Introduce yourself


Where are you from? Bay Area, California
Where do you live? San Jose, CA
How do you like to spend your free time? Reading, Politics, Business, Web Design
Have you been involved in any political activism? Yes. The democratic party
Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities? Neighborhood association. With the city of san jose
What’s your native language? English
What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise? I am in web design, software development, marketing strategy, communications, event planning, content management systems,
What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself? Leadership and initiative
What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you? Its about someone’s intelligence and skill, not their heritage and privilege.
How would you ideally like to contribute? Any way I can
What practical contribution can you begin making immediately? Up for discussion


Hello, you guys can call me Solon, real name is Alejandro.

I am from the north Mexican state of Coahuila, bordered with Texas, where I currently reside. I have lived in North Texas for 19 months. In my experience, that region, along with Austin could become hotbeds for potential Meritocrats, but I can explain that later in another topic. I currently reside in South Texas, on the border next to the Gulf.

I spend my free time learning primarily, catching up on current events by reading or watching videos/documentaries; my favorite subjects are History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology. Music is a form of art I enjoy everyday on my spare time or as I multitask. I won’t lie, I do enjoy taking certain drugs for recreational purposes too.

Aside from the Meritocracy International, I have never been involved with political activism.

Spanish is my first language, followed by English. I also did study two years of elementary French in High School and two semesters of German in College; so I can understand reading those.

My skills include writing, I attended the University of North Texas where I predominantly studied philosophy, and gave my exegesis on the different concepts learned.

I am not one to bluster nor am I confident in any of my skills. Although I could say I am fairly well rounded in my interests. Although a virtue of mine is that I hate to steal, cheat, or harm others, (the opposite of what our Elites do!)

I have read all articles published by TMP, but I’ll give a brief understanding of; Meritocracy is a system which seeks to undermine the primitive aspect of human nature (rule of the jungle) by using our current and future understanding of human psychology. It seeks to predistribute the assets (resources) our world has to offer so that all – regardless of empirically noted categorical differences – can prosper through an equal opportunity. The system is preserved through enthusiasm towards the state via actualization that positive liberty posits. Monopoly is outlawed as to allow for genuine competition that elevates innovation, this is what I’d describe the outcome of Social Capitalism. Finally all citizens are treated equally on the offset but differently in regards to their talents and inclinations to flourish them, via Custom education and 100% IT. This system appeals to me because I acknowledge human potential is wasted to sustain a system that is broken and only serves a few bloated egos. I have seen the struggle of everyday people first hand and know there is a better way, I couldn’t point my finger as to why at first, but when I discovered Meritocracy it only seemed like the best viable solution to the ills of inequality, famine, disease, ignorance, and trafficking of human labor.

I am already contributing, mainly through writing although I am slow to deem a piece ‘ready.’ I also enjoy researching, so I can contribute in that aspect too.

Those previously stated. I would also like to learn how to implement the ideas that work to recruit people in my vicinity and beyond, lets get the ball rolling!


I’m in LA too. Let’s keep in touch. Small tight teams with specific goals will work best, let’s take advantage of the geographical closeness, I live 15 minutes from you. Contact me


Bonjour je m’appelle Mao je suis Malien (Afrique de l’ouest). je suis actuellement en France pour mes études à l’université. pendant mon temps libre, je regarde les documentaires sur la nature, l’évolution, le monde. j’aime bien lire, écouter la musique. j’aime bien méditer aussi pour me vider l’esprit. je suis INTJ

j’ai jamais participé à un activisme politique jusque là. je parle français et ma langue maternelle : le Bamabara.
J’ai des connaissances en économie. je fais actuellement un master en économie. je m’intéresse beaucoup à la philosophie, et le domaine social. Je suis persévérant, optimiste. Pour la Méritocratie est un système juste, qui aborde toutes les questions importantes de la société sans tabou. Elle propose des solutions en utilisant la méthode scientiste : thèse, antithèse, synthèse. Un élément que j’ai beaucoup aimé dans la méritocratie est l’éducation. comme on le dit le souvent : sois le changement que tu veux voir dans le monde. j’ai choisi d’être le changement. Mon projet est de construire les premières écoles méritocratiques. Une école non pas pour contrôler, mais pour guider l’enfant dans la découverte de soi et du monde. pour l’instant j’ai crée une page qui se nomme Méritocratie Malienne sur facebook et sur twitter. Nous militons pour la méritocratie.
Facebook :
Twitter :

je suis heureux d’être parmi vous. je ne parle pas anglais. je traduis pour pouvoir être ici. ça sera bien si le site est en plusieurs langues.



La langue principale est anglais, mais vous pouvez changer l’interface à français, si vous allez aux “Preferences”.

Nous pouvons également créer une catégorie de forum pour le Mali et/ou de la France, si vous pensez que les gens de ces deux pays participeraient.


Oui je crois que ça sera une bonne idée de le créer pour la France et le Mali.


Glad to hear from you. We should definitely meet up this summer and try to get a good core group together that can meet somewhat regularly.


Hello everyone, I’m Dave from Orange County, California. I’ve been involved with Meritocracy for about a year now. I volunteer for TMI. Any Meritocrats from the greater LA area? We should hook up.


Hi Cole, I’m Dave. I live in Orange County. I’ve been involved with the Meritocracy Party for a little while now. I would like to try and start a local group in SoCal. I saw you and one other from LA so far. Send me a message if interested


Hi Phoenix, I’m Dave. I live in Orange County. We should hook up.


Je m’appelle Mody Baba, je suis malien. Actuellement je poursuis mes études supérieures au Maroc. J’ai un penchant pour les études, le leadership, entrepreneuriat et les actualités internationales (la politique, l’économie).

Je suis une formation universitaire en licence économie et gestion, un domaine dans lequel je me sens parfaitement à l’aise et aussi dans lequel je dispose d’une certaine compétence non négligeable. En plus de cela, je m’intéresse beaucoup à des matières comme la littérature et la philosophie. Je parle français, l’anglais et le bambara (langue malienne).
Je milite aussi pour la méritocratie car je crois en ce système et cela sur divers plans. Je suis de ceux-là qui sont pour son succès dans les jours à venir.


My name’s Ed and I live in Surrey UK (South of London), I have lived here all my life.

I’m currently employed part time so use my spare time as productively as possible, generally composing/playing music, reading or practicing either yoga or capoeira (if the sun is out!). I am currently working my way through the God Series of books after reading the majority of the information on the AC website, which ultimately led me here. I haven’t been involved in any political activism and the only volunteer activities I suppose I could make claim to would be playing gigs for charity.

My native language is English, I completed a module in Japanese at university a few years ago so have basic working knowledge of the language, which I am looking to improve. My BA (Hons) was in music and I also have a music related HND. My personality type is INTJ, and I have spent many years of my life pondering the ‘big’ questions, so finding the AC website and God series put all the pieces together for me.

I’ve known for a long time that the current political system is a farce and that something needed to change to make the world a fairer and better place. The most rational answer is most certainly Meritocracy and I hope to be able to help this become a reality in any way possible. Although I don’t feel my skills are attuned to perhaps some of the more useful aspects of creating this site, I would still like to help by promoting Meritocracy whenever and wherever I can. Once a London based Meritocratic party has been assembled I would happily help promote this around my area (via flyers, social media etc.).

At the moment I have been coming up with ideas to write a song about Meritocracy and songs to discredit/ridicule the current system.


Welcome guys! @JoelNoel0 be sure to check out the UK category if you haven’t already.


Where are you from?

Hello, I am originally from Romania, Eastern Europe, but I moved to Czech Republic in 2012.

Where do you live?

The town I live in is called Brno. It’s the second largest city in Czech Rep. and it is partially international. Many companies such as IBM and Red Hat bring in new foreigners every 6 months (we were among them a several months ago). It’s a calm city, beautiful, with a historical air/feel.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I spend my free time writing (composing articles on my blog, and inventing possible novels), playing computer games, reading (I mainly like psychological sci-fi, tragedies, and informational/scientific books about medicine), and finally riding my trials bike when I manage to make it work.

Have you been involved in any political activism?

No, I’m 18.

Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities?

Other activities apart from the ones organised by school, no. I worked in a community ( in 2013 to build my own game. It was of course, with the help of the community.

What’s your native language?


What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise?

I have graduated the 10th grade in Romania (Secondary II by the British system) in Mathematics-Informatics + English Intensive. I also graduated Secondary II by the British system - IGCSE - and recently I wrote the exams required to pass A-Level Secondary (AS), in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?

It is not Meritocracy that appeals to me. A name must first live long enough to worth something. What do I like about you guys? Well that feels like a more answerable question. The community spirit is what drew me in. As well as your blog and your writing style. It’s fabulous :smiley: And the last but not least, this community goes with an idea that I’ve been dreaming of since one year ago.

How would you ideally like to contribute?

By any possible means. I believe I am qualified to write articles for anyone to understand (I am the director of my school’s magazine and can publish articles about Meritocracy), I know how to program HTML, CSS, and I have experience in web-design. I am also familiar with wordpress web-platform).

What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?

It’s holidays so I believe anything I mentioned above with the exception of publishing articles in the school’s magazine. I might be good at other things, but I won’t know if I can do them until you shoot them at me.

Nice meeting you,


Welcome Andrei! Good to have you here. If you’re interested in writing for the site, please see this topic for more details:


We definitely need to get everyone in the LA area together soon. Is anyone free next weekend?

Southern California Meet Up

Definitely. I’m about 50 miles from downtown LA. Lets get a California group going. I’m finding more people who have a positive response to our message. I think Meritocracy will grow a lot this year.


Whoahhhh, " … formal permaculture education from Sepp Holzer … "niiiiiice. Dangus, so glad you see yourself as an online resource for other meritocrats here. You have knowledge by expert instruction, by books and by ongoing experience! Thank you for making yourself available in this tremendously helpful way.


Hi, I’m Helen Bacchus, aka Jelyrsu a while back. I live in the southwest U.S. I’m a mom, teacher and post-grad student. Like Roberto, I’ve been involved in the Meritocracy International since its earliest days. I’ve been very involved in getting articles from draft (and sometimes idea) stage to publication, helping out ad hoc, and encouraging people in their work. Sometimes I’ve written reference material for the wiki, such as much of the Publishing Criteria, and I wrote one article at

It’s thrilling to see so many fresh, talented and committed meritocrats joining us in our promotion, implementation and refinement of Equal Opportunity for Every Child, because it’s crucial that we grow.

English is my first language. I do well in Spanish and okay in German, though I stalk lots of languages.

I’m about 89% introvert, according to the MBTI at, but have recently made a career move from home-schooling mom back into public teaching, requiring probably about 89% extraversion.

My new Montessori position and new Montessori certification course are part of my long-term work as a meritocrat: Equal Opportunity for Every Child will offer Custom Education, and the Montessori approach embodies much of it. It’s up to us either to find an already operational Montessori program that fully customizes for Myers-Briggs personality types, or to design and implement one. Last school year I worked close to and inside, to a degree (though not formally trained), Waldorf education, which also offers much to weave into Custom Education.

With understanding of MBTI, Montessori and Waldorf, understanding of a few other basics, and above all understanding of ourselves, we can create a school system that guarantees every single child 10,000 hours of instruction that prepares her to be an expert in at least one field that she loves. We can make school a place where children love to go, and where they know that they are the value. We can come alongside children and assist them in discovering who they are, and in making themselves into who they want to be. We’ll fund this most important enterprise with the Millionaire Estate Tax.

The I and N of my MBTI are iron-clad, but the last two letters keep reconfiguring.


No problem, glad to be of service. Have you heard of Sepp Holzer?