Introduce yourself


Hello. My name is Vijay. I’m from the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. I am a twenty year old male of Indian background and my MBTI type is INFJ.

What do I do? Right now, really not much. I’m on vacation at the moment. Visiting my sister and her husband and my newly born nephew. I return home in about a week. And I face an uncertain future. I don’t have a job. I’m ostensibly an Arts student at the University of New South Wales. However I grew sick of the contemporary tertiary education experience and deferred my last semester. Now I’m not sure if I want to go back to uni, but I’m not sure if I have much of a choice in the matter. I already owe probably in the region of $10,000 to the government in study loans. So I may as well make that debt count and finish off my degree…

I plan to transfer unis and courses, however. I’m currently studying to major in history, and whilst I love that subject and always will, over the past few months it has come to my attention just how fake it is, and how easy it is for the historical narrative to be hijacked by agenda-driven people. With that in mind, I intend to start over with a major in psychology.

Hopefully a change of scene will stiffen my resolve to finish off my tertiary education.

I spend my spare time doing a lot of things, chiefly, smoking a lot of cannabis, and listening to music. None of my interests are really all that productive, I suppose, aside from a passion for reading. And I want to change that. I want to start contributing but the truth is I have absolutely no idea where and how to begin. This little stumbling block has left me crippled for the past several months and I am just so glad to have found this place, where I can at least debate these issues with people who know what’s up. That alone has been the source of much consternation to me these past six months: nobody I know, physically and virtually, is into meritocracy and related ideals at all. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to finally start discussing things with other people, if nothing else.

I have never been involved in any form of activism, nor in volunteering activities. English is my first language, and I can speak a bit of Tamil, too. I do not possess any formal, worthwhile qualifications. Of course I’ve got the pointless, inane shit like a driver’s licence and a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate; but nothing really of significant, substantial value. But where I lack formal recognition and training, I think I more than make up for with raw talent and an eagerness to learn and develop and contribute. I’m an excellent writer. I make a very good confidant and counsellor. I’m also a good strategist in my own way, although these strategies tend to be more focused on identifying prime locations to deal drugs and ambush people. Not that I’m into these sorts of things, I just excel at identifying places where law enforcement can’t get at you easily. I also love learning new things, am self-motivated and… fuck, this is like I’m applying for a job so I’m just going to stop here.

My interest in meritocracy is an evolved one. As long as I have had political consciousness, I have always been of the opinion that the status quo, capitalist liberal democracy, is utter rubbish and must be replaced as soon as possible. I first came across communism when I was seventeen, in studying history at high school. We spent an entire semester on the Russian Revolution and on a personality study of Leon Trotsky. I was a firm communist up until this year, when I first started developing my own independent ideas. Foremost among them was this intuitive realisation that the entirety of human society, communist, capitalist, and whatever else; effectively resembled a beehive or an ant colony. The many work for the benefit of the lone Queen. But we are humans, not ants or bees. We chafe at the cruelty of this situation. We cannot blindly obey. I thought a good way of solving this would be to computerise the entire labour force, so that there can no longer be any more worker bees. So that we would all be Queens. Then I stumbled across the AC website, watched the Zeitgeist films, and all that good stuff. And meritocracy is simply a refined and developed version of what I had thought up of. This is why it appeals to me - in my heart, I know it to be true, because I came to the idea myself. Nobody introduced it to me. It all came from within.

As for my contribution - I really don’t know where to begin. I have tried to spread these ideas around as best I can, but nobody within my circles seem receptive. I also started writing a book but then abandoned that project because I’m not as good as I like to think I am. I am hoping that my membership of this forum will aid my development as an individual and a meritocrat, and will also help me form connections with fellow meritocrats, that we may coordinate our moves.


Hello to all,
My name is David, I was born and raised in Utah USA. I spend my time creating music (or what I call mugic, music magic), writing my philosophies, creating a pure system of psychology, building a scientific religion, and gaining knowledge. I have never been involved in politics as of yet(besides voting…not for Oboma ha), I am 20 years old and have been studying meritocracy for only a little while now. However, I shall put forth my full effort into enlightening the world to meritocracy and evolving the human race towards a new world order. I have gathered a small peer group of enlightened minds who wish to bring down the old world and elevate humanity to a divine state. We are motivated and engaged, doing everything within our power to overcome the darkness and let the light of logic shine. I am a leader and I know that the world lies in the fate of our hands, each and everyone of us. We will prevail, it is only a matter of time. The more effort we put into this cause, the stronger and quicker we achieve the ultimate effect. I know that we are all part of the same being, and I see meritocracy as the stepping stone for humanity to unite as one with the All. Ideally, I would like to start a solid meritocracy party here in the united states and help bring it into the light as a mainstream political party. To help put power into the hands of the people, so we can start a revolution that changes the world. Immediately, I will spread the word of meritocracy and open up my peers minds, so we as a whole can bring the dawn of a new age. I will better myself with knowledge so I can obtain the wisdom to achieve my full potential in this corrupt world. As well as utilities this website for everything it is worth, along with other websites I have come across.
Thank you


Where are you from?

Hello, my name is Jae Hong, I’m 23 years old from South Korea

Where do you live?

I spent 15 years of my life in Italy. Currently I am back to Korea, serving in the military (compulsory for two years)

How do you like to spend your free time?

Physical activities (Gym), studying (my major interests are in Philosophy, Economy, Politics, but I am very interested in Psychology, Cosmology and Metaphysics as well),

Have you been involved in any political activism?

I wasn’t because I thought I was alone and this war seemed lost to me (war against the overthrow of status quo and against the uncontrolled capitalism and free market), but recently I realized I wasn’t alone, that many other people around the world are facing the same problem, the same uphill battle I am facing, in the same (or worse) conditions, and that if I fail, if the candle inside me turns off I will lose the chance to pass the light and ignite others and I can’t afford afford the luxury of defeat.
Things are changed, and this is why I joined the site.

Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities?

Not yet.

What’s your native language?

Korean, Italian native language, I can speak English, and I am studying Swedish

What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise?

I was studying Economics, but I didn’t get my bachelor yet because of the military! (after I end my service I will finish my studies!)

What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself?

I can’t explain it well, but I understand the “feelings” of other people I am talking to, as if those feelings are my own, and get in pathos with them very well. But at same time I know how to get “separated” from those feelings and therefore I can use it as I like (not always, but I most of the times). It’s like I create a sort of link with the other person. Feelings I can’t manage to control during this link are Shyness and Rage, but I can manage all the rest.
It’s a good thing if used properly but I also came to realize this trait I have is also very dangerous.

What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?

In a small scale, you obtain rights to do more things ( be it “right to vote”, if you show that you have the knowledge and brain to participate in a political matter, not like today’s democracy where everyone have right to vote just as they turn 18, or “right to raise children” if you show that you have the knowledge to raise children properly etc etc"), in a bigger scale, that you earn and get what you deserve.
This is purely fantastic, in this way we can make the human society perfect, if you want something you have to show your merits and knowledge in a certain XX field, and since it is in human nature to "want be the best, strive to become the top (the initial capitalism’s fuel to progress) if we make a society where we can guide people to concentrate and focus on what they like, humanity will progress drastically and exponentially in no time in every field.

How would you ideally like to contribute? What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?

I will study and read a lot topics in this site, assimilate them, understand them, remove the negative and improve the positive, try to make them better and better, and join in discussions, and contribute to make the future better. You, and the World will hear my voice.


hey everyone,am Omkar. I’m from India… I am completing my graduate degree from IIT Roorkee.i’m
21.I spend my most of my time reading and for past 6 month i have been reading AC site and
books.Almost all of my question were answered! it was unbelievable!!
Unfortunately for last time i found the website too late.First movement was closed down.I am really
glad i made it this time.
I was never involved in politics before cause i never agreed with any party!! all i saw was corrupt
politicians looking after their own interests.But i must say its been only 6 hours and i already feel
i belong here.I am interested in politics,psychology,philosophy,maths,physics,religion,economics
and law.I always thought i am all alone.
as for languages i am good in English,Hindi,Marathi and i can understand Sanskrit.
As you’ve probably guessed i am an INTJ. The only box that fits me!.I have a cynical worldview
thats why i believe in realpolitik. i never get feel gooders and hippies.These people never
understand reality!! I HATE Gandhi. and his stupid policy of non- violence.I think french
revolution was most enlightened event in modern history!
I really look forward to work with all of you.


P.S. thanks @Roberto great job man!


My name’s Arvind and I reside in Bangalore, India

I have recovered from Psychological Trauma last year after leaving a Startup job where I have been working as a computer programmer for the past 4 years.

Currently I am working as Interactive Developer at Echidna, Inc.

I am an INTJ Personality Type. I am very reclusive and investigative in nature. I am interested in creating and installing 3D geometric objects like these which will help to raise the planet’s vibrations:

I am eclectic-autodidact. I am still in the process of learning. In my free time, I make inspirational videos, prime my brain(through sacred geometry), eat healthy superfoods and plant-based foods, share socially awakening ideas on Social Network.

I speak English, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil. I am also learning German in my free time.

I am willing to contributing my talents and becoming a Pioneer by realizing Meritocracy’s mission and vision.


This is a very belated post but I wanted to give a hearty welcome to everyone who has introduced themselves on here recently! Thank you for joining the community and I look forward to getting things done together.

@Erica Where in Staffordshire are you in? The UKMP is planning on contesting elections wherever it can - with the goal of winning at least 1 political seat (ambitious enough considering we’re a handful of people and have just started out). Have you checked out

@freddie_kane Have you thought about contributing to We sorely need active writers! And from what you’ve said you enjoy writing and it’s a perfect way to get started.

@ViLLaNNbOddE Have you already started spreading the word locally? What has been people’s reaction so far?

@Phoenix I look forward to seeing you around the site! I understand you might not have much time to contribute due to the compulsory military service.

@omkar_mahajan Which degree are you studying at IIT Roorkee?

@Al_Khem666 Which programming languages do you know?

Thanks again for being here guys. Any time and effort that you can contribute most definitely helps.


I know how to program in PHP, Drupal 6, HTML and CSS. I have 3 Yrs experience in handling Drupal projects. My software domain skills are ERP, E-learning and E-Commerce.

Looking forward to collaborating with this revolutionary community.


Good afternoon Roberto, thanks for the welcome post. I’m currently living in Stoke-on-Trent and I presume I’m the only Meritocrat in my locality? I had briefly visited UKMP but I’ve just been back on to register and follow via my social network accounts. Is there anything I can do to help at present?


@Al_Khem666 Awesome, I’ll probably be asking you for help on our websites from time to time if that’s all right and if you’re up for it :).

@Erica Yes, I think you’re the only one at this stage. There’s plenty to do, but it all depends on how involved you want to be. For example, would you want to articulate and promote Meritocratic Democracy in Stoke-on-Trent? I.e., do you want to be the mover-and-shaker for that area?


Thank you, Roberto. I am very happy to work on the website.


[quote=“Roberto, post:74, topic:34”]
Have you thought about contributing to We sorely need active writers! And from what you’ve said you enjoy writing and it’s a perfect way to get started.[/quote]

I would love to write, but I’m not entirely sure what topics would prove suitable. I would above all like to see meritocracy develop in my country and for that reason if I were to write for the main site, I would really appreciate it if I were allowed to focus on, perhaps, giving a meritocratic critique of political developments and current affairs in Australia.

Though I wouldn’t mind if you had other ideas for me.


Would you be writing about Australian affairs for an Australian audience, for an international audience, or both?



My name is Dale nice to meet you all, hope your all in good spirits. I’m 24 from Stranraer/Glasgow, Scotland. Very glad to be on board. I’m hopeful I can contribute something to the party and devote as much energy as possible. I’ve recently just made a transformation with the spiritualism which has made me put my existence in this reality into perspective and gave me ambition to make a diffrence. I left the military a year and half ago, served in the infantry and deployed to Afghanistan 2010 which was my eye opener and gave me full realisation of how much turmoil our world is in and gave me the desire and motivation to get back at the psychopaths who’ve made this world so preposterous. My journey started with the zeitgeists movies and I’ve been studying/practising a wide range of subjects from eastern philosophy to mysticism, shamanism, science and psychologies etc.

I’m very active and have competed at a professional level kickboxing. I enjoy all aspects of fitness and continuously like to try new ways of pushing and challenging myself physically & mentally. I’m also a musician, play a few instruments, DJ/promote my own concept, Art, naturist, poetry and travelling.

I came across Meritocracy on Armageddon conspiracy whilst trying to source out information on the illuminati after reading a few books of Robert Anton Wilson, Crowley, Hegel etc. After the corruption of the referendum in Scotland it’s woke a lot of people up, the movement is getting bigger by the day and the people are waiting for something to happen! I’m very keen to get involved with the activist/political aspect of things and meritocracy is the solution to our failed political agenda.

Ive got a big network of groups/people that I plan on getting involved with the cause. I look forward to chatting with members about their experiences and ideas.


Hi Dale, welcome aboard!

@SeanMac is look into starting the Scottish Meritocracy Party. Is this something you’d be interested in being involved in?


That’s very positive to hear and yes I would like to get involved Roberto.


Hello, My name is Lee Kaberlein. I am 30. I live in Southern C.A
I am a truth seeker. sometimes at my own peril. I’m always learning
and will continue to do so.
I learned about the Meritocracy party through some books
that had been published by the name Mike Hockney. I was immediately
sucked in to the writing. I resonated with the message very profoundly. I
was a slave of the system. I had felt this my whole life, but didn’t understand.
but now I’m here with you fine gentlemen, and ladies.

I enjoy playing guitar, politics, comedy. I am currently acting in a play at the moment. It has changed my life for the better. I’m truly grateful for it.

I look foreward to working with everyone in our pursuit to bring equal opportunity to every child.


I am trying to set up a team to create you tube videos for the Meritocracy Party and would definitely like to acquire of your expertise in graphic design to promote Meritocracies vision please contact me if you are interested.


Hi, I’m Sean & i’m from Scotland. I should have introduced myself months ago, but better late than never…

My main language is English.

I’m 1 of the 45% who voted YES in Scotland’s Independence Referendum on Sept 18th, 2014. We lost by only 6%, an amazing result actually, considering Better Together UK had a 20 point lead for 2 years before that.

I was active in the YES campaign, my feet were on the ground delivering fliers round the doors & speaking to people in general.

Before the referendum, I wasn’t politically active, but very politically aware.
I’m more of a creative type ( music, writing etc… ) so I didn’t devote much time to changing things. It was always someone else’s job… Now I’ve came to realise we can only change the world by starting the change ourselves.

I’m married with 5 children & we live on a small island on the west coast. My eldest 2 children helped me going round the doors for the YES campaign, breaking it to them that NO had won on Sept 19th was heartbreaking. Even at a young age, they can tell it’s all bad & the power elite at Westminster are still in control.

I’m drawn to Meritocracy due to the theory of 99% who have next to nothing being controlled by the global super-rich elite 1% who have everything! It has to end. So my eyes are also on the world game as well as Scotland’s small, but hopefully important part in it.

While continuing on with YES under the new banner ‘45+ And Rising’ I’ve also taken up the anti-Fracking campaign & held 2 public meetings in my local area. I know they were successful, as people started writing into the papers about Fracking straight afterwards.

I like to find practical solutions, take direct action & i’m not too big on endless theory & debates, though they do have their place.

At the moment I’m trying to set up something seriously special by way of Scottish Meritocracy, but more about that when it’s achieved. I should be able to announce it in the coming weeks.

slainte mhor!


Hi Manuel, I would like to get involved too. I use Wondershare Video Editor for creating youtube videos. You can count me in.


Why not both? Of course an Australian audience would find it more relevant than a global audience as my country is not particularly important on the global stage, but I’m sure there would be some interest because the flaws of capitalist representative democracy as espoused in the Australian political system are essentially the same flaws that are found in other capitalist representative democracies around the world.