “Pages” section on the site and have a direct link to “meritocracy” under the “Sponsor” section. I’m posting simple volunteering events like beach clean-up. I’m also looking into a group called “Illumination Foundation” in Irvine CA which helps the homeless. I’d also like to get people involved with local government so I’ll be posting City Counsel Meetings and such.
In the first week a dozen or so have joined, but only one seems interested so far. People just click the join button never to be heard from. This is an experiment I’m hoping will gain traction. Any advise is welcome.


Looks sweet! A hub sounds profound and central. I like it! The US needs this party, especially since election season is coming


@Dave_Bethea How’s the meetup group going?


The site is still up but inactive right now. I’m recovering from a broken leg and haven’t been mobile lately. Still an ongoing project, I’ll keep you posted.