Meritocracy in Australia

I’m looking to get in touch with likeminded people in Australia in regards to meritocratic reforms. Please get in touch.


I’m 'strayan. :slight_smile:

Hi vijay, great to hear from you. I’m in melbourne Australia. I believe you are in Sydney. I’ve read some of you posts, I’m certain that we share common goals and dreams in creating better world system. What’s your contact number, I’ll give you a call and have further discussion on creating better system here.

I think it would be better if we used this website to discuss meritocracy and other issues in Australia. That way it’s inclusive and there’s a reasonable chance of attracting more Australians to the cause. I don’t imagine you and I sharing phone calls will be very productive at all at this stage, for it appears as though we are the only two meritocrats in this entire nation!

I wanted to talk about how I feel there is genuine possibility of meritocracy succeeding democratically in Australia, as there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the two major parties. Liberal are in chaos, on the verge of doing the one thing they swore they wouldn’t, changing their leadership. Labor on the other hand have already lost the confidence of some of the Australian people with the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd affair. And in the place of the two major parties, other, marginal parties are starting to make inroads in Australian politics. For instance, the Australian Motoring Enthusiast’s Party is hardly based on any great philosophical overhaul of the system designed to bring much improved quality of life to Australians; and yet, at the last election they ended up winning a seat in the Senate. This sort of thing is happening because people are rejecting Labor and Liberal. I mean, if a driver’s rights party can secure a Senate seat, then surely, meritocracy, as an ideal that heralds the dawn of something so much more than simply allowing people to hoon on roads, stands a reasonable chance at winning a seat sometime in the not too distant future, too. There is real potential here.

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Hello! I also happen to be 'strayan! I am optimistic that one day we could most definitely have a meritocratic system here in Australia due to our relative youth as a nation and our isolation from the bastions of democracy. I do however think there are more hurdles to be overcome than just getting the message out there.

Generally speaking young Australian’s are starting to become more independent thinkers. They are also becoming more interested in how the country is actually run. The problem lies in the two party preferred system. Unless attention is actually drawn the the inherently corrupt nature of the system, I believe any headway to be made would need to be hard fought. No matter who you vote for sees the majority of the preferences filtered through to the major parties, or parties that they don’t see as a threat. It isn’t impossible but would require some viral marketing that would inspire Gen Y and the Millenials into action.

We would need to a two pronged approach, presenting an alternative government while slowly chipping away at the foundations of the current electoral system. Only once the two party preferred system is removed can Labor and Liberal truly be removed from their undeserved position, making room for the possibility of a meritocratic government. On that road would have to be the creation of an Australian Republic.

If somehow we could inspire Australians to give it a shot an play the long game, the senate would definitely be the first thing to aim for. If Palmer, his merry band of misfits and the shooters and fishers can get seats then it would probably be our best shot.

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I am fairly certain we have a state election or a local election coming up here in New South Wales, soon. Having read SeanMac’s thread “The Future is Now”, I feel like I can do something. I want to follow his example and produce a short pamphlet briefly overviewing what we’re all about and containing links to more information (including this website). I’m going to distribute a stack of those on election day, standing right next to the Labour and Liberal Party hawkers.

The idea came to me because I am well aware that a lot of voters all around the world feel that same sort of ‘fuck this’ disdain on election day, as they are forced to choose between one rubbish candidate or the other. I really want to tap into that emotional rejection of voting (because it’s only on election day that people genuinely are willing to concede that there are any number of systems better than the version of democracy we get) and promote our message as an alternative.

I’m not sure if I need some sort of legal permit for that though? I can’t imagine one needs a permit to hand out leaflets, and even if so, I can’t see that being enforced anywhere except outside the polling booths on election days.

On that note, here’s what I could find:

Does this qualify as campaigning? After all, I’m not representing any candidate or registered Australian political party. I’m promoting an ideology. Nonetheless, I’m not particularly enthused by the idea of putting down my name and address on this. It just doesn’t look professional to be using “Authorised by My name, my address”, not when everyone else is handing out leaflets that read “Authorised by X Party, X location”.

Alternatively, I am considering walking around the night before and dropping off leaflets in people’s mailboxes. Whether or not that’s illegal; I couldn’t care less.

Hi I’m from Sydney, a fellow pythagorean mathemagician if you know what I mean.
I have some pro-Meritocracy artworks on my DeviantArt page -

Hope I can be of service, if I can please let me know…


Great! I’m from Sydney too. What area are you from?

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North Shore area, have you read the Armageddon Conspiracy by Mike Hockney?

The time has come ladies and gentlemen to start the movement in australia. Who’s with me on this? Im in the process of registering a party called MPP, meritocracy peoples party.


Add me on fb Nietz Gnani

And dont waste your time putting ur opinion nd crap. Lets get practical. MPP.

Happy to get involved, the services i can provide are graphics design - logo’s, banners, t-shirts, hand outs, etc… I’m also a coder so I can make an App for mobiles/tablets. I have other skills too but those would probably be the most appropriate at this stage.

South west. The opposite side of town in more ways than just geography.

I have actually read it, but it was quite a few months ago and the details do not remain strongly in mind. I’ve moved on from reading coded fiction, which is not for me (since I don’t appear to be intelligent enough to crack codes), and instead have started focusing on Hockney’s other works, namely, the God series.

It’s great that you’ve suggested this. There are probably enough of us for something like this now. I would love to participate but I have to say that at this time there isn’t much I can do outside my local area. I don’t have the resources to be able to make a contribution to an Australia-wide approach.

Do you know how long it will take to register the party? I’m not sure if you’ve read up-thread but I plan to go on a leafleting run the day before the NSW state election, and if the party is registered then it would be fantastic as I would be able to legally distribute the leaflets (provided you authorise me!) in front of the polling centre on election day itself, which will hopefully create a much better impact then what I had in mind. The election is on the 28th of March.

Unfortunately I’m not on Facebook.

Just checking if we’re on the same page, I think we are. I made a computer simulation to test out the maths in monadology/mathmonism, and I’ve actually been able to simplify everything into one maths formula. So far there is no phenomena I can’t generate with that formula - solid,liquid,gas,plasma,crystal formation, the sinewave without using any sinewave maths functions… If you want a look into my mind u can check out my artworks & journal entries here -

I do not want meritocracy to be a registered party under capitalistic democracy, i want to replace democracy with meritocracy (its my dream). I’m puzzled on how i can replace the system without being part of the current democratic system. Any suggestions?

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Also each one of u that prepared to do this send me your mbit type, so we can work accordingly psychologicaly. I’m INTJ.

In an uneducated society democracy is a sham, completely manipulated and corrupt and the people are too stupid to realize whats going on. In an educated society with a critical mass of intellectuals democracy becomes real, any manipulations are quickly made aware and the people do not tolerate any of it. In that sense democracy and meritocracy become one. It has been analyzed that only 10% of the population needs to become highly intelligent and the remaining 90% of followers will come along. There are many different roads to meritocracy, as suggested by the coded fiction provided by our best and brightest.