Introduce yourself


Hello everyone, I’m Jonathan.

I live in a remote community that is steeped in religion. There is little chance of swaying this crowd
Into a reasonable direction politically. So my efforts will have to be put forth online. I am educated in applying elbow grease to the wheel that turns the old world order; its time to do my part to stop it. I feel like change starts within, being at our best when talking to fellow men and women about the movement, firm but fair. As time goes forward, I hope to learn, teach, and support our world team the best I can!



Nickname is Somebody_Nobodysson in relation to the Germanic tradition of having your last name containing the link to being your father’s son. In a meritocratic setting, it is irrelevant who your parents are in the larger scheme of things. We all inherit the totality of the human condition to a significant degree. In a meritocratic society everybody can be ‘somebody’ based of the sound rationality of society as a whole. Everybody can strive for their higher purpose; they can achieve recognition within themselves, and within the eyes of others, and thus become ‘somebody.’

I hail from “The Great White North”, ie Canada, and I live there also. My native language is English, and I can also speak a reasonable amount of French.

My academic training is in music. I take a significant interest in philosophy, poetry and psychology. The 3 'P’s.

My Myers-Briggs type is INTP/J. I generally am always thinking of possibilities, but also can be quite critical. I work best with people who have a more dominant J function. If they have a more dominant P function or are very indecisive then my J function will come out.

I see Meritocracy as the end-game in political thinking. Liberal Democracy is failing to rise up to the challenges of our day. Rather than people swinging the pendulum back to the Right, why not upgrade the system of Democracy? Who would you rather have at the helm? George Bush Sr, Jr, or Plato? Meritocracy strives to ensure that our society is run by benevolent geniuses, rather than malevolent incompetents(or even benevolent incompetents for that matter).

People seek the end to environmental problems - Meritocracy seeks to call on the best knowledge of those best qualified to solve the problem. Those with an opinion that CAN make a difference WILL make a difference. Apply this logic to every field and you have true people power.

People are sick of partisan politics - Meritocracy does not have a need for political parties. The knowledgeable get to vote. What could be more sensible? Family ties and wealth will not solve the problems of our day. We need the implementation of the best ideas.

Meritocracy seeks to establish enlightened self-interest. A synthesis between Capitalism and Communism. Rewards and incentive are ensured to be geared towards the development of the higher self, and the higher community.


Welcome on board @Ensign_J and @Somebody_Nobodysson!

We have quite a few Canadian meritocrats, it’d be wonderful to see more activity over here: ;).

That’s a great way of putting it, we have to use that at some point!


Where are you from?
I have a mixed heritage but I was born in the Northern Territory in Australia

Where do you live?
Western Australia

How do you like to spend your free time?
I read, anything an everything. I have quite erratic reading habits so I have a tendency to follow topics from one book to another which doesn’t necessarily mean finishing the book. I have a keen interest in Physics, Geopolitics and Mathematics. I also have a keen interest in developing uncommon skills.

Have you been involved in any political activism?
Not a hell of a lot. I did try to chip in with the Wikileaks party here in Australia but that didn’t really take off.

Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities?
Some charity work

What’s your native language?

What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise?
I am currently a Tutor in a training organization that specializes vocational training in a niche industry. The industry applies various disciplines of physics to technical applications. I believe I have very good communications skills as I have had quite a variety of positions in my career. I’m comfortable dealing with people at all levels.

What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?
True equal opportunity, which is the best anyone can hope for. I believe it is the framework that can allow every child to truly reach his/her potential. The possibilities are only limited by the persons ability and imagination. Had I been born into a system like meritocracy I might have utilized my full potential. I wish for my son to be able to live in a world where his potential is within his grasp.

How would you ideally like to contribute?
I consider my strengths to be research, tactics and forward planning. I feel my strengths would be best applied in a support role.

What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?
I am open to suggestions at this point, there isn’t much for us down under at the moment so I don’t mind helping where i can.


I live in Rockwall, Tx. I would love to get together and pick your brain a little since you have a Bachelor’s in Philosophy. I’m extremely interested in Philosophy and Psychology as well, and like you, I was extremely misinformed about the Illuminati until I ran across a website on another forum ( and read the aforementioned books as well. If you would like to get together and discuss some ideas on how to get this out to the mass public I would not hesitate to do so. Just get in touch with me through this forum and we can make something happen.

Have a wonderful day,
Caleb Copley


Do you have a face if yes please send me a friend request. look for Manny Moreno (illuminati) my profile is the red pheonix emblem of the Meritocracy party. if not you can contact me through email [email protected]. I am planning to get started on a project next month this march. it is an introduction to the Meritocracy Party listing its principles and goals and a breif description of what Meritocracy is. Much of the info I got from this very page and have already created a power point. In my possession, I have a Mac lap top, i movie software and a microphone to record my voice with. Im also looking into acquiring Adobe after effects for my Mac. I would like to create a short 3-4 minute video based on the information of my power point and send it to you so that you can enhance it with your knowledge of video editing.


adding neat graphics to it and making it look and sound great :smile:


Meritocracy Presentation.pdf (175.6 KB)
This is my power point I converted it to a PDF so you can check it out. Tell me what you think :smile:


Please do use that quote if you deem it fitting in some context in the future!

In terms of some of the ways in which I can contribute, I do have some already formulated ideas for articles related to Meritocracy. I know that I’ve found articles on to be very inspiring and thought provoking. I also write music with Meritocratic themes featured in them, albeit, abstract at times. As a more long term project I have a story that I am working on which is directly related to Meritocracy.


My name is John I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio USA. I currently live in Cleveland now running several businesses. My grandfather & father were both entrepreneurs and I have followed in their foot steps but with my own corporations. My professional skill sets include Marketing consulting, graphic design, website design, SEO, and business management. I’m also very fluent with computer technology. I take great pride in helping others achieve their goals with my companies and through personal efforts. I love to share my knowledge with others and help empower them to achieve higher levels of success in business and in their personal lives when possible.

I spend my free time reading as much as I can on many topics. Knowledge is power. I am a huge advocate of physical fitness and nutrition. I workout 6 days a week and really enjoy cooking wholesome meals that feed the body with healing nutrients. Strong Mind Body & Soul.

I have not been involved with political activism but the current state of the world has inspired me to make a difference for mankind using the skills I have. The Old World Order must be irradiated, humans deserve a better situation that is not controlled by certain elite groups and families that are only concerned with control and their own wellbeing. It must be stopped and I believe we can make the change needed for a brighter path for humans and our planet.

I have not been inspired to volunteer my time to any one formally organized cause but always volunteer my time to others in the most positive light possible. I love to help others.

My native language is English.

As stated, my formal skills are marketing consulting, graphic design, website design, SEO, and business management. I’m also very fluent with computer technology. I also have excellent communication skills and understand the art of negotiations at a very high level. I have leadership qualities that have matured over my 20+ years in business.

I am a very honest, caring, respectful person that treats others with the kind of kindness that has seemed to be forgotten in some walks of life. I help others with no expectation of getting anything in return. I try to set the example that only few can respect.

I would love to contribute to Meritocracy with my knowledge and skill sets - marketing, graphic design, SEO, and management if possible. I feel I bring excellent qualities that will benefit The Movement. I would like to make my contributions immediately if asked.

Im proud and honored to be apart of The Movement. I am always here to help.

Respectfully with trust and sincerity,

John DeGaetano (JJDNOW)
Cleveland, Ohio USA


Welcome aboard John! Great to see a fellow Clevelander join.


Thank you! I look forward to contributing as much as I can!


Welcome @VeritasImperium and @jjdnow!


Thank you Roberto! I look forward to contributing to The Movement.


Hi I’m Benjamin from Canada, I stumbled across the website awhile back while I was looking into gnostic beliefs, found I can agree with much of what it says.

As a former soldier I realizes how messed up our countries foreign policies are and the joke that democracy has become. “Yes, we can” we can stay in the same system of corporate rule or we can actually become the change we seek… Had enough of that.


Hello everyone,

My name is Chris, I live in the United States.

I’ve been studying Meritocracy as a whole for a couple months, just acquiring information, asking questions, and realizing that this is the ideal form of government for the future. Even, before I knew about meritocracy, I knew something was wrong with our world and how we need to change it from old ways of life. I strongly do believe in the principle of the New World Order. This is because I want to see drastic change, new economics, new politics, just new everything. Led me also to a simple conclusion. “What’s the risk?”

I hope to someday, acquire more information about meritocracy, and I can contribute even more rather than simply just discussing it.

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Hello. I’m Elena, nice to meet you all! I’m currently studying International Politics at King’s College London, and I’m about to graduate this year. I have a particular set of skills… which are quite useless - I can read things, write essays and memorize stuff - yeppee for the system! These are the only skills I’ve been familiarised with so far from the things I’ve been exposed to. I have never done political activism, but I have done plenty of volunteering work in my home-country.
I love languages and I’m currently studying Japanese. I like reading in my free time and playing videogames. I’m an overly-honest person, to the point of being too blunt to be socially acceptable. I love learning about anything and everything, I love questioning things and making people uncomfortable. Taking people out of their comfort zone is a necessity for their growth since it stretches their limits and makes them rethink things. This can be understood as “you’re an annoying cunt” or “yeah, it’s nice that you enjoy a good discussion about anything”, depending on how prone you are to get offended.
My understanding of Meritocracy right now is quite basic, though I fell in love with the idea at first sight, and hence challenged myself to know it better by picking it as a topic for my dissertation. What’s life without a good challenge?
I’m not sure how I can contribute and what practical contribution I can make seeing as I’m not bound to any country or place (I love traveling and I love wandering - I might be in Australia next year hopefully). Also I’m a student and I’m broke xD sorry I can’t offer any type of material support T_T
I have noticed however that I can learn things relatively faster than my peers, hence I could be helped in this quest. If you think you have a specific thing I can help with, tell me what to do and I can give it a try.

This being said, feel free to message me :smiley:


That’s pretty good!! What are your plans with your PowerPoint?


Where in the U.S ARE YOU? I’m in California.


Welcome @Benjamin, @rw005 and @Zetsuboukize! We’re glad to have you all here and look forward to your contributions to making Meritocratic Democracy a reality!

How would you guys describe your understanding of Meritocracy in 100 words? You can view what others have said over here: Meritocracy in 100 words