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If you’re working to promote Meritocratic Democracy, then this would be the place to introduce yourself and let us know a bit more about who you are.

Alternatively, if you’re promoting Meritocracy in a particular country, you could choose to introduce yourself in the category for that country. Doing so in both places is another option!

Here are some questions to answer if you’re not sure where to start:

  • Where are you from?
  • Where do you live?
  • How do you like to spend your free time?
  • Have you been involved in any political activism?
  • Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities?
  • What’s your native language?
  • What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise?
  • What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself?
  • What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?
  • How would you ideally like to contribute?
  • What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?

I’ll start …

My name’s Roberto, nickname Argentum, and I live in Barcelona, Spain - although I’m English by birth.

I’m currently studying international trade and have been involved with Meritocracy as a political movement for a couple of years now. I helped start the Meritocracy International, which created this forum and runs

Currently the Meritocracy International is taking a new, more open, transparent and collaborative approach to things and this forum is a major step in that direction. We want to give everyone who considers themselves to be a meritocratic activist the opportunity to contribute whenever and however they feel like.

I speak English, Spanish and Catalan.

I support Meritocracy because I want to see the human race achieve remarkable things, and having private individuals run everything is counter-productive to that goal. I think everyone deserves the same chance to get to wherever they want to in life and that nobody should be allowed to fall into utter poverty, misery and despair (regardless of what they support). There’s huge leadership potential out there, among people who work 9-5 jobs and who weren’t born into ultra-rich families. The only way I see us getting out of the ongoing crises that afflict the world and the ones that are yet to come, is by empowering people and giving the most talented the chance to take us forward out of the ditch.

Meritocracy for me is encapsulated in the phrase: Equal Opportunity for Every Child.

I’d ideally like to continue contributing by helping to organise meritocratic parties, initiatives and entities and building links between all of them on the international level.

Other than that, you could say I’m an INTJ in terms of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I enjoy systems, strategy, and getting things done.

I’ll be sharing more about myself as we go forward :).


Hello my name is Zack. I like to spend my free time lifting weights and doing Martial arts. I have never been actively involved in a political campaign or party. I have a sales background and wanted to strive for something more in life. The meritocracy party attracts me because It’s the change I think this country needs. I would like to set up a local office in my state and hopefully at least raise some awareness to other parties out there. I feel the current two party system is antiquated. The logical step would be to see steps that need to be taken to set up a political party in my state and raise funds for the project

Thank you


Hi everyone, Duncan here. I am from, and currently live in, Durban, South Africa. I am also a UK citizen and I lived for 5 years in Manchester, England. The weather drove me back to SA :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been interested in politics for many years, with a particular interest in economics and monetary policy, and I firmly believe that Meritocracy is the best (and inevitable) solution to the farce that is democracy.

South Africa is a unique case, in that although we have a (world-class) constitutional democracy on the surface, what we truly have is a pseudo-democratic, one-party government that, no matter how badly they perform, will always remain in power. Note: I believe the term should be “in service”, not “in power”, but I digress. For me, Meritocracy resolves the problem of counting votes, versus weighing them.

I currently assist Meritocracy International with the design and development of the website, and I hope to be able to do more in the future.


Hello all my name is Victor and I currently reside in Palm Bay,Florida and I’m originally from Queens,New York. In my free time I love to write poetry, listen to music, draw,dance, sing, lift weights, box, wrestle and read. An activity that I also like is to just sit and think, even though it is not necessarily productive it sometimes offers me great insight into the nature of things. Some subjects that I love to read and learn about include philosophy, science, history, mathematics. Even though I do not yet possessed an advanced degree I consider myself a philosopher because I love to learn. My personality type is INTP however my extroverted side has developed as my self confidence increased and my feeling side is somewhat developed as well. I’m also more of a creative thinker than a logical thinker but my logical side is fairly balanced.Meritocracy is the only volunteer activity that I am currently involved with however I do plan on volunteering in the future to help develop a sense of being a part of a community. Meritocracy is important to me because the world is slowly being destroyed right before our eyes and we are doing nothing about it, meritocracy is the solution for protecting the earth and all of its inhabitants so we can enjoy the future rather than suffering for the mistakes that our unqualified leaders have created. I have an associate’s degree and in the future I plan on pursuing a degree in software engineering and then also study philosophy after I receive a software engineering degree. In terms of skills that I possess I’m fairly good with computers and I have some knowledge of coding, and I’m also an avid writer and I have excellent communication skills. I have knowledge about the way the American government works and I am also knowledgeable about U.S. History. A mission that I have for meritocracy is to initially raise awareness as to why we need meritocracy and get an initial wave of supporters and then pushing onward I will establish a meritocratic political party. Currently I’m jointly working on a MeritocracyFlorida movement to help spread awareness at a more local level.


Hi there everyone,

My name is Walker. I live in North Texas where I am currently earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of Texas at Arlington. I have many interests. Philosophy and Psychology are the two main ones. I have not been involved in any activism or political campaigning up to this point, but I am actually in the process of starting a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at my university. In my free time I enjoy reading and writing. I used to write prose but stick more to poetry and nonfiction these days. I am an INTP as far at the Myers-Briggs is concerned. I tend to be like Victor; I love to think creatively, though logic is important to me as well. I am left-handed and predominantly right-brained. I tend to see patterns and wholes rather than individual parts. I love aesthetics, music, art, color, love and life.

I was introduced to Meritocracy through my research into the Illuminati. I used to be a staunch conspiracy theorist, but after reading all the published material on Amazon by pseudonymous authors Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, etc., I realized the utter foolishness of everything I had grown to believe. After a long period of challenging my own views, I have adopted a more rational worldview, and have seen through the subterfuge to the real problem: the control of this world by the super-rich. I want to see Meritocracy because I believe that there is real potential in humanity that is being squandered every day. Meritocracy, and its mechanism of 100% Inheritance Tax, are the tools to save our dying world. With all of that money poured back into the Commonwealth, we can begin to build a new tomorrow. With true experts in power, people who have proven their expertise, we can begin to fix everything one step at a time. With education guaranteed to every human being, we can begin to form an enlightened humanity.

As far as activism, I would like to start by forming an organization at the university I now attend. Through that medium, events could be hosted and the word could be spread here in Texas. One of the ways I can contribute to the cause immediately is through writing. I love to write and would love to become a contributor to the website.

Anyway, look forward to talking with all of you on a regular basis!


I live in Holland and think the meritocratic concept sounds great, as democracy is dead now. I read a lot about many subjects, including politics, psychology, philosophy, the universe, literature, etc. Anything that has interesting content. I speak dutch, of course. I also write something now and then. I’m a very rational guy, who is now exploring the not so rational to see where it leads :slight_smile:
What captures me about meritocracy is, apart from a website full of strong content, is the concept of 100% inheritance tax. This will make it so, that a few families cannot conquer the world anymore with their loaded purses. Excellent idea. Also other ideas, like how to develop a child is far better than we are doing now. Many other things appeal to me, so that’s why I think overall this concept should work far better than this drag we got now, where the rich lead our countries to more riches for themselves and to poverty for most.
If I can contribute much is not clear to me. I do have an idea about two forms of a boardgame concerning meritocracy or the opposite. If anyone is interested in that, let me now. Maybe it can generate some funds for this site, as I am sure they need it at this early age. Once you go on the road, you need money. Where could the funds come from. The rich?


Hey everyone, my name is Cole. I am originally from a small town in Southern California called Blythe. At the moment, I am living in Los Angeles where I am currently enrolled here at UCLA. I am majoring in History, but in my spare time, I like to read about philosophy, psychology, as well as mathematics. Like Walker, I have spent a lot of time reading the pseudonymous works of Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, etc., though I have not finished the complete series. I plan to finish them all this summer. I try to exercise at least four times a week and write in a journal whenever I get the urge to put something down on paper. I have yet to become involved with any meaningful political activism, but I hope that will change once I start contributing what I have to offer to the Meritocracy Party. My native language is English. I am currently taking Italian classes, so hopefully I’ll become more fluent in it as time progresses. My formal skills would most likely be my proficiency in using Microsoft Word and researching various topics through academic databases. I have had to do a lot of research papers as an History student. I also work for the JSEI IT Department, so I am good with computers. My Myers-Briggs type is INTJ. I always push myself to do the best I can in whatever I set my mind to. I’m very goal-oriented and I love to meditate on the thoughts that pop into my head when I’m reading enlightening literature. The majority of the time, I make connections between things that normally seem as if there is no connection. I love to work alone when I have a clear project outline, but if I need partners, I will gladly cooperate with members of my group. My understanding of Meritocracy is that it is humanity’s only hope for a better future. As mentioned before, democracy is dead, and I know it is time to bring radical change to the systems of governance, economics, and education. Meritocracy is the only rational way forward, with it’s 100% inheritance tax that bars a handful of families from dominating the rest of the world and its ability to allow every man, woman, and child the opportunity to fully realize their potential that is overlooked in the current system. I would also like to start an organization here at UCLA before I graduate so that Meritocracy can gain a foothold in one of the major universities in California and hopefully spread throughout the UC system. I would also love to write and proofread other contributions for the Meritocracy Party.


Greetings to everyone,

\My name is Nelson Lozada I am currently living in Avon, Ohio.I am currently going back to finish my bachelor’s in Information Systems. I have served the U.S. Navy for 8 years ( 4 active and 4 reserves). When I joined I thought everything would be peachy I thought this was the solution to my problems. All of a sudden I was exposed to horrors just because people that wanted their millions gamble with our lives for the sake of their wealth.I finally found an organization that I can have real purpose with. Real goals and applicable concrete solutions to our everyday problems.Skills that I have can range from Computer Hardware/ Software repair, Intelligence Analysis, shipoboard firefighter,I speak english and spanish. I also play music and have my own songs. I did have a top secret clearance. But I am glad I took the time to search for answers and here I am finding them. I am eternally grateful.

Thank you


Are there other people at your uni with whom you could start a “meritocratic club”?

Are you a native Spanish speaker? And if you don’t mind my asking, what was your navy rating/occupation?

I was a Cryptologic Technician Communications Third Class/ Informations Systems Technician Third Class. I was a CTO but they forced converted me to another rating hence the two titles.I moved to Puerto Rico when I was 12 from Bronx,NY. Lived there for 6 years and learned spanish. I am very fluent in reading, writing and speaking spanish. I graduated from high school in Corozal, Puerto Rico. Right now I am about to study online since I do not have the means to be able to go on campus. I am promoting some of material from the website on facebook and was just finishing a debate with someone about some of things I have read and learned. It seems in his eyes I was spewing idiotic nonsense. Oh well I must doing something right because all men that have advanced society as a whole were also told by people that what they spewed was the same. He lost his cool I guess he left me kinda hanging…

**Where are you from?**

I am from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

**How do you like to spend your free time?**

I tell people I am FAT (Farmer, Artist, Teacher). That basically sums up what I like to do.

**Have you been involved in any political activism?**

No, I find people who are “professional activists” nauseating. They erode the value of activism by taking up any cause - even ones they do not understand.

**Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities?**

Not really, I have organized a few charity events but have spent most of my time working in the daily grind and the rest of my time learning and trying to advance myself. However I have been a leader of different organizations/societies.

**What's your native language?**


**What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise?**

I have Bachelors of Education, a BA in History and English, formal permaculture education from Sepp Holzer and Dave Jacke, and the rest has all come from books.

**What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself?**

I am an ENTJ, but am in the middle of E and I. I enjoy being social, but also spend a lot of time being Introverted and contemplating.

**What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?**

I am sick and tired of the suffering and inequality I am witnessing all around me. People should have equal opportunity in the material world from birth. Period.

**How would you ideally like to contribute?**

I dont know how I would like to contribute, but I feel drawn towards the cause. I can contribute my knowledge of farming and educational systems.

**What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?**

My organization is currently starting a social enterprise. One of the divisions of our enterprise is Child Care. I plan to contribute by basing our system on Meritocratic principles. Our family farm is also based on farming with Nature, meritocracy, and empowering farmers to get back to their noble roots of self sufficiency and away from their dependance on large scale Agribusiness.


Hey everyone, I live in New York State, USA. I’m very active on “The Pub” …those of you who know what that forum is will know exactly what I’m referring to. I’ve been into Meritocracy and its base philosophy for several years now. Roberto invited me here and I was immediately impressed by how sharp the software and its design looks! And glad to see a bunch of peeps posting away here :smile:

I’m INTP or INFJ depending on how you approach Jungian psyche types (letter dichotomies from tests vs. cognitive functions from nuanced analysis). Either way, I have a very well-developed logical side, but it should be noted that intuition is the driving force of my psyche. My feeling side is what gets me charged up about how fucked up the world we’re living in and helps fuel my intuitive visionary drive to help fix these problems.

Like everyone else here, I’m beyond disgusted with the wanton cruelty that IS the world we’re stuck with today and have been stuck with since time immemorial. Anything less than a radical reordering of our society simply will not work and thinking anything otherwise is just downright delusional. Those in power will do everything in the power to hold onto it indefinitely. Most people who mean well are just not that serious about whatever frivolous “causes” they take up. At the end of the day, if there is food on the table and a roof over the head, then incremental reforms seem “good enough.” No thanks! Luckily all of us here involved with the movement know better and that any efforts that revolve around silly compromises and capitulations are meaningless and ineffective.

Most people simply don’t see the big picture. Luckily, we do! I look forward so much to participating here and seeing all of us exchange awesome ideas. And, before I end this, I’d like to offer supreme props to Roberts and anyone else who was instrumental in getting this platform up and running!


Hello all, thrilled to see this operation up and running.I think collaborating on here offers a spectacular new horizon for meritocracy. I spend my free time learning about philosophy, economics, psychology, mathematics, science etc. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I am probably an INTP.

I initially became interested in learning about economics after seeing Zeitgeist in 2007. My next major influence was Charles Ferguson’s Inside Job in 2011. I found meritocracy almost two years ago. In the past 8 months or so I’ve really began reading a lot of econ books.
I recently attended the annual conference of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) in Toronto, a billionaire funded organization run by ex-wall street hedge fund manager turned economic reformer Robert Johnson. INET has helped me find many good research materials. I have since joined an INET reading group on the philosophy of economics.

My immediate contribution will be research and refining ideas. I am preoccupied with finding those critical divergences in economic thinking where meritocracy (or am I discussing public/social capitalism?) differentiates itself from the myriad varieties of economic systems which pander to oppressive elites.
Themes I have focused on are economic inequality, the role of inheritance in inequality, tax avoidance and evasion, social inefficiencies derived from narrow maximization of shareholder value in business, the role of technological innovation in social well-being, distribution of benefits from technological innovation, the relationship between the finance industry and economic inequality, the legitimacy of normative claims to the social efficiency of markets, importance of regulation in establishing markets, objective vs subjective theory of value, the importance of state investment in innovation and Hegelian thought applied to the economics of social institutions. E.F. Schumacher has been influential to me.

Why does Meritocracy appeal to me? –Humanity struggles immensely with numerous sociological/economic/political/environmental issues yet things like technological innovation have endowed us with extraordinary potential. The advent of the internet makes so many things possible.

Meritocracy is clearly the solution to our issues. Elitist economic propaganda maintains our entrenched political paradigm, so it is critical to figure out the economics landscape. 67 people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion people. Statistics like this are getting worse and worse and it is up to us to unite a common opposition to these oppressive elites. The need for meritocracy should resonate with many people. It cannot be emphasized enough that Meritocracy is about a 100% inheritance tax that overthrows privileged elites. Also, I am wondering how significant efforts should be focused on boycotting the entrenched political paradigm.


Hi to everyone here! I am Ana, (aniusik5) and I am from Moldova but now I live in Italy almost two years. I have finished my studies at academy of music as opera singer, i am also pianist. I wanted to sing till i was i child and become a great singer was always my life purpose. So i studied music till i was 6 years old. Becoming the best singer at least one of the best, doesn’t opened to me a place in our theater, instead, it prepared for me a closed door by other older singers.Surely i can’t tell here the whole story, but only to hint how much often i saw injustice in the world of art not only in my country, i can say more, there is no way to a talented to get through by the merit.
To be strange but sincere, I had something till i remember myself, that guided me at the logic of things and research of the truth, how must we be, how must we act etc, and with years i got distracted by the great chaos around me too, my last years in academy had almost broken me and living without work made me remember everything I loved to do. I write poetry in Russian that is my native language, I like to sew and design, to draw paint and create, last years, I mostly write songs in English, I like sport, tracking, love to travel see new places, test says I am ESTJ type but it says something about strong sadism i can’t confirm at all.
I always wished to help people, when I was 10 or 11 i was writing entire planning of what i need to become a leader, I already knew people need to be guided, I had experience of trying to help and I’ve understood that is maybe the most difficult thing to do ever. I never join some movements or activities, even in my little country I thought i can’t join some of them to promote my vision doing it all alone…
I am singer, I sing every genre. I write songs i think it is one of the possible way to have a word. I am generator of ideas, can help to improve some processes. I am a painter so I can help in graphic design of the site or other. I still retain I have skills to be leader or orator, either to be one who prepare a leader or orator. My native language is Russian and Romanian, and I can express myself in Italian with the same speed. I am ever in process of improving my English, but I am not so fast at the moment.
Seeing information about masonry in English, i didn’t mind that is all around named illuminati, for me it was masonry, but i wondered, how can be that, controlling everything they let all this stuff exposed, and spreading only fear in that way, I was thinking anyway how to protect me, even if it is clear that they can’t control every every thing… it came to me to see what they have in google about where masons live…i had nothing, so i typed illuminati that how i linked to the armagedon conspiracy site, I am so glad i linked it! i finally red something so close to me. Here in Italy I don’t have much friends yet… and i have no citizenship, but I see here this Movement 5 Stars of Beppe Grillo (comediant), that has the same ideas, very same ideas. Italian government is a trash that robbed almost every thing in this great country…i have no words, for what they did and fear for real to lose everything now continuing to rob more than ever .
Meritocracy movement is what i wished for long time, at first I am sure people here aspire the same think for all and everyone understand everyone, here are those who bother and care as I am.
So I hope to help in every way I can to, create graphics for site and movement, translate contents and messages, create parties meetings or even sing to you.
I am open to discuss and to help just feel free to ask))) :blush:


Hi, my name is Bert Lashes, I’m sort of young but I have a feeling that a lot of us are. Through a series of fortunate events I seem to have stumbled upon the existence of this group, I was convinced earlier in my life that I would lead such a movement as I grew up. My main interests are neuroscience, biochemistry, nanotechnology and astrophysics, in that order. I find it incredible that we as humans are trying to make informed decisions about our environment without first optimizing retention. We’re essentially walking and talking camcorders that have limited access to previous events, and I feel as organisms this is primitive to where we are going to be. After watching the Zeitgeist films I was convinced that something was going on that I needed to take a serious look at. I was open-minded. I am convinced, after watching trans-humanism videos made by the likes of Jason Silva, as well as Scishow, TED, TEDed, etc. that the future was bright. I’ve also always been convinced that if things were improving, and there was this central evil agency running, that things would not be improving, but deteriorating. This led me to the conclusion that whoever is pulling the actual strings, is orchestrating a grand plot that ushers humanity into a new age. I thought this was the Illuminati after watching Zeitgeist and videos like the Bohemian Grove. I was convinced, however, that through acquisition that perhaps I could begin funding a party that basically entirely aligns with that which I found to be meritocracy. I googled “how to contact the Illuminati”. The first thing to pop up was Immediately I reviewed the notes I had taken from my experience with reality. The “nothing is something” concept resonated with me, as did every single other concept I had read. I’m not done reading, and I’m convinced if I read the whole thing I’ll know what to do from there. I would love it if I could reach out to similarly minded people and have conversations with them, I am going to be with this party until it succeeds. My ultimate goal is to optimize the brain, socialize global intelligence, begin exploring the Universe, and discover the biochemical means of sustaining life, or achieving an “afterlife”. What happens afterlife and what happens afterdeath should be entirely opposite. If you want to contact me, I’d be more than happy to chat.


Welcome, we’re glad to have you all here!

Right now we need to bring in as many meritocrats as possible into this forum and start having people organise themselves on the local level to get official meritocratic parties started (the same way UK/NI have been doing over here:

So if you have any friends you know are politically-aligned (or can be) with Meritocratic Democracy, then this is a good time to convince them to join efforts with you in changing the political reality of your local area.

Remember that the fundamental goal of this forum is to channel energy into activism that gets meritocratic candidates elected - that’s the #1 aim, to get elected and the first step toward that is creating stable and well-run Meritocracy Parties in as many countries as possible.

Check out this thread too if you haven’t had a chance to yet:

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Hello, I am proud to be a new member of the party, I have been working on a blog for sometime now, with many resources that I believe will help the party. You can find it here

Have a meritorious day! :smile:

i´m Pedro, live in Portugal,unemployed, have bachelor degree in archaeology.
i like to spend free time reading ,thinking,play football,going out with friends.
i was never involved in political activism or any kind of activism before,before joining TMI.
my native language is portuguese,but somewhat can make sense of spanish and french.
i have skill with a pick axe :slight_smile: , i´m addict to analysis and do connection between knowledge.
my main qualities,are willingness to improve ,will power,good at analisys,fair ,high degree of ruthlessness.
my understanding of meritocracy is that meritocracy is the end of history,it´s finaly the state knowing itself as mind and work as mind.
what we have today is a wasteland ,there is death everywhere you look,democracy and capitalism as we have now is the cult of turning subjects in objects,there is no real people only simulacra of people.
the dialectics screams in every front that change is emminent,we need to be prepared to create that change and be prepared if it happens without warning.
My personal aim is to create bullet proof structures to the future,how a meritocratic city state or state will work and how to create strong people,prety much create a higher aspect of mind.