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I have 1 or 2 good ideas for a project, but just giving EMX his due & first refusal for volunteering to do the most. My stuff can always wait…


Its all good as far as I can tell.


I appreciate the nomination and accept if that’s cool with Joel Noel.


Yeh that’s all good with me, seems to make sense since you have more time to dedicate to it. Look forward to working with you all.


I can’t see that I would come up with any other idea than translation in the near future so I have to disappoint you with this. One hour might become a few, I wrote one because I don’t want to promise anything that I can’t keep. I’ll be happy to follow any other leader. If we continue with this team project then naturally some time in the more distant future I’ll be able to plan something for us.


All right, no worries. Who do you want to nominate?


I would like to nominate NiallAC.


I’ll vote for Níall as well before he has a chance to object :p.


###Team 1 - Week 11 Results

In Team 1 I proposed the idea of comparing meritocrats against non-meritocrats, regardless of whether they’re real or fictional characters. Below are a couple of basic examples as to what this would look like. They need work, mostly in the design and in listing people’s achievements (Bush’s and MLKs will be quite different of course).

Jonne has Finnish comparisons in mind but needs to find Finnish meritocrats to compare them against :).

We have’t seen Níall around but I’m assuming he’ll have his own ideas on who to compare.

If anyone reading this has ideas on more comparisons to make, post away!


We each made of hypothetical local Meritocracy party. Mine is called the Meritocracy Party of Ohio. Here are the emblems.

Party Descriptions

The expropriation of the power elite
The rise of the people
The dawn of the philosopher kings
The age of reason
Community integrated capitalism
Shared capitalism
Material resource optimization
21st century Plato’s republic
Decentralization of power
The destiny of humanity
The world our children deserve

Ohio MParty constitution.docx (28.2 KB)
I added 2.4.2 and edited 2.4.1. The rest is the same as the UKMP.

2.4.1 Credit Commons: The Party seeks to restore the credit commons by funding open source systems and the interoperability of decentralized exchange initiatives. The state income tax all relevant legislation will permit regular use of alternative exchange media. Sound banking principles will be established whereby bank credit issuance is permitted to facilitate production of goods and services but not in the instance of speculation or borrowing that puts a claim on goods or services without offering commensurate production value. The Party supports a bank nationalization agenda to ensure that banking and finance will be conducted for the people by publicly accountable professionals.

2.4.2 State Bank: A public bank called the Bank of Ohio will be established as doing business as the State of Ohio, along the model of the Bank of North Dakota. State revenues will be deposited in the Bank of Ohio and the Bank’s objective is to be helpful to and to assist in the development of Ohio banks. A community-integrated system of local non-profit banks in partnership with the Bank of Ohio will further serve the financial needs of the citizens of Ohio.

Party flyer
MPO flyer.docx (117.3 KB)

Financial analysis
All of the candidate registration fees are below $100. I cannot find the fee to register a new party. There are serious barriers to party establishment in Ohio although there are about 15 minor parties listed for the state. It is difficult to find information on how to initially establish a party. It appears that remaining a third party long term has been made quite difficult. There is an ongoing issue involving the Libertarian party and Secretary of State John Husted. In any case what I can make of the legislation is that every four years a party looses ballot access unless they had a candidate for governor and at least one percent of statewide vote (~38000 votes), amongst other requirements.


Really great work !


Joel Noel’s party is the South London Meritocracy Party.

Party descriptions

Revaluing All Values
Putting People before Profit
Protection from Political Greed
A Better Future for Everyone
Looking Out For Your Child’s Future
Uprooting the Political Process
Destroying the Old, Creating the New
Lighting the Way for Change

Sean Mac’s party (he’s actually starting one) is Meritocracy Pairti na h-Alban
Party Descriptions:
Scottish Meritocracy Party
Equal Opportunity For Every Child
A Pro-Scottish Independence Party
Fair Opportunity Based Only On Merit
Changing The System From The Inside
Building A Fairer Society
Social Justice For All
Sustainable Energies Over Fossil Fuels
Protecting Gaelic Language and Culture
Ridding Scotland Of Nuclear Weapons
Looking After Scotland’s Environment
Fighting For Scotland’s Citizen’s Rights


Financial analysis

Looking at 1 voting area North Ayrshire : Last Sept’s Scottish Independence Referendum resulted in the highest voter turn-out in history. So basing voter numbers being not far above that, I’ve come up with these estimates -

Registration fee to stand in 1 voting area = £500

Minimum number of voters in area = 96,173 [ 84.4% of registered voters ]

90,000 a6 double-sided flyers = £670

Cost of hiring halls for 2/3 open public meetings £100

Cost of on-line campaign £80

Total cost = £1350

[ Rough estimate of cost of running election campaign for North Ayrshire ]


thank you YoungPhoenix


As a member of Team 2 for Week 11, I can say quite honestly the project was a good experience. We all learned something new about the barriers to overcome when forming parties & standing in elections.

The major differences between the UK & the US systems are in the registration fees + voter pledges. We’re quite lucky in the UK that a party doesn’t have to get at least 1% of the voting population to back them initially, before they can do anything.

The downside is the cost of standing in election in the UK - £500 deposit for each voting area. Here’s a ‘useless piece of info for you that sounds great at parties’… That fee was raised from around £50 to £500 because of a guy called ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’ & his party ‘The Monster Raving Looney Party’. I remember he stood in elections all over the UK in the 1970’s-80’s & it was always hilarious when he appeared at the voter count results on tv. He must have been wealthy though, as we can only assume he lost his deposit every time! That happens if a party fails to pick up more than 5% of the vote.


Sorry dudes, I’m in my last month of my uni degree and my nose has been in the books. Give me a shout and we can talk about what we want to do!


To be clear, the 1% of voting required is only to remain a party with ballot access every four years. It is not entirely clear what the requirements are to establish a party and get a candidate on the ballot but it is not the case that you need the 1% before you can do anything.


This could (should) also be done with citizens. Other side are the slaves of the elite & religion and the other side are meritocrates raising humanity to next levels and becoming gods themselves.


Overall, great work guys! We’re still waiting to hear from team 3, so we’ll wait until tomorrow before randomising the teams again for this week.

If anyone else would like to join in this experiment then now’s the time!

@Lee_Kaberlein please update us or show us Team 3’s work by tomorrow if possible.

I’m surprised at how cheap those flyers are even if it is in bulk. Are those prices from a local printing shop?


Lee from team 3 here. For some reason it’s not allowing me to upload an image. It’s one of the projects we did. Can anyone help?


No, not local, a company I found on-line -

Cheapest Print