Meritocracy in Australia


Well lets start counting and see how many percentage we get?


Why dont we start whattapp group and all the meritocrats in the world and see exactly what percentage we get.?
We need to get practical no point posting and reposting


Not sure that counting them would achieve anything. When there is critical mass there will be something dodgy the current politicians do that will trigger a response from the people. It will be an organic thing, once enough people have stopped watching rubbish on Youtube, and minimized their porn fix, and started reading and working on themselves. Ultimately all the previous revolutions failed. This time there will be no leaders, this time it has to happen organically from within each individual.


Are you ready for revolution? Dont worry about people.


Hypothetical: The people want American Idol, even though its just a circus, an emotional distraction which doesn’t activate the intellect. So there’s a few of us who don’t agree with it and see it for the circus it really is. So we try to take it away from the people. What do you think will happen? We will be the devils, the demons, the “terrorists” - for taking away something that most people still want.

So Haristar, you’re either a troll working for the OWO, or you haven’t done enough reading, nor enough thinking.


Read enough time to act. FWO - final world order.


We act by educating. Otherwise it will be just like the French, American and Russian revolutions - all of which proved to be failures. If your strategy is exactly the same as those revolutions you’re a retard if you think it will somehow work this time. When you lead the masses and the masses don’t understand exactly what it is they are fighting for then the whole revolution fails, that’s happened time & time again.


so what do you think by educating eventually a revolution will come into place - the ultimate evolution? It seems to me the world is moving backwards and anyone with common sense will understand.


Give me ur number i’ll call u. Lets talk meritocracy. Lets see whether u act on that.


You wish you had my number so you could give it to your boss. How much is he paying you? I bet you either grew up with a big inheritance or you’re just a bulldog employee for one of them. You’ve displayed no intelligence, no merit. You’re a loser and you know it.


Do the meritocracy community a favour and remove urself from this site. U r another sheep manufactured by society living in denial. It takes courage to be a meritocrat, which u don’t display. the greatest courage is in being an individual. I’m an individual. Because you have an answer for everything doesnt make you intelligent, in fact, it takes courage, which you lack. People like u r hindrance to meritocracy, world is better without u.


My number is 0432537928, if anyone out there who has courage to bring meritocracy to australia. Call me, i dare u, otherwise stop wasting my time on my post.


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Ok fair enough, maybe you’re not working for the Old World Order. But I think your approach has been done before in the previous revolutions I mentioned. In those revolutions there was always a tiny handful of intellectuals that pulled it off. But eventually after a very short while the systems became corrupted again - what a waste of time. Ultimately achieving very little if anything. I think the fundamental flaw is when the people do not understand what it is exactly that they are fighting for. So they do not know how to guard the system from becoming corrupted once again.

If you want change you have to tell everyone here what is so different about the approach you wish to take?

I think ultimately education is the only way that will last for sure. When there are enough Intellectuals in society there will be no turning back, that will be the end game for the OWO.

Here’s the potential risk of causing a premature revolution. The revolution takes place and people believe that everything has changed, they believe the power has been taken back from the Oligarchs. Now if this is done prematurely and more than likely led by one of their own. Then nothing will change, the same people in power now will still be in power then, the only difference being that it will be painted in a different picture to the public, another illusion of power just like the “Democracy” that we have now. A premature revolution could set us back another 100-years, another 100-years of people believing that the problem has been solved.


Because it failed doesn’t mean its going to fail again.
You’d rather try and fail than fail to try.


To do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Your plan is only based on hope. “Fingers crossed it’s gonna work out this time boys!”

I am already doing everything I can to educate people, every day I do this. This is what I know for sure will work, once someone is aware of what’s going on they don’t go back, they can’t go back. They can however chose to betray and taking money from the other side. Which has always been a problem.


If you want to see what I’m doing in terms of Education, I came up with this petition today:

What original idea have you had today?


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I too, like Hari, don’t see much chance of success through purely democratic means. What we need is some Gandhian civil disobedience. And some kind of flashpoint issue that grips society’s attention and interest - in 1929, this was a salt tax imposed on citizens of the Raj, and Gandhi and his followers were able to make a huge statement of intent by walking hundreds of kilometres to a beach, where he knelt down and scooped up a handful of salty sand in defiance of the tax. They took a sickening beating at the hands of military police at Dandi Beach after that. But it worked. With nothing more than a handful of beach mud, the greatest empire in history was brought to its knees.

Do we have the same commitment as they did? Do we accept that even our non-violent actions will see us dealt a lot of pain and punishment from the law? Because it is this level of commitment that is required in order for civil disobedience to work. Personally I have to say, I don’t, at this stage. I’m only 21. I’m not yet ready to sacrifice everything for a cause. We have to be honest with ourselves and answer these questions before we can ascertain what is the appropriate course of action for our circumstances. I’m not going on a Salt March or getting beaten down by Liverpool Police anytime soon, though I know I will be able to fully commit every fibre of my being to the cause in due course. So what is to be my appropriate course of action? I think the best way is for us all to find a couple of other meritocrats in our own cities, and then focus on turning three to ten, to twenty, to a hundred. We can’t embark on a program of civil disobedience without some substantial number.

I do not advocate violent revolution because it is impossible in this country, with our tough gun laws, for the people to violently overthrow the Ancien Regime.

I am an INFJ and if you really want to talk to me then PM me for my number.


I think so, though you seem a lot more mathematically intelligent than I. I’ll take your word for it regarding your mathematical modelling, because even if I looked at it, it would all be way over my head.

I looked at your DeviantArt profile and I love that shit. You’re quite talented :slight_smile: