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Are you doing daily short updates? That may feed interest while you’re immobile and unable to lead at the events.


I’m almost healed. I’m going to visit an atheist group on Sunday. (another meetup group) Be polite, respectful and perhaps open a window… I have one event for July. A jazz concert then a meeting afterwards. I know it will be slow going at first and the broken leg didn’t help things but I’ll get it going.


Hi, Dave. Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while. How is the Meritocracy Party doing in your area? Get any recruits? I myself have taken a backseat when it comes to the Meritocracy Party. This might sound Anathema to you all, but I decided to Register as a Democrat. I’m hoping that Bernie has a chance to get the nomination. I realize the current system is broken, but it’s the one we have right now in the United States. Plus I’m not personally comfortable with espousing anti Christian Rhetoric. I grew up in the Christian Church, and there are good people in the church who care about people. But I applaud the efforts of the Meritocracy Party for desiring to create positive change around the world. The world needs more people who are dedicated to fixing the world’s problems.

I myself am planning to run in 2018 for city council in my town of Yucaipa, C.A. The city I believe is largely Republican and I believe most of the council members are too, but I think they’ve got the best interests for Yucaipa in their heart. Yucaipa is a pretty well run city and their not in debt. But I’m going to try to galvanize the young people, especially those who support Marijuana legalization. If I can get the young people of my city to register and vote for me, I think I’ve got a chance to win by landslide. I’m a young guy, 31 years old, so I can relate with them.

Anyways, keep up the good work Dave!


Just make a website comparing individual voting strategies issue by issue. Attach a community platform that ranks the most popular participant. users can apply the voting strategy of a political party, organization, figurehead, expert, or prominent voter by matching their guidelines. Videos could be attached allowing participants to state their intended strategy and debate others.

Boom! meritocracy… I think.



Sorry I came late to this post. I get where you’re coming from with the ‘not being comfortable with espousing anti-Christian rhetoric.’ That’s at least 2 ppl on these boards who’ve basically left because of it & who knows how many more didn’t join in the first place, because of it.

We have to look at this & find an agreed strategy.

What has religion [ any religion; mainstream, alternative or otherwise ] got to do with politics? You can be one or the other in my book, but not both. So is M Party a religion or a political party & movement?

I think we’ll mostly agree it’s a political party & movement. You just have to look at the problems thrown up previously in Northern Ireland & on-going in the Middle East to realize the mess that evolves when mixing religion with politics.

If most ppl agree so far, then as a political party we can’t be seen to favour or denounce any religions over any other. Banning them would only drive them underground & lead to hatred & resentment of the M Party.

If we’re against the influence of mainstream religions in schools, we can only promote the restriction of the amount of time spent on religous studies in mainstream state schools.

We can also promote that religious worship should stay in the churches & other places of worship, outwith schools & colleges. But i reckon that’s about it, in realistic terms. The Christian churches are 2000 years old in the founding & M Party will be turning up in the voters lives relatively 5 mins ago, in the grand scheme of things. Likewise with Judasm & Islam, which are even older than Christianity.

The ideas on this thread about setting up soup kitchens, helping the poor & the homeless etc… are defo on the right track though. That would be ‘playing [ & hopefully beating ] religion at its own game’ - if it were to come to fruition. That part would probably be better to be organized & promoted by meritocracy ‘movement’ rather than ‘party.’

Thanks for lending your ears :wink:


I’d also remind members to read this post from Dec 2014, when taking everything into consideration -

A necessary clarifiaction about the AC pages & God Series