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My name is Jamie. I’m new to the website and I’m looking forward to learning and getting to know the community. I’m interested in real life activism as well as writing etc. for online activism.
Meritocracy is what the world needs, it’s been far too long in the waiting for something new to come along. It’s seriously upsetting that everything evolves and changes in to new and better things except for government. How come governmental systems haven’t evolved along with the societies we live in and the way we now live?
Well I believe that once every single child gets the best bespoke education possible for them there will be a generation of actualised humans ready to take on the task of political evolution on a world scale. Add to this the abolition of dynastic families, giving all families (including ones that aren’t blood related) a chance to flourish and be part of real communities.
I walk through streets, through the city centre, sit in fast food restaurants and I see so many people who don’t trust themselves, let alone the government. But these people have power. Consider the strong single mother of three from a troubled family. Think of the effort this woman goes to to keep up with everything that’s going on; kids, family feuds, relationships, friends, work. Think of all that energy and focus.That’s what every single person has, in some form or another. Imagine that person was supported though an education designed to bring out the best of their abilities because the goal was just that; to bring out the best of their abilities, and not to make them fit in to a rigid system designed to keep the current static state of profits over people.
I ran a writing workshop in a creative recovery centre and met some capable and intelligent people, but because they don’t fit with what the current consumerist and industrial system wants, they are left to their own devices. There were compassionate, creative, intelligent, quick witted individuals there, all trying to recover from the traumatic symptoms of modern life. And it was so sad to see that going to waste. To make it worse some of them will be forced in to soul destroying jobs eventually, which is a quick route back to addiction. In a meritocratic society these people’s talents would be nurtured and they’d have the real opportunity of helping themselves and others, they’d be able to show that they have purpose beyond providing profits; their existential questions would be answered.
Unfortunately most adults, perhaps though no fault of their own, have missed their chance at a truly fair education. But together we can all ensure that one day every child gets an education that helps them to be an active part of a global community born from reason, humanity, understanding, equality, and progression.
These are the things I think of, and this is why the Meritocracy Party means something very real to me. And the party’s basis of reason, transparency, fairness, compassion, and above all merit is what encourages me to support them, and be them.
There are ways I believe I can help out. I can organise, write, communicate with people, put in work, use both passion and rationality to reach goals. I want to collaborate on ideas. Starting a pamphlet campaign is something I have in the pipeline.
At the minute I’m coming to the end of my university degree, so it’s stressful and time consuming. And I’ve still a lot to learn about politics, economics, and philosophy. But I’m in this for the long run and I really want to help realise the goals of meritocracy.
Anyway, that’s me. Hello.


hi everyone. im chris from the philippines. my life changed the very first day i stumbled upon the AC website. from then on, id allot a few hours of my daily routine to go through the volumes of chapters in there. at first i was just amused, then scared. typical of a religion believer that was fed anything that we believe starting from childhood. but then the thirst for knowledge and truth got the better of me. i decided to abandon all of what was fed to me from birth and start thinking unbiasedly. my rational nature started to take over and from then on, i will never be the same again. i cannot talk openly with regards to religion to my family and some friends because with the new way of thinking i have, i will be branded heretic. its not like i care, but i just dont want to burn bridges just because them and i think differently.

anyway, just want to share that i really really enjoy reading the ac website and almost at 60% completed when i had to stop because i was so busy with my new job profile. when i try to visit the ac site again to continue reading, its already gone. i should’ve printed all the articles when i had the chance. now i will no longer be able to read the rest of the chapters. so sad that i have deprived myself of further knowledge if only i was intuitive enough to secure myself a copy when the site was still operational.

Meritocracy for a better society!!

This is hemanshu from India, I am a fashion designer and merchandiser professionally…
I am into lil hippie stuff person. I am not politically too much involved but yes; would say that I support meritocracy for life and humanity.
I simple love traveling , meditation,art and currently working on how to be carbon natural.

Hope you will like my short intro.

Thanks folks…

Hi all,

I’ve been following this site for a while now but this is my first time posting, I figured this would be the best place to start so here goes. Sorry for the length!

I’m 24, from the UK and English is my native and only language. I’ve never been involved in activism of any kind and have never really been passionate about politics. I’ve never voted, I think partly because of a general apathy toward politics and a feeling that “they’re all as bad as each other” and nothing significant ever changes, but mainly because I’m no expert in politics and my vote wouldn’t be an educated one.

I’m no genius but I’d say I’m relatively bright; I went to a good school, did well in GCSE’s and A-levels, particularly in English, but I’ve always had a very laid-back attitude and been a bit of a coaster. I took a Sports Coaching degree at university and went on to do a Masters in the same - partly because I am passionate about rugby and being a coach seemed like a job I’d enjoy, but also because I figured it would be an easy ride on an easy course at uni. During my Masters I found I had loads of time to myself as the course didn’t take up many hours a week, I was sick of all the crap on TV and so it was in this time I really started to think more about the world around me, what was wrong with it, why things were so messed up, how wonderful it could be, what kind of things would make it better etc. etc… I took an interest in Philosophy, Religions and Ancient History amongst others. Started doing all kinds of reading (including AC stuff) I suppose one ‘realization’ was that if you want to make the world better you have to actually contribute and not just wait for someone else to do it! And I guess this goes for politics too- which is where Meritocracy comes in!

So, on to my skills. I suppose I’ve already mentioned that my main weakness is that I can be pretty laid-back (lazy!) and sometimes a little disorganized- though I’m working on that and I think its partly because I hadn’t previously found something I was passionate about applying myself to. My strengths are probably perceptiveness - I can take a step back and see the bigger picture which maybe why I like philosophy, I’m good with people, understanding them and seeing all sides and points of view in situations (Myers-Briggs has me down as INFP ‘The Mediator’ which makes sense - though I think the F is borderline T). Though its been a while since I’ve done any writing, growing up it was definitely a major strength of mine and I’d also consider myself quite artistic/creative. Lastly I think I am a good balance of introvert and extrovert. Introvert in that I’m happy in my own company and enjoy reading and philosophy or thinking about whatever idea is currently in my head. Extrovert in that I can also be a very social person, I keep in touch with loads of old school mates and enjoy having a drink or three here and there, I’ve always been a part of sports teams growing up so have skills in terms of leadership, teamwork, emotional understanding etc.

I appreciate that there is plenty of work to be done and progress to be made before any real changes can happen or policies are implemented but I’d like to contribute by throwing down some ideas about education and how the schooling system will work in the Meritocratic society. I am of the opinion that education is the most important factor in making the world a better place and I have some ideas that I think (or I hope!) folks here can get behind and provide some opinions/suggestions/criticisms/encouragement etc. I’ll not post them here as these ideas are something that I’ve been thinking about and jotting notes randomly for a while now so I’ll need to put it all onto my computer and make it all readable and succinct before I post, but if I started off a new thread with my suggestions for education would that be something you guys would be interested in seeing?

I’m currently working in a school as a cover-teacher though this is more of a short-term arrangement. I have no formal qualifications in education yet (other than my sport stuff which is kinda transferrable in some ways) but I hope to get a PGCE in the near future and I am also interested in pursuing some kind of research masters/doctorate or similar course in education - particularly with regard to implementing policy change in the curriculum.

Anyway, sorry for going on! But happy to be here and looking forward to sharing some ideas!


Well what is this site is doing? what are we achieving? The facebook groups does the work more easy! I am not able to understand this whole site set up and what is this site doing? Our like minded ppl are very less and we will have this complex site to communicate with each other we will not be able to spread and kindle a momentum!
It clearly shows you are good software engineer thats all but this forum has achieved ???

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Hello, I am Arjun. My native language is English, but I know enough French from school to understand the French meritocrats on this forum. I’m an ENTJ by Myers-Briggs typology.

My whole life, I envisioned that a proper government would ensure equality of opportunity to its citizens, along with intervention in the economy when the worst aspects of capitalism showed up. I thought that my ideas such as abolition of inheritance, free nationalized education, and political tests for voting licenses were just alien concepts in my mind that were unsupported by others. Little did I realize that there were like-minded people out there until I stumbled across the International Meritocracy Party a few months ago while researching the Confucian exam system in China (I thought it was a rather novel concept and definitely revolutionary for its time to have bureaucrats based mostly on skill rather than birth).

Thanks to the presidential elections in the U.S., I have become extremely politically active, and I’m following my country’s politics very closely. I support Bernie Sanders because I believe that his movement for free college and breaking up the banks is one step closer to meritocracy. Everyone who knows me well has heard me rant about free college, a 100% inheritance tax, and political tests on several occasions, and I’m always excited to engage in a political debate with open-minded individuals who use fact over fiction.

There are some stances I have that I imagine many of my fellow meritocrats would disagree with me on (such as punishment over rehabilitation, a parental licensing examination, allow people to choose their religion rather than their parents, ending affirmative action, allowing people to vote regardless of age if they pass a test, etc), but what unites us is more than what may divide us.

Because of my age, my skillset happens to be rather limited.

Regardless, I believe that it would be beneficial for a movement that supports “Equality of Opportunity for Every Child,” to have children participating in it: don’t you think? I’m wondering what I can do to make a change in this world for the better. Any suggestions? I’m willing to pass out leaflets, but I feel there are other things that I can do to make a difference.


Hello Meritocrats! I am very excited to meet you all.

I became aware of this political movement through the Armageddon Conspiracy website, and the works of Weishaupt, Faust, and Hockney, as many of you probably did. I have read through the entire AC website, and am currently working through the God Series. This series presents the most wide-ranging, rationally satisfying, and complete philosophy I have ever encountered. I have always been searching for truth, but now with these books I am progressing more rapidly than ever before. Everything is clicking into place.

I am 25 years old, an INTP, and from California. My native and only language is English. I graduated last year from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Computer Science. Now I work a remote software job while traveling around the world. After traveling through Asia for several months, I flew in to Istanbul a few days ago. I plan to travel through Europe for the next few months.

In order to have a higher purpose, learn more about the philosophy and ideas of the Pythagorean Illuminati, and meet like-minded people, I would like to join and contribute to this community. Ideally we would meet in person.

I can and am willing to contribute my software, writing, and speaking skills, a small amount of money, and my ability to travel. Examples of ways I can contribute are to create or modify websites, perform data analysis, write software to gather information from the web, travel anywhere to make a speech or interview someone, write articles or essays in support of Meritocracy, research and explain a topic, debate people. I can start immediately.

I would appreciate some direction in what to do. Give me a task! Does anyone want to meet in person somewhere in Europe? It seems the UK is a major hub of this movement, I plan to be there in a few months. Let’s get together!

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Hello Chris, it’s your lucky day!


Hello Christopher. Could you tell me more about this group?

Thank you very much luke.

Welcome! I think we would all agree with you there actually, except favouring punishment over rehabilitation.

Hi, my name is Levert nickname jus odd.Im from Pretoria south africa.I have not been involved in the political world that much,i am actually seeking for the truth,though I studied electrical engineering, I have great interest in nature of creation, hence my free time is devoted in reading science and philosophy books.

I found meritocracy now on my search for the armaggedon conspiracy website and I am glad to have met such a community.



My name’s Andrei (Romanian for Andrew), I’m 20 I live in Romania, in a small town near Bucharest.

I’m studying Math and Computer Science. I know C/C++, Bash, Matlab, HTML (Macromedia Dreamweaver) and I’m pretty good at Social Engineering and security matters. In my free time I usually read stuff about computers (currently learning Java, JavaScript and PHP) and the works of Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust.

I have never been involved in any political activism or volunteer activities, but I’d like to.

My native language is Romanian, but I also speak English (obviously) and a little bit of French.

My personality type is INTJ/P (The result of the test is always INTJ, but when I read about INTP, I find myself in that description, so maybe I’m both.) and my Life Path Number is 7.

As far as I’m concerned, the meritocracy is the only way for humanity to reach it’s full potential. It is the dialectical synthesis of history, namely communism and capitalism: equal opportunites, unequal results.

Additional Info:
I was born on 13th of May, at 13:45, on 13th December Street and being the 13th born in that month. I’m left-handed. I’m a little bit (more) insecure about what I know and what I’m really good at. I’m open-minded and always learning new things. Since I was a kid, I was into computer stuff. I was born Christian, but I always asked myself things like “Who created us and why?”. Thus, I stumbled upon few years ago and found the answers to most of my questions. This left me a bit disorientated, regarding my future career, but I chose Math and Computer Science eventually. Meritocracy and Illumination are my identity. I know life begins at the end of the comfort zone, so I’m trying to break free. My aim is to find my Higher Self and I simply can’t stop until I succeed. This is what drives me on.

I will try to help you with anything you need. I was thinking about translating the site into Romanian.

Thank you for your time!


Hello, I am Claire and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m going into my third year at Louisiana State University with a major in psychology and minor in philosophy.

My mind seems to occupy most of my free time. I have a strong passion for music and work as a radio DJ for a local station. The genres I lean towards most are improvisational rock, jazz, blues, fusion, experimental and psychedelic. I value innovation and creativity, progressing society and becoming the best you, you can be. My skills include management, social perceptiveness and reasoning. I am a self proclaimed artist and my favorite mediums for expression are painting, glass work and writing. Books that greatly impacted my life include Return of the Warriors by Thuen Mares and The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram by Sandra Maitri. In my early high school years I was quite obsessed with Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior by Leonard Mlodinow, DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman, and Top Secret America by Dana Priest and William Arkin.

I helped found the Meritocratic Community at LSU in Spring 2016. I also run our Facebook page “The Meritocratic Community of LSU” where I post articles, quotes, pictures, dates of meetings and guest lectures, discussion posts and more. Meritocracy was introduced to me about 2 years ago. I like how Meritocracy is solution based; not only does it acknowledge often neglected issues but addresses them. It is activism and I would like to consider myself an activist. Unfortunately, Meritocracy is not something the common mind of today would agree with. So I am aware we are looking at a process here. That’s where I plan to use the club as a tool - to broaden people’s awareness, encourage abstract and critical thinking along with rational discussions and courses of action. We make sure our political platform is known however I do not make it a requirement for interested individuals to agree with it all. I encourage the devil’s advocate and often play it myself.

A long term goal of mine is to see Meritocracy implemented into society, although the time frame for that could be half a century or more. In short term, I want to place Meritocracy into a number of people’s vocabulary. The concept needs to be brought to their awareness, and then over time they’ll be able to see Meritocracy’s ability to better society as a whole and bring us beyond what’s conceivable. Not to undermine the essentialness and inevitableness of this political structure.

In sum, I am looking forward to this coming Fall semester. Our Meritocracy club will be intact and I have several ideas I would like to implement to help further us. I will be posting those in a separate category pertaining to University clubs.

It is my pleasure to be a part of this enlightening movement.


Welcome to all the new members, we’re glad to have you on board!

Great, a copy!

What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself?
What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?
How would you ideally like to contribute?
What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?

This is Stephen Wafula, i am Ugandan and live in Kampala.
Am a professional Graphic Designer.
I like researching in my free time and discovering.
I have been a political Activist since 2001 when i was at University.
this was with uganda’s main opposition force FDC, But am fed up with their ways.
I find Meritocracy values suiting my goals.
we are i the process of registering a political party "UGANDA MERITOCRACY PARTY"
We hope this will change and shape our society which has almost 80% of the population of 37 million as youth!
this is going to be our primary target for recruitment and i most of them are unemployed! these are already embracing our party and are joining.

i have great mobilization skills and i know am going to mobilize millions in our political party.
am happy to be here and hope to achieve more with this group.

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Hi guys,
My name is Jason Lattimore and I’m from Reevesville S.C. located in the U.S. I’m not going to make this long winded so lemme get started: I’m 41, I’ve been working in Carpentry/Construction for 20+ yrs. I’ve got very little what you might call ‘education’ but have a Mensa level IQ and just fell into a rough crowd back in high school days. I’m also a married father of 4 and stepfather to another 3.

I’ve been an activist for both the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party. I started as an activist for the GOP in 2011 and to a limited extent the LP in 2012 (based on candidate merit, not partisan affiliations). I was an active member of the County GOP until 2014 and still maintain a limited amount of activism there, after this most recent cycle I’ve washed my hands of the LP. If the LP cannot take itself seriously enough to take advantage of a golden opportunity then I’m not wasting anymore time with them. Which brings me to the point I’m at now; I’ve been studying the tenets of The Meritocracy Movement for a year or so now and am ready to get involved here.


Hi there.
I am Belanus, also known as Andrew. I’m 48 years old and reside in Colchester, UK. I am married with two grown up children.

In my free time, I read (non-fiction, mainly philosophical/esoteric subject matter), write poetry and am studying mathematics (self study, not formal).

I have not been involved with political activism to any extent although I have always had an interest in politics. My father was a trade union man and instilled in me ideas of justice, fairness and a willingness to work (even sacrifice) for the common good. Some years ago, I did spend some time with a local representative group (offering a locally based alternative to the mainstream parties) and was asked to stand for local councillor but unfortunately moved from the area soon afterwards. My wife and I home-educated both our children to secondary school age which gave me experience in talking to people about an idea that may be considered “strange” or even “subversive” to most people. Latterly I joined the local Labour Party, impressed as I was with Jeremy Corbyn’s alternative approach. However, I found the local party very much a closed “clique” and quite antagonistic to Corbyn’s leadership.

My native language is English; I currently make my living from car sales and am a semi-professional musician (I play bass guitar and sing - see I have always written poetry and prose for my own amusement and consider writing a definite skill of mine. A long career in car sales / car sales management has given me valuable experience in the science of communicating with / influencing / motivating different types of people.

As for personal traits, I appear (from psychometric tests) to be a balanced blend of logical thinker and creative risk taker. I am passionate and forthright when I believe in something, a trait that has not always endeared me to those I have met or have worked with - some people don’t want to hear the truth! However, I am always quick to apologise if I feel my assertiveness has over-stepped the mark. I consider myself a radical and a revolutionary; I have an intense interest in the world, in learning and in evolving my own potential toward my “omega point”.

Meritocracy appeals to me as I have long since realised the catastrophic results visited on our public life by our so-called “democracy”, which is just a popularity contest designed to appeal to the basest qualities of the masses. Cronyism and nepotism have always angered me; I see Meritocracy as the only political system that can reverse the evils perpetrated on the People by the capatalist elite.

I would contribute in any way I possibly can. I see myself as possibly standing for election in some capacity as an independent Meritocratic candidate. In terms of immediate action, I am attempting to engage poeple in discussion on the subject as and when I can, whilst learning as much as I can about the theory.

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