Introduce yourself


Yepp. Saw some awesome vid of him explaining everything while stepping down through a bunch of gardens on a hillside. Gorgeousness.


Hey Scott, I live in Texas too. I’d like to invite you to check out the Texas category of this website. :smile:


Hello everyone! I’m from Helsinki, Finland and I do believe I’m the first Finn to join the community :slight_smile: I haven’t done any political activism before, but I do give time to social volunteer work - helping out families in need, that sort of thing. Aside from working I spend my time at the gym, following current events and reading up on subjects relating to politics, sociology, history and philosophy. I’d like to consider myself a person who cannot simply watch suffering from the sidelines, someone who considers knowledge as a value in itself and knows there to be more to life than jealously guarding all the benefits of my immediate social circle and those of my nation or any other innate tribal construct.

I often feel more than simply a tinge of despair when I look upon the world. Regressive social attitudes, extremism born out of palpable despair and the human condition, the rich and powerful preying on global tragedy and helplessness in their power struggles and petty regional politics. The ones who could do something to change all this lulled into a deep, nigh-comatose slumber by the siren call of nihilistic consumption and the worship of self at the expense of others. It would seem as if the world is now going backwards in many aspects, rather than forth with any unifying cause or realization of human capability.

I suppose I see meritocracy as a possible way out of this. Power would no longer be concentrated in certain families or blocs through the unerring brute force of capital. As long as great care is taken in preventing the birth of a party elite and we keep in mind that all aspects of an ideology or party ABSOLUTELY MUST be open to honest, sometimes even brutal critique without any need to fear. Meritocracy, as far as I have read, seems to cope well with this fact. It also blends well with my personal philosophy and dream of human self-realization, a world full of educated individuals pursuing humanity’s common goals… Individuals free to pursue their own life goals and desires, choosing to contribute to the greater good of humanity as a whole rather than being intimidated or pressed into it. A human race eventually capable of forging itself into unity, giving itself the value and worth I know it deserves.

But enough of my needlessly grandiose, inane and nonsensical rambling! Since Finnish is my mother tongue and I am fluent in English at a professional level, I would be more than happy to do some translation work. I know it would make things a lot simpler if the FAQ, for instance, could be given in as many languages as possible and I’d have absolutely no problem helping out in that regard. In fact, I think I’ll make a post in the translator thread to sign up for duty :smiley:


A late welcome to both of you! Glad to have you guys on board :).


Hello everyone!

I am from Helsinki and after some years of different places I returned here. I intend to stay here in my home town from now on. My native language is Finnish, I also speak fluent English and have “very rusty” skills in German & Swedish.

Outside of my job (mon-fri 5.30am to 13.30pm) I do weightlifting and gymnastics in addition to meditation and some martial arts. Psychedelic trance culture is also a major part of me. I haven’t produced any sounds lately but I feel like that’s just about to begin again. I don’t really go to Finnish events anymore. Once a year I try to get abroad to a big outdoor festival to see people and dance.

I have been into politics for about two years now. Not actively in any party but going to different meetings and events. My ideals have been on the left even tough there was a period when I really tried to understand right wing politics so I adopted libertarian views. I ended up in conclusion that the more right one goes the more animalistic and selfish one becomes in political views. I was happy to find out about meritocracy which replaced communism/socialism as my political ideal. I didn’t become active in any left wing party because in my opinion they are doomed to carry the failure of communism and thus cannot really become succesful in shaping the society. So meritocracy took me out from the political dead end I had gotten into.

I don’t have any formal skills as in the jobs I have had any formal education would have been absolutely useless. Now that I’ve settled down I have been thinking about education. Mathematics (leading to physics) seems to be the most interesting option. Future tells if I ever will begin studies.
… actually I have a hygiene passport so I can be employed in environments with food or raw materials for foods etc. That’s official. As well as driver’s lisence for vans and smaller cars in addition to high school :stuck_out_tongue:

I would describe myself as energetic and determined with a strong sense of aesthetics. Meritocracy appeals to me as a way of deconstructing our more or less dysfunctional society that really needs renovation and building a better one.

I’d like to begin with locally contributing my time and energy. With the other member from Helsinki we could start promoting meritocracy here and eventually get a meritocratic party going in Finland.


Hey all, my name is Taylor Martin and I’ll preface my introduction by saying that it will be long. Meritocracy offers the groundwork for a community that I feel like I truly belong to and as such, is invaluable and inexpressibly meaningful to me. If there was ever a place to bear my soul, it is here, in front of the meritoriously minded individuals of the world. For those of you who take the time to read and begin to get to know me, I appreciate it and look forward to getting to know you as well.

Where are you from

I am from Bethesda, Maryland in the United States, a place that houses quite a few of the people we oppose. It is a suburban town just outside DC and is one of the most affluent and intellectual communities in the United States and we are known for our snobbiness. We like to say that anyone who is anyone in DC, lives in Bethesda,[or one of the surrounding affluent districts].

I was an accident child that came around before my Dad finished law school so I am not quite one of the trust fund baby 1%, but, because my Dad is extremely smart, hard working, and wise and as such he has become one of the top lawyers in his field and we have definitely built a life that is at least the top 5%. I have never needed anything and I was taught not to want for anything. I have had the best public schooling (our local public school system blows even some of the best private schools out of the water), enjoyed access to our nations capital (by that I mean, access to the knowledge prevalent in the city as well as dinner table access with many who make decisions), traveled, volunteered, gone to a great expensive private college, am highly intelligent, and really just grown up in an environment that has opportunities for everything.

And yet…I have grappled with a deep seated and abstract philosophical depression. I have spent much of my life teetering on the edge of Nihilism because how could I feel so negatively about the world when the entirety of the world environment that raised me is more than anything I could have needed? There was a time where everything felt meaningless.

I have an amazing family, truly one in a million. I was raised with love and discipline in such a way that I have become the person I am today. I am proud of myself and owe all of it to the wisdom and enablement of my family that shaped me into someone who can be productive, in all senses of the word. But I grew up with all types of really horrible families. If you ever have read the book “The Overachievers: The secret lives of driven kids” by Alexandra Robbins then you can get an understanding by what I mean. This book was written about my high school and I grew up with the people in that book along with countless other similar stories. The pressure to be, not just good, but the best, is incomparable and I am so thankful that my family is nothing like that.

Having a loving and supportive family that pushed me to do my best but accepted that I wanted to follow my own path has given me a very useful perspective on the so called ‘elite’. I got to watch the elite make other elites, rub shoulders and have dinner and make friends with them and ultimately my conclusion…its just abuse, plain and simple. I have friends who have broken down into full blown panic attack, end of the world sobs, post 16 years of age because they got a B+ on a 10 point homework assignment in a class where ALL the homework amounts to 5% of the overall grade because they were not just scared to show mommy and daddy (who may or may not beat, abuse, neglect, or verbally assault their child) but because their entire identity and life aspiration to be a lawyer/doctor/phd/politician/fortunee 500 is supposedly shattered in that moment of minute weakness. I mean it is truly a warped perspective that is prevalent in my hometown, and unfortunately, many of the decision making minds of America.

My perspective on where I am from, as it is surely a target for the redistribution of wealth, is this. People are good. Looking at my friends now 15-25 years later, some have grown into horrible exploiters, consciously or ignorantly, and some have grown into amazing and altruistic talents…ALL started off as good kids, nice kids with hopes and dreams to save the world and do good things. Somewhere along the line they lost interest in helping the world or they grew a false understanding on what actually makes the world a better place.

Escaping the influence of a misguided family is near impossible, and never having anything but positive experiences with my family, I can forgive a lot of the ‘bad’ people in the world as just having a less than beneficial childhood. I am able to see how the institutionalized inequality, violence, and exploitation is manifest in the world by growing the mechanisms/people for such a system by the technique called raising a child poorly. Its all really that simple to me.

Hopefully through my introduction it will be apparent that I have escaped such an environment as a unique and beneficial identity, as opposed to a perpetuation of the same system that made that environment.

Where do you live

This is somewhat complicated. I am currently at home in Bethesda to see some doctors with regard to a recent psychological collapse. I have had quite a few traumatic brain injuries in my life and, probably for the rest of my life, cope with several neurological symptoms. This isn’t as dramatic as it sounds as I ultimately can manage everything by a regimented lifestyle that requires me to be disciplined with my diet and my sleep cycle.

So pre-current-collapse but post-college-graduation I worked in South Africa doing Great White shark conservation research (side bar, everyone should help out the sharks too, amazing creatures). When my time ran up there I got a “good” job in Bethesda with a nice fancy title doing strategic regulatory consulting for pharmaceuticals, bio medical devices, and companion diagnostics. I lasted about 6 months before I quit because omg is that a horribly boring and ultimately useless profession.

Right as I quit that job my friend got transferred down to South Florida, and expressing his concern about being depressed about not knowing anyone, I volunteered to go with him. So I did, packed up my clothes and lived on his living room floor for the last year. I spent the first 6 months down there teaching martial arts at night and marine biology to kids during the day. Ultimately my bosses were quite arbitrary and had personalities that I find incompatible. I also was not making enough money to start up anything I wanted to to really start becoming a meaningful influence. I looked for another corporate job with the idea I could bite my tongue and just fast track my career to make enough money to make a change…naive and inefficient I suppose.

I got one doing pharmaceutical marketing at a top tier company in Miami. Holy fuck they don’t make wealth inequality like they do in Miami. I just couldn’t do it. And I want you to understand fully what I mean.

The very nature of the lifestyle and ultimate ideology of living/working in such a place/position is opposite to my intrinsic psychological and spiritual needs. The schedule was not conducive to me taking care of my brain the way I needed to and I collapsed, most likely as a direct result of getting this new job and less directly as a result of my brain reaching critical mass of knowledge.

Probably because of my personal quest to understand the illuminati and ancient wisdom they hold (I am very interested in learning how to die). I think a lot of us found our way here through the Armageddon Conspiracy website/texts and I am no different, but for me that was just the next bit of information in a long life of experience and searching. My personal hobby aside, in the last year I have, often personally, and mostly through the deepweb, traveled down all the rabbit holes I could find, all the way down to the point where atrocity itself was right in front of my eyes, touchable, and horrifying. I have since made peace with such things, but the initial confrontations were nothing short of traumatic.

When I came across the Armageddon website it was after coming across many, many other sources (I’m talking tens of thousands of pages of reading), many convincing, all claiming one thing or another. As much as I can respect secrecy, it is a concept that I have struggled to accept as I believe in overt and radical honesty. I trust the faculties of my mind and therefore can discern truth and falsehoods or indistinguishable information as I encounter it and thus can explore the world of secret society with an open mind.

Regardless of the esoteric interests I have, this website offered me Meritocracy. A concept I have often thought about. I often spend time thinking about if I ran the world, and with my maturity and understanding of, well, reality, has come my belief in Meritocracy. I just didn’t have a name for it until finding the Armageddon Conspiracy. If I’m honest, I haven’t even started reading the book yet and I’m only about 3/4ths the way through the website itself, but that doesn’t matter because that website, and subsequent forum I find you all here, has offered me something I have never encountered in all my years of research (this is significant because what I like to do in my free time is research sooo I’ve done a lot of it).

What it has shown me is rationale truth to support their claims and to link the common denominators of history, religion, science, and philosophy in a logical and rational way. It thus far has linked together…everything that concerns all aspects of my/our mind. It is rationale truth and a community interested in truth that I have been lacking when it comes to much of my research and my interaction with society itself. All questions have truths and all brains can discern truth and my truth is simple.

I need to be involved with Meritocracy to feel like I am living a meaningful life. It is the only movement I have encountered that can/will shift society into a new era of enlightened society in a realistic and viable manner. It can be done so it should and as to where I live now…

I’m going back to Florida because it makes financial sense for me at the moment, I have a girl whom I love there, and I don’t think its a coincidence that I have found this forum and that one of the few American threads is from Florida.

So now, bethesda, near future, Florida, most likely outside Tampa.

Have you been involved in politcal activism? Other volunteer activities?

Formally, absolutely not. My experience has taught me that the majority of the people who are capable of and who actually do make decisions look down on most of the forms of political activism. Things like protesting and petitions and the like are often laughed at by elected individuals. I know because I’ve been there and had these conversations and experienced what its like to mention x, y, and z political movements to x, y, and z politician and to have them shoot down the entire ideology and methodology, ultimately because of their own poor thinking/perspective. This translates to an ineffective way to manifest change and so I have never jumped on any band wagons.

I have always been a fan of direct action but sadly its hard to do those types of things without getting into some kind of trouble. In truth, a lot of the most ambitiously effective direct action plots would be considered terrorism and to get involved would be to doom myself to ineffectiveness.

That being said, growing up I have spray painted speed camera signs that are privately owned and generate revenue for private companies as well as the government. I have point blank told some VERY important people that they can fuck themselves and should be made to suffer all the suffering that exists in the world, and other such defiant victim less crimes and interactions.

But no, never formally been involved in any movement, charity, ngo, non profit, activist group or anything related as anything short of a complete overhaul of human psychology and global governmental structure and practices is inadequate and a distraction. Maybe not true, but its how I feel. Meritocracy offers a path to those goals.

So as of this introduction, I am politically active with Meritocracy.

I have volunteered for several such band aid cause throughout school, and been president of many clubs, but nothing outside the academic sphere.

What is your native language?

English. I have learned french and russian but am so far out of practice that I wouldnt even classify myself as semi-fluent. But grammatically its all still there, so living in either one of those countries could have me fluent within a matter of months.

What formal skills do you posses? What personal qualities do you highlight in yourself?

Well I was a triple major in college in biology (emphasis on synthetic genetics/genetic engineering) , psychology (emphasis on personality/social psych), and russian language (emphasis on getting to know russian woman :slight_smile: ).

I have extensive lab experience both at school and at the National Institute of Health, including designing and implementing my own research track in an attempt to create a novel probiotic.

I have, technically, 3 black belts but am very proficient in martial arts as an entity. It is through motion and violence that I have come to understand energy and communication respectively.

I have worked extensively with kids, both academically and in sport.

Every major job title I have had has included the word researcher in it. I can research and learn and express myself confidently.

I have run out of fear. Through one accidental and one purposeful ego death experience and a lifetime of putting myself into every situation I possibly could to make me feel a little bit of adrenaline, I can confidently say that I can not imagine a situation that causes me to experience fear in a debilitating manner. Thus I say I have no phobia, and fear is a minor influence. Fear, like all emotions except for love, does not dictate my decision making. I think it is rationale to act from a point of emotional love and my family has been a model that has taught me how to love unconditionally.

What is your understanding of meritocracy and why does it interest you?

Well without repeating the definitions and essays I would hope we have all read, Meritocracy is one of the most viable and realistic methods to facilitate the transition to global unity and to begin enabling humanity to reach its ultimate potential.

As I am not a member of the illuminati nor have I figured out the grail quest independent of initiation in such secret knowledge I cannot pretend that I know what that ultimate potential is. I do know that science has caught up to the understandings of philosophy/religion and that there are several significant scientific discoveries and rational theory that makes all religion, esoterica, paranormal, psychic, and magical/mythological possible within the confines of our reality/universe.

Meritocracy offers a platform to build a world that is capable of enabling society to learn truth and to make all truth self evident from birth.

It also represents a peaceful transition. I have spent much of my life very angry, even spiteful and it has been a challenge for me not to support just killing all the bad guys. I have since grown out of that mentality but looking at the world, it is hard to see many effective outlets for global change that manifests change within my lifetime. Meritocracy is such an effective outlet and this is how I have come to understand it.

I guess you could call me a true believer, except all my beliefs are backed by data, the scientific method, and championed by the ideals of preserving and enabling life.

Meritocracy is my path, for sure. I have developed something of a complex with society that no drug or therapy could begin to remedy. My remedy is the success (or failure) or meritocracy, either way, its the right thing to do.

How would you ideally like to contribute? What can you do immediately?

Oh dear, I have already been so long winded. I have several ideas that I think will contribute but ideally, I just want to contribute. I am a team player as much as I am an individual and I would love to participate in all facets of the movement. There is a place for all aspects of knowledge to benefit meritocracy and a thousand ways to incorporate a thousand things and my ADHD compels me to be involved with all of it.

Realistically, I am quite interested in developing a meritocratic business model. I am currently writing up a proposal that consolidates all my ideas into a business model that I can pitch to some investors to get started. My challenge is in explaining that I am not interested in profit but rather in the destruction of currency itself. Personally, I have little faith in political methodology and don’t participate.

I think America is much more influenced by capitalism than politics and I have been racking my brain trying to think of a way to realistically get rid of it. In short, the current path our country is on and the level of ingrained capitalistic thinking that is pertinent in literally 99% of the people I have ever interacted with, even those who claim to be against capitalism, ensures that we can not get rid of capitalism as we know it. The scars of this disastrous ideology will be with humanity for many many years.

But I do have an idea! Capitalism will inevitably fail. We know this because of math, our past, and our leadership. When it does fail will be the time to rebuild something new and many fear that that “new age” will just be an extrapolation of current capitalism into a global unified old world order government. So lets accelerate that process and then offer an alternative to the old world thinking.

We can stress capitalism to its breaking point, force the collapse, and rather than turning to the UN or other global governing entity infected with old world ideology, have systems/models/communities in place that demonstrate where capitalism went wrong and offer solutions that prevent humanity from falling into the same pitfalls.

This is a VERY rough draft, look for me in the Florida threads for a post of a more detailed plan. But this is what I think is possible and what I would love to start doing today. I want to start a company whose business it is to make industry itself obsolete, eventually leading to the idea of personal profit being obsolete as well. It works like this.

We have the technology and knowledge to take every individual off the grid and alleviate their dependence on municipal government. So we create self sustainable, green, carbon negative technology in any given industry, the kinds of technology that gives you an edge over the traditional dominating force within that industry, and then you open source it. Not quite like Mr. Musk but rather by overtly releasing all of our business strategy.

I have yet to lock this down into a succinct train of thought so bear with me. I imagine starting a re-purposing company that is ultimately geared towards re-purposing society through community development.

So the tiny house movement, earth ships, eco tree houses, shipping container houses and other such sustainable DIY housing plans are already out there and working and cheap. So we create, for example a tiny house development (because you can make a tiny house that is completely self sustaining for about 25k or a shipping container house for less than 50k) that offers people a way out of debt faster than a mortgage.

The way I see it is there is a box, and there are people in the box who have been disillusioned and seek an alternative box to step out of, and there are also people who have been forced out of the box, like the homeless, who seek nothing more than to get back into the box and reconnect.

This creates both a market (people who are spent and just want to heal) and a labor force (people who just want to work and earn their place) interested in an alternative box to live in.

Now we can create hydroponic gardens for any number of crops in a shipping container attached to a rain water collection unit that effectively will create a self sustaining, and essentially free crop production. Recycled rain water, optimum nutrients, insect pesticides and true organic farming with all modern tech.

So I imagine that I can take a farm and exponentially increase its production as well as create continuous optimum growing conditions year round (particularly in a place like florida). All that is required is people to pick and maintain the crops, a minimum wage job if there ever was one, and who is more than happy to take a minimum wage job, the homeless and impoverished.

There are places called tent cities (see documentaries on netflix) where the homeless establish their own government and self regulate their society. Currently there are activist groups helping them to get jobs and representation. I want to give them (the meritorious homeless) a shipping container house or a tiny house as part of working for me. Part of their salary will go towards paying off the structure automatically and they will be living right near where they work, so no need to really have anything else as these structures take care of individual needs.

Other like minded people can buy their own house and live in the community as well. I would set up an earthship community center and offer free office space to meritorious non profit causes. The technology I would use, that exists, is the kind that actively contributes to nature instead of being a detriment like keeping a bee hive. This can pollinate my crops as well as the nature around me for example. There would be community space for arts and activity that enable people instead of limit them.

I would design the optimal conditions for optimal crops and I would start with growing the most expensive crops. Then I would follow walmart and undercut the hell out of everyone, particularly walmart. Im basically copying them but instead of securing cheap and crappy quality, I would focus on designing the best/optimum products and sell them at whatever the wholesale rate is, as ideally, I would be able to create a system that really is super cheap if not free to maintain.

I, as the CEO, would be required to be transparent. I am perfectly comfortable putting my bank accounts and financial interactions 100% in the public eye to ensure I follow the rules and ideology I claim to support. The solution that I am offering is a radical restructuring corporate culture in a way that requires transparency and minimalism. As I have mentioned in another post, I think Meritocracy needs to champion trust. I think the world fails because it is so hard to trust the world.

So I offer a company whose philosophical purpose is truly to establish trust with leadership. I do this by maximum honesty and transparency. So we design an app, or a computer program or a new kind of bank that I can register as a CEO. And as a CEO I am entitled to be the decision making head of the company but I am not entitled to anything else. In fact, I know that sitting back and making decisions (when they dont directly involve life and death) is far easier than most of the lowest paid jobs so I get the lowest salary. Ill live and support myself by the success or failure of my company. I can get my products free, which is why I want to focus on housing a farming first. I’ll feed myself and live in one of the houses we make but beyond that, I get the lowest salary. Realistically I want to have some money to do things before this model becomes viral but I forsee a day when I can have NO salary. Regardless I would never get something as ridiculous as a bonus.

All of the money goes towards paying the workers, first and foremost. This will be reasonable salaries on par with whatever the national average is, but they get discounted products from the company, which first produces housing and food. I have also seen an idea where the pay scale per month is directly proportional to the profits of the month and I’m open to exploring these kinds of alternative pay scales.

As we undercut industries for particular products, either forcing them out of business or to adopt our green sustainable technology and price guide, we can modify the economics to gain some kind of profit. That profit never goes to things like bonuses but exclusively to research and development. Intelligent growth being the purpose of making money in the first place.

The idea is to create a self generating and self sustaining business model that inverts profit incentive and designs a system that holds the leadership accountable for their ideals. So as the leader/ceo, I forfeit my privacy. This is a small price to pay when you consider the amount of power and influence really successful companies wield. If I make it to that level then that is payment enough. The knowledge that I can manifest my ideas in the most streamlined manner is worth all the bonus check of a life time. THAT is the incentive to be a leader.

If you want to make money then you can work for me because I will pay you competitively and even could offer lower leadership positions with a relatively high salary. But you will not work for me with any other incentive other than to drastically accelerate your freedom from debt.

Effectively the company will be something, that by its nature and design, will offer customers an accelerated chance to be debt free and employees an accelerated chance to be debt free. Because the company is effectively a community and its business is to create community, then the customers and employees will be living together with like minds and the profits of the company go towards creating the non-profit community center (for example, many other ideas) or artist enclaves or whatever, so that once one is debt free then one can pursue their passions, ideally free, realistically for a drastically reduced fee compared to other businesses.

This freedom I think will go viral. We can demonstrate free and self sustaining community, trust worthy leadership that doesn’t require trust to see, and showcase the talent that comes out of free people enabled to pursue their passions.

AGH! I’m sorry I ranted and I know this is a terribly inadequate explanation of my idea. As I said, I havent consolidated the entire plan on paper yet, but when I do, this forum will be where I post it first. I welcome help and guidance and definitely investment. But I truly and viably think we can use capitalism to kill and replace capitalism. If we are clever then we can do it without the old world order really knowing whats going on because, except for the management getting paid the lowest, it conforms to capitalist cutthroat ideology.

What it takes to work is true believers, like myself, who are interested in change over profit.

Anyway, my eyes hurt and I don’t want to extrapolate more on my ideas or myself so I hope I’ve given you an idea of both. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. I have way more to say and I look forward to further participation and discussion.

Let’s fix the world already, we absolutely can, its just a matter of follow through.

EDIT: I also want to come up with a fantasy football style game that focuses on TEDsters instead of athletes. But I havent thought that through yet.

Getting Started

Hi my name is Manuel Moreno Im from el paso Tx and I don’t have a long speech or anything but just wanted to introduce myself to the group. Funny thing is I had basically came to came to the conclusion that a meritocracy would be a superior form of government system compared to a purely democratic one before I knew such a party existed. I agree with alot of the tenets your party promotes and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make Meritocracy a REALITY! I believe that IF rightly implemented Meritocracy will definitely be an important and essential factor in creating ideal human beings LET’S DO THIS!!!


I Azageis –
– The Searcher, Bard and Benefactor, the Twice-Born Rebel, Defender of Beggars, Whores and Gypsies, The Alarm Clock without a Snooze Function , have finally entered the court of Meritocrats!

Alright, a tad flamboyant, I know, but let’s not lose sight of spirit and pathos! I suppose you all had better get used to it…

Thirty-something winters of age – bartender, philosopher, drunkard, poet, musician, proud Dionysian and soon to be father … I think I can hear her or him humming “Guns of Brixton” and “La Marsaillaise” inside that tummy)

It takes all kinds, friends!

I am not a rational being by nature - rather poetically rational- but know perfectly well its implications are of paramount importance for this Spaceship Earth and all her little creepy-crawly passengers. I am constantly trying to improve my own outlook and actions. Most of my time is spent catching up on history, philosophy, geometry, psychology, myth, music, cocktail recipies, sketching and in general contemplating ®evolution.

Examples of my heroes are Robin Hood, Charles Chaplin, Dionysus, Bill Hicks, Socrates and Federico Fellini, but I keep altars to many many many more…

I trust this will do as a brief introduction? I don’t care much for reciting my curriculum vitae. It’s mostly just a list of bars anyway…

I will, however, state that my presence is likely to be much as a Devils Advocate, in order to root out any faults or weaknesses in this fine movement, and I hope you all will see through this veil onto my true and honorable intentions.Your introductions have presented you all as fine people!

Let’s remember; we are custodians of this Meritocratic principle, not it’s tyrants, nor its dictators!

Be well, friends, and promise me you’ll eat something fine today, shed a toast to Dionysus and leave a copper piece or two to the next busker you see…

Be seeing you –

I. Azageis


My name is Sumeet and I’m from Mumbai, India. I’m doing a bachelor’s in IT and live in my university’s hostel currently. I spend my free time on wikipedia, playing computer games or listening to metal, blues or experimental music. I’ve never been involved in any political activism, but I always try to teach meritocracy to friends. I can speak fluent English, Hindi, my mother tongue Marathi, and I learnt French in school but I’m a bit rusty there. I support meritocracy because how things are in the world currently seems unfair to me. I’m trying to form a group so that we can do something concrete.
It’s nice to see a proper and civilized community like this.
Thank you.


Join me at the Texas Meritocracy category:


Hello fellow Meritocrats!

My name is Will. I live in the UK, in Lincolnshire.

My journey to Meritocracy came about from my total disillusionment from working in a dead end job with no sense of meaning, purpose, excitement or fulfilment. I am sure many of you may have been in similar positions in the past. As you’ll know, it is a soul destroying position to be in.

I made the decision to quit my job and go back to university at the age of 24 to study Psychology. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only am I engaged in a subject that I feel completely passionate about, my life now has purpose and meaning. I am in a place now where I couldn’t care less about the accumulation of wealth for happiness. I just want to contribute something valuable. This will of course catch up on my in the current world we live in. We need money to survive.

I believe the changes we all want to see happen in the world will come about from a psychological revolution, unlike the violent revolutions throughout history that were motivated by the need to survive. Indeed, the French people were starving to death prior to the French revolution! There is a reason depression seems to be at an all time high around the world. There is only so much of working 9-5 in a “shades of grey” job a person can take. My view is that these people (and there are many) need something else to latch onto, an alternative to their current reality, as if to say “this isn’t all there is. We can do so much more with our lives”. I think Meritocracy can provide that alternative.

What do you guys think?

Anyway, I’ve started writing some psychological based articles challenging the standards we are used to accepting in our lives in the hope of adding to the meritocratic narrative. If anyone would like to take a look, add suggestions, modify them in any way I’d be happy to upload them onto a relevant feed/ place?

Also, if anyone is in the Lincoln area, I’d love to meet up and have a chat about meritocracy and what ideas we could share?

All the best



Welcome aboard to the recent newcomers!

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It’s a breath of fresh air to find a community such as this one that aims to strike at the very core of systematic injustice and more importantly create a Meritocratic system that supports the advancement of the human race. By way of introduction I’m a native New Yorker currently residing in Long Island, a recent college graduate with a business degree and a Master’s of Taxation, but most importantly a critically thinking individual who craves knowledge and who wants, more than anything else, a just, humane, and rational world that gives each person the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

I experienced an exponential change in thought patterns from propagandized thinking to freethinking throughout college aided by the works of Ancient Greek and enlightenment philosophers, and culminating with studying the most impressive display of knowledge and freethinking I’ve ever been exposed to at the armageddonconspiracy site, which, in my search for the truth, led me to the idea of Meritocracy.

I have rather limited experience in political activism for the simple reason that no politician in my area has ever presented revolutionary ideas to end systematic injustice and economic exploitation. They are status quo career politicians with whom I won’t waste my time working with.

A few skills that are relevant to this endeavor: public speaking skills (member of a public speaking organization where I delivered 10 speeches on topics related to human nature and the state of the world), writing for persuasion, extensive knowledge of the U.S. tax system and loopholes that elites created and exploit to plunder the US tax base, and accounting skills (passed the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam).

The one quality I prize over any other is my mind. Not so much my innate intelligence, but my ability to learn, my desire to know the truth, and my ability to accept new ideas when sufficient evidence is presented, even when it means old ones must be discarded.

My understanding of Meritocracy is that of a system of government whereby the most competent, most knowledgeable and most capable of solving societies problems are elected to positions of power. The end game of such a system to create a society by which every citizen is afforded an optimal environment to grow up and thrive in advancing in life as far as their merits and talents take them.

Since finding someone in person with such desires and ideas expressed above is akin to finding a unicorn, at the present time I’ll do whatever is takes to get this off the ground in my area and find the necessary people to make this change come to reality.

Immediately, I can assist in the dialectical refinement of issues Meritocracy faces and writing on topics related to Meritocracy.

I envision connecting the brightest minds in society to support this endeavor consequently igniting the spark for widespread societal change.

Looking forward to collaborating with this revolutionary community.


My name is Johnathan. I’m from Texas. When I find free time I pick a subject, read about it, form an opinion, and then I research material that argues with what I’ve found. I believe quantum physics will be my next venture. I have no previous direct involvement in political activism nor any volunteer activities that require mention.
My native language is English.
I was in the U.S. Army for ten years as a BlackHawk mechanic/doorgunner/crew chief. I revised rigging procedures for the UH-60 as a young man. I familiarized myself with the military supply system. I’ve been trained in safety, environmental compliance, mine sweeping, as an armorer and a few other tasks. I recently acquired my CDL-A and am using it for professional means. I’ve often been accused of being a writer though it is untrue. I simply write when I feel something must be said.
I’m protective, impractically. I can be walked all over and hold no ill regard. However, those close to me cannot be mistreated. I’m loyal to an absolute fault. By most definition I am a psychopath. I am charming and extremely persuasive and will use those traits to achieve what I believe to be right. Therefore I have rationalized that the id and superego can have a synergistic effect if controlled. I enjoy fitness mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually. I learn quickly. I enjoy people and I am extremely open-minded. Your beliefs are correct to you the way mine are to me. Let’s discuss them without taking offense. :smile: I have very little, 11th grade, institutional education. My strongest trait is that I am extremely unassuming.
Meritocracy wishes to take the self-entitled out of power and replace them with subject matter experts for their particular fields.
Ideally? I’m not quite sure how I would like to contribute. I will continue reading and see how my mind wraps around this all.
The only practical means I see presently are to share my thoughts on meritocracy with my social circle and encourage them to do the same.


My name is Tanvir, i am from Darjeeling,India.Currently i am residing in Bangalore, India. i like spending my freetime playing guitar, studing about the past, ganining knowledge, playing football .
i was not involved in any party or organisation till now but after knowing the objectives of the Meritocracy party, it pulled me towards it, i hope i will become a good activist and bring some change.
As you know India has many languages but i m good in English, Hindi, Nepali, Bengali and Nagamese .
I have skills of an entrepreneur , bike stunts and few more wink i am a graduate in genetics,
I was THE COMPANY SENIOR UNDER OFFICER of NCC 9KAR. Battalion . I have trained around more than 500 cadets.
Presently i am working as the COO of a trading company.

Well Meritocracy is the organisation or the place where i can make my dreams come true ( the dream of peace,equality and truth)
I can contribute anything of mine that can be beneficial for mankind.

Rest i wont tell You will discover about me…


Hello and welcome @pmagus1 @eachofusagod @tanvir16! We’re glad to have you guys here.

      Hi everyone my name is Dellroy, and I live in New York city. I graduated from a vocational high school and I became a certified aviation maintenance technician. I remember that I wanted more knowledge so I went to college to do engineering but I switch to Business Administration and I only completed half of the degree then I dropped out because I lost my job.
       I grew up as a devout Christian but over the years I found out that it wasn't healthy for me so I have abandoned it. I have spent countless hours searching the web for websites like this one, I would say that my hobby is analyzing data, and I think I would make a good recruiter.


Tex, welcome!


Welcome @Tex_Rey!


Hello there, my name is Erica and I’m from Staffordshire in the UK. I have been taking some time to read up on some of the other introductions here, I feel I’m in good company.

Well where do I start? I guess I don’t need to try and bore everyone by rambling, especially as I plan to be quite active here so will no doubt get to know everyone in more detail in the future.

I have more than likely been brought to this path like most others here. Basically, life as we are living it, is not working…politically, morally, economically and so forth. I genuinely fear for future generations and I can not have it on my conscience that I did nothing. So I’m in this for the long haul, as there is no going back to a prelearned state. I am really interested in getting Societies and the general public starting to grasp the Meritocratic concepts, on levels that they can actually relate with. I want to help bridge the gap from Present State to our Future Goals as there has to be transitions. Maybe my creative side and knowledge of most Social Media platforms will help here? People need visual stimulation, a module of living that they can actually base their lives on (before starting to getting involved with decision making and taking control themselves) else they are never going to trust in the bigger pictures and will remain isolated and continually making bad future decisions.

I look forward to working with you all side by side…


Ps. I am a INFP personality type.