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Nice to see the idea come to fruition! :smile: I would still suggest the original idea of comparing Bush with Plato, at least as an alternative. Why? Because the contrast is very much contained within the framework of two types of Meritocracy. Bush exemplifies the modern, and negative type of false Meritocracy, which actually has nothing to do with character. He’s the who you know, as opposed to the what you know. He is also a poster boy for anti-intellectualism, whereas the comparison with King I find to be potentially nebulous, and possibly divisive. Plato represents an accurate, positive, and ancient archetype of Meritocracy (in which he himself advocated) which is enhanced by his assured status as an altruistic intellectual. In all manners, the truest contrast of +/-.

I think that Star Trek one works very well. I don’t know who Cooper and Underwood are, so I can’t comment, but I know that most other people will know.

In my mind, the criteria of creating powerful contrasts should contain two objectives:

  1. The clearest conception of an archetype wishing to be demonstrated should be decided on and applied to each subject in a contrasting set. If a subject is not clearly associated with the archetype being represented, or the archetype varies from subject to subject in a set, the ideas potentially risk misinterpretations, and being reduced in potency.

  2. The two contrasting elements in a set should have the maximal space on the +/- spectrum possible in relation to the clear archetype which they personify.


If you’re having trouble uploading you can always use a free service such as and post the link in a post.


Maybe you could develop it further with more comparisons as well?


I thought of citizens in church looking towards the altar etc. and citizens watching commercials etc. (on tv) as the people in the cave (the philosophers’ story from Greece), under the spell of the elite. Opposite meritocratic citizens are building something futuristic and spectacular (spaceship etc.?) and/or studying in uni and/or working in a lab etc. It wuold be awesome if someone has the time to search/make the pictures.


I will think more about this. The Bush/Plato one came intuitively to me, and it was actually only seeing King in the place of Plato that seems to have led to a deeper understanding of the idea. Certainly the idea could be extended beyond the role of a president. The comparisons could contrast all sorts of different outcomes.


There are a handful of great ideas in that. I imagine that a graphic designer or someone with some experience with a photo editor could whip these things up rather easily if the ideas and images were presented to them.


The people/profit contrast could be used in many ways here too. One archetype could be how we look towards our natural environment for energy. One side could be capitalist corporatists harming the environment and looking to technology only for money and for themselves. Looking to technology for only the profit principle without consideration for the environment or others. On the opposite end of the of the spectrum could be scientists looking to Nature to come up with technological solutions that achieve technological gains (ie Biomimicry) that put people, and the environment before individual profit.


Yes, I was thinking the same thing before going to bed yesterday :slight_smile: “Suicide politics” or meritocracy?


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Hello i am Orrin i was wanting to volunteer and help you and since i am between things i have a lot of free time, i would just like to know what i can do to help?


Hi Orrin, that’s great to hear, thanks for volunteering!

How many hours a week can you dedicate more-or-less?


to be very honest i am have alot of free time so i am willing to help so say what 20 hours a week or so i am not to bother about how much time i do as long as i can try help in some respect.


Count me in for at least 2 hours a week.


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