Virtual Teams


I have this idea that involves randomly splitting a list of volunteers into teams of 3 each. Each team member specifies how many hours they can commit. Using that information and knowledge of who can do what, each team then has 1 week to produce a piece of work that they believe will further Meritocratic Democracy. It can be anything that they think will help move things forward.

After 1 week, each team presents what they’ve created on the forum for constructive feedback. We can vote for the best piece of work as well.

We then repeat the process and set up the randomisation so that you end up with people you haven’t teamed up with yet as much as possible.

The piece of work can range from creating something new to improving something that already exists. The key is that we engage with other another and learn more about the meritocrats around us.

Who is on board with doing this? You can add your name below along with how many hours you can put in and your relevant skill set / what you’re good at if you want. We should start with at least 9 people, for a 3x3.



Niall - 5 hours at the very least. In a few months time, a lot more.


Sounds like a good idea. I’ve been out of the loop for a while so want to get back in. I think having specific tasks could help improve productivity. Unfortunately it’s hard for to me to find much time, so I would say 1-2 hours a week is realistic.


This young lady volunteers for four hours per week.

Contact her on Facebook because she doesn’t like giving out her full name or joining forums or anything like that. Smarandra is her first name.


I’ve added you guys to the list, thanks for signing up!

Have you spoken with Smarandra before? If so, it’d probably be best if you ask whether she wants to make an exception and join this forum as it makes things easier to manage if she’s on here as well :).


Yeah I made an exception :slight_smile: Nice to meet you!


Welcome @Zetsuboukize!

We just need 5 more people to get this rolling!


I can do 6 hours, possibly more if we get something good going. I have read a lot about economics.


Nice, thanks!

Need just 4 more people now!


@Nitzol can do 3 hours and from May onwards he’ll be able to put in 6 hours :).

We need 3 more people to get started.


2 hours just now :wink:


We just need 1 more person to get started!


I’m in with one hour a week.


I used a random group creator and this is what came out:

Team 1: @Roberto - 5 hours , @Klockars - 1 hour, @NiallAC - 5 hours

Team 2: @SeanMac - 2 hours , @JoelNoel0 - 2 hours , @EMX - 6 hours

Team 3: @Nitzol - 3 hours , @Lee_Kaberlein - 2 hours , @Zetsuboukize - 4 hours

Next step: each team should nominate a team leader that will be in charge of brainstorming what the team can work on and making sure it gets done by the end of next week!

As a member of team 1, I nominate @Klockars

EDIT: I’ve changed “group” to “team”.


I nominate EMX as leader for Group 2, as he’s volunteered to do the most hours…


I added my one hour to make this possible (there was one person missing) and I was about to write that I’m here to help instead of creating. I might start to think about something next weekend but I’m not so sure about that. If time is not a problem then I’m ok with this role. If someone has ideas and wants to get things done then he/she is a better option. I can easily do one hour if the work that needs to be done is already clear.


Oh goody, I get @Roberto…for five whole hours! I feel sorry for you mate!


… actually I am sure already now that next weekend I would be writing the same reply. So I’m in as one hour workforce instead of creator/leader. I was supposed to start translation project today but it seems that I didn’t. That was the only thing I had in mind and I can’t ask you to translate into Finnish :smile:


I don’t know anyone here so I’ll take the opportunity to say Hi to my team and I would like to get to know you guys before we can decide on something :smiley:


@klockars I nominated you precisely because of the 1 hour - it’s not a lot of time for pure work so to speak, but enough to communicate with Níall and myself and make sure we get the agreed piece of work done.

The most important thing as team leader is that you plan, organise, lead and coordinate.

Are you OK with leading the team this week, or do you still prefer to do 1 hour of regular work?

@NiallAC what do you think?

@JoelNoel0 Do you agree with @SeanMac’s nomination?
@EMX Are you on board with leading team 2?