Introduce yourself


Hi Steven! If you have any society-critical reggae to recommend I’d be happy to hear :smiley:
Nice that you are here, you probably already found but here’s the link to more information, anyway.


Hello everyone i am from Mexico.

I currently live in Juarez City, northern part of Mexico.

I spend my free time going to school i’m about to have my bachelor in computer science in 4 months, i go to the gym i like to lift and reading a lot about everything.

I’ve been involded in varios political groups from the PAN in Mexico to other Fascist groups from mexico, seriously they need more “spirit de corps” because their internal fights are big trouble and mostly they lack preparation to make it to action.

Yeah i’ve been involded in volunteer activities they were great.

My native language its spanish.

I’ve know about web developing, networking, i also know a bit german im very good talking to public, helping other develop emotional smartness and other things i’m pretty good at everything i put effort to.

I’m confident on my self, abilities, i always like to start and finish thing well made, i’m pretty clever also and have a good memory for most stuff.

Meritocracy its equal rights for everyone that have the skills to be in the position, help others and dont abuse power in high positions make everything better for anyone that have the skills and dont abuse it for our selfs.

i would like to help meritocracy in every way, but i’m more action oriented…

Helping with my skills on the internet in every possible to people that speak my language.


Hi Steven! Nice to meet you. I too am a huge fan of Jamaican music (though I prefer dancehall to reggae, reggae is too religious for my liking) and it’s very interesting that you bring up the Rastafari movement. I think there’s a lot of potential there because it’s the only (aside from our own, of course) religion/ideology/lifestyle in the world that actively teaches that the world is fucked, that there are elite forces at play that have enslaved us all throughout history; and that it is our solemn duty to defeat them. It’s just a shame that these noble ideas have been paired with Abrahamism. But nonetheless if you were to have a conversation with a Rasta about meritocracy alone, and about how wicked the capitalist system is, we would find much ground in common.


Hi Klockars - yes thank you, I did find the site you linked to. I have a lot of reading to do. Before I do, I have a question about Meritocracy that perhaps you could answer, “What is the movements position on freedom?”

Have you listened to any reggae before? Bob Marley? -


Howz it freddie_kane? - Yeah, I hear on the subject of Rasta and Abrahamism. - Truth be told, I bet more people than not who listen to reggae have little idea of the connection between the Rastas and the Bible.- At least the Rasta’s take on the Bible is rooted in a far more accurate translation and interpretation of what the frik’n book actually says. For example, nowhere in an accurately translated Bible does it say/teach about this place called hell, yet most Christian religions are rooted in this concept. A true Rasta would never say he is religious, he would say the religions of the world are Babylon… “…hear the pastor man, preaching, to corrupt the minds of the weak…” -Black Uhuru song “Emotional Slaughter” - - - I went to a Ziggy Marley show some years ago, and the very first thing he yelled as he walked on stage was, “FUCK RELIGION!” - - - But yes, their connection to Jah is undeniable.

In my opinion the Rasta did nail it when it comes to Unity, Unity within God, and life ever-living when they busted the term " I&I " - - - I am not a Bible thumper at all. My higher power is reality. To me, the exploring of truth and the truth of reality it is the only path to the true God, in what ever form that may prove to be. Think about it, did reality not create the earth? Did reality not create me? Do I not live in reality? Does reality not exist in me? - - - -To me, reality is Jah. heck Jesus said,"… I am the truth…" so I do not think I will burn for eternity in this mythical place called hell for thinking along these lines (ha ha)

I still need to learn more about the Meritocracy movement. It is not enough for me just to know that I have found a group of intelligent people who know the problem of the ruling class exists. It appears that there is nothing but good intention going on here, but good intention, in and of itself will not cure humanity’s woes. There are lots of groups who offer these things, but, truth be told, I have a good feeling about the Meritocracy movement. Life can be compared to an algebra equation, we gotta do things in the right order, and do the things “Right” in order to get a true outcome… if we mess up on simple addition, we will never get the “right” answer.

Shit, I tangent out all the time - - - Yes, I see the Rasta as a huge asset, ally, and/or tool, to fuck Babylon up! Or, at the very least, reggae provides some good tunes that motivate me


Hello. My name is Tyler, I am 24 years old and from NY. I was born into a very right wing / christian family. I started to have serious doubts at a very young age about what I was being taught and it didn’t take me long to renounce the beliefs they had been trying to force on me. By the time I was in high school I no longer wanted anything to do with it. I only first became familiar with meritocracy about a year ago. Some of it was difficult for me to accept at first, however the fact that society should be run by the most intelligent and most meritorious people is obvious and that neither free market capitalism nor marxism can ever provide that for us is undeniable. Once I had done some reading and given it a lot of thought I found myself agreeing more and more with the political and economic philosophy of meritocracy. Personally I am sickened by privilege and want to see a world where everyone is given the same chance to succeed.


Hi all,

my name is Aaron Cierzo, my mum is English, my dad Italian although I can’t speak it as I should. I am from Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. I still live there today, I went to university to design computer games at London South Bank. Also attended college practising I.T.

I have learned about Meritocracy and know this is humanities only hope for our future, I want to help push this into the mainstream and destroy the elite who are laughing at us all the way to the bank. I want to find people like Rosseau, Robespierre and Weisaupht to make this happen.

I have not taken part in activist events as I should do but this is generally because I cannot find those who want Meritocracy like I do. I can help because I am great at talking to people, I have always made friends not enemies. I can help people realise the enlightenment is needed now!


Greetings everyone, I am Sol from Chicago, born and raised.
Free time is spent reading, writing, exploring movement (dance and martial arts). I’ve only started getting my feet wet in activism, due to all the conditioning and fear mongering it had been hard to get any support for anything that mattered. I’ve marched against Monsanto, rallied against the TPP, and done what I can to increase awareness among my sphere of influence. I haven’t done a lot of volunteering outside of my own fields of expertise as of yet. I speak English and am learning spanish. I work at massage therapy and all around trouble shooter, and operate from a holistic perspective that has worked well for me and others who work with me. I am a story teller, healer, game player and warrior, though I only fight for love and necessity. And fun, but never bully anyone. I am currently investigating my potential as a mathematical intuitive and have been known to “bring the party” where ever I go.

My current understanding of Meritocracy is something I have been waiting for quite some time. All my life I have been surrounded by evidence of the horrors the rest of the world seems to be waking up to in recent years. I have stories to write, stories that need to be heard, stories that will make the listener ache for that which the Meritocracy promotes. Originally I was working on establishing some kind of Self Improvement Method to reach the layman and bridge the paradigm gap… its slow going but building momentum. Since learning of the Meritocracy and the Movement, I am inspired to Up my Game in reaching out to people.

As for what I can immediately contribute, I am making myself accessible for correspondence, whether to be active in a group or project already in progress or to initiate something in my area. Thanks for welcoming me, I look forward to moving forward!


if you are interested in economics and monetary policy i think you are the key person for meritocracy. I am in research of ultimate governance hence i am looking for people who can work for developing and framing the sustainable economy.

For example if gold is the money than how come the gold of UK and gold of China differ all we have to see is the said and required purity. But the world says the gold that Americans have is of more valuer than what Indians have. Why there should be a different value for money? How is monetary going to answer this.

Well the sustainable economy is very complex subject to achieve but after my research for past 10 years I found that in a equipped governance a structured economy can be created and therefore evolving the sustainable economy where no one will be in poverty.

I am in need of people in to economics to develop such which will be the key of ultimate governance that is a meritocratic government.

Please let me know what you think and how can you support. I think we have to communicate more flexibly than this medium.



I am from India living in Mumbai. I have been in the research of ultimate governance for the past 10 years and discovered the name meritocracy and a structure of governance in total meritocracy rather Meritocratic Democracy. I started in a quest to solve gender equality which took me to humanities, economy and governance. In life everything is interconnected to each other. I started the organization called “Meritocracy Revolution Organization” to spread knowledge to people that their every day life is resultant of the system of governance in place not any other unknown factor. I am in a mission to develop the sustainable economy and meritocratic system of governance. I have opened a page in facebook for the same.

I am an engineer working for refinery/petrochemical plant construction company, career to live my life.

I have joined this place to find out the like minded people who can give hands in support for the design of the ultimate governance. I am hoping to bring all those who are behind for meritocratic governance in to one platform to fight strong. There are many people who have started working; all I want to ask is, do we have the answer for all the questions? We have to join hands come together and play an instrumental part in framing the Meritocratic governance.
Our spirit should be one if we have to defy democracy.

Some points from my discoveries,

Equipped governance + Definite Laws = Order + Structured economy => Sustainable economy + peace and harmony

The structured governance is in such a way that every individual irrespective of gender is in employment and that every adult have to earn ones own income. The structured governance can kill objectification, weakness and primitiveness in women leading to complete gender equality.

The American open market free economy might have been doing good all these days but one has missed to look into it deeply that for one has to win one has to lose. For example Nokia has 1000 phones and Apple has 1000 but the customer there to buy is only 1000 so it is definite you have to lose some part; say Nokia sells 400 and Apple sells 600. This is the situation here for everyone.

They say recession I just laugh, because if we are human we have to consume to live, if we consume then we have to buy, if buying is continuous how could recession be? Have people started to eat less?

We need to frame the complete mechanism of a system of governance that will evolve in the future great life to every individual. No mater wherever you are from end of the day you are living for you, just because you are a British you are not going to help another fellow British in trouble. You are not earning money for Britain. All are there to find happy life for themselves.

Lets not forget from capitalist to workmen it is the citizen of the country. A right government shouldn’t let any one into lose.

A company closes its operation out of taxation policy the sufferer is the employees and their consumption suppliers. Recession is caused due to the lack of knowledge of market demand and lack of calculation on future demand of particular product. Since everything is highly interrelated and interconnected to each other we have to design an economic system where there is no way to failure.

The poor man who has no money for his own basic needs populate 2 and more how one could bring good life to the kids. If killing a person is brutal making life where there is no hopes of better days of economy is not brutal? Democracy in India has led this situation where one have the right to populate even if one has no stable economy for ones own basic needs thereby leading to deadly poverty.


Hi AlexdeLeon, have you seenñol/839270626107709?fref=ts ? It may be a place for you to collaborate on your goal to help Spanish speakers on the internet. The owner of that page translates MeritocracyParty dot org articles. Whether you want to work in translation or do something else, I’m sure they would love to see you!


Hi, my name is Ailsa and I live in Surrey with my husband and two boys.


I am Trevor and I am interested in helping the MP get real power. I live in Wesctliff, Essex, so anyone sharing my ideals, please contact me. Roberto has my details.


Welcome to all the newcomers! We’re glad to have you here :).


Where are you from?

Hi, I am from Milan, Ohio (Birthplace of Thomas Edison), but it is a Norwalk address. It is near Sandusky, OH (home of amusement park Cedar Point).

How do you like to spend your free time?

I like spending my free time hanging out, playing sports, video games, listening to music, gaining knowledge, and having fun.

Have you been involved in any political activism?

No, but I’ve always taken an interest in history and government. I grew up liking the civil war and I’m a descendent of General George B. McClellan. The words of JFK have also been of interest.

Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities?

I’ve been in food drives, fundraisers, Big brothers/sisters, the Salvation Army, and maybe some others.

What’s your native language?


What formal skills do you possess,
vocational, academic or otherwise?

I attended a year and a half of college, but I’ve recently stopped. I’ve taken philosophy, ethics, psych, business calculus, astronomy, English, history, and computer tech.

What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself?

I’m athletic, can usually relate with everyone, good at speaking, and kind. I also consider myself enlightened to a very high degree. I can make people see. I would like to say I can sit at any table, with anyone , and be able to inspire and converse.

What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?

My understanding is Meritocracy is one of the few real parties here today. It’s been hard to follow many of main parties today as they seem to cross lines and blurr their true meanings. I don’t necessarily agree with parties as they still create separation, but Meritocracy seems to be the one community to come together where everyone can fit. I also haven’t felt the sense of community or belonging in a long time. I’ve hit a wall and I can’t figure out how to build my life in this world. Meritocracy, is close to what I’ve been looking for and the cause is just. It is what the people have been waiting for and needs.

How would you ideally like to contribute?

I have a strong core and would like to lead.

What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?

I can keep giving my insight when it is needed to the people I come in contact with and lead us in the right direction. Also give them Meritocracy, and show people there is something we can do besides feeling helpless.



Welcome aboard @Greasy!


Hello everyone,

  • I’m from Belgium.
  • I currently live there.
  • I play video games from time to time (mostly those involving strategy), I read (recently bought a Kindle because some of the books I like were only available in this format) and I also like listening to music.
  • Never. The current political system is a masquerade and, to be completly honest, I stopped voting (even though I might be in trouble for it someday because it is compulsory in my country).
  • Not really.
  • My mother tongue is french.
  • I own a bachelor in computer science (programmer analyst). Other than that, I like to believe that I am good at psychology (my strong intuition often allows me to “grasp” people and their intentions very quickly).
  • Highly rational, logical and perfectionist. I’m not bound by convention. (my Myers-Briggs type is INTJ).
  • Quite simple actually. To me, Meritocracy is all about Equality and Justice. I believe that everyone must have equal opportunities in life, no matter what your background is, how rich your family is etc. People should be judged on their merit, on who they are, not what they own or whose children they are. Everyone starts the race of life at the exact same line, and the best and most meritocratic individuals rise to the top so that their expertise benefits everyone else. I support 100% Inheritance Tax.
  • I’m open to many things, but I think I would particularly like to write/translate content about Meritocracy and everything revolving around it.
  • Is there any subject that could be translated from english to french ? If yes, I’d gladly help.

Apart from all those basic questions, here is my story (in short, don’t worry). :smile:
As far as I can remember, I’ve always been a meritocratic individual and, unfortunately, it oftens brings you trouble (mostly because you don’t conform with the norm). Even as a little boy, I remember feeling kinda different from most people.
As I grew older, I often had to “hide” some aspects of my self in order to get where I needed to go and do what I had to do. Nevertheless, it never changed who I am and what I feel. And what I feel is that the world we currently live in is a mess on the verge of collapsing. What better moment to change it ? Then, some years ago, I stumbled across this website :
For the first time in a long time, I actually felt hope. I thought that I had actually found a group of people who share the same objectives and ideals as I do. I read the whole thing over the months and got more and more drowned to it as I continued. I started reading their books too and I have to say all of this is dazzling. I take it some of you are familiar with this website because it talks about the Meritocracy Party and Meritocracy in general too. However, I might be wrong (and if this is the case, I strongly recommend you to check it out). Anyway, here I am now, a 24-year-old man ready to make a change and invest myself in order for Meritocracy to rise !

PS : Please bear in mind that although I’m fluent, english is not my mother tongue so there might be some mistakes here and there.


To start with, I am adenekan mudashiru olalekan. I am from Nigeria. I live at Alabgado Ijaiye Ojokoro, Lagos State. Nigeria. +2347055219994, mudashiruadenekan at gmail dot com. I will like to spend my free time by communicating and sharing my ideals. No, i have not been in any political activism in my life. No, I have not involved in any other volunteer activities. My native languages are Yoruba language and my official language is English language. I study accounting as my diploma and I am also learning international languages which are Arabic and Chinese language. My personal qualities are ability to analyze, to see the details of each situation, put in order, problem-solving, understanding people’s emotional feelings, build bridges between people and between ideas, diplomatic, optimistic, thinking in solitude, planning, information gathering and management, decision-making, organizing, flexibility, reliability, teamwork, inquisitive and communicative, attention to details, adventure, freedom, discovery, innovative, open to new progressive concepts, willing to experiment, meeting people, monitoring ability, concentration, energetic, active, careful, intellectual, accomplished, committed, approachable, confident, imaginative, creativity, articulate, curiosity, and mainly to serve and assist. Meritocracy for me is equal opportunity for Every Child and I see as good movement to stop poverty nation wide. I will like to contribute my ideal and talent to this group to achieve is goals. The logical step would be to set up a political party in my state and create awareness.


Hi @Ghufmatka and @Olalekan_Adenekan, welcome aboard! I look forward to seeing you around here :).


Hi everyone! Gonçalo here from Portugal.

how could i start…well i was born in a small farm where i developed my curiosities about the world, when i grew up, started making my first friends, little later when first pc`s appeared in my zone and i got used to the midia, i was hypnotized by the wonders of the world, i soon realized that those most of those wonders would never be granted for me…as they never were granted to my poor family…revolution started to grow in my subcounscious.

As my personality developed and my parents managed to improve greatly our life quality,my revolutionary side was put to sleep, as i beggan to gain the habbits that most people around me had and tried to fit in, and discover what things, habits and new experiences i would enjoy most.

I was satisfied with my life to a certain point, but something wasn`t right, something was making me to focus on the future, and in the meaning of life itself, and i could not see myself like others in a sense, i always felt different in some strange way at the time, this feeling evolved, specialy at the point when i meet someone very special to me in Spain, and i admired this person for the type of “unnusual knowlegde she had” by more or less the same time i was stucked in conspiracy theories of all types,trying to make sense of it as it was inflaming the most profound feelings i had about the world…

But now i was confused and invaded by fear of all possibilities, but i was still not satiesfied as some considerations arrised in my mind that no theory could explain, eventualy my horror search for the questions of life that i could not formulate myself properly led me to the A.C site and little after i started reading it, i was striked by an amazing felling like “that`s it!! this looks like the questions and answers i was looking for”

I was electrified by that site and after a long study, the more information i aquired the more realized i felt, i started to understand the world better in a way no one i knew could explain, and beggan to grow very rapidly at a personal level , in a sense the site gave me my wings for self improvement.

Im INTJ/ INTP in Jung terms i cant really pick up scince some times im very perceptive and other very judgemental, Im the kind of guy who likes to hang out with his most dear friends and to have a time for self improvment and reflection on my own…in my free time i like to sit with my friends and talk, im not so friend of parties as i used to be, i like video games, i like to meet knew places and knew people (even if im not very good at it). I`m friendly, curious, interested, and increasingly more corageous and sef determined…a big defect i had (one thats being fixed) is that i used a lot to try to understand others and had little care to make sure that others understand me, offcourse i had to uderstand myself first.

About the others opinion…some say im extraordinarly intelligent, some say im stupid, some say im a visionary, some say im an idiot, offcourse the people that see my qualities are those who know me better and the ones that trust me most, most of them are also introverted, nothing out of the ordinary.

I dont really have any formal skills yet because its very hard for me to think of some job that i would like to do all my life but im on the last year of my formation of industrial manutention, and thinking on take managment of industrial manutentions, through im not very happy about it.

I never got involved in activism, and some years ago i didint even know what was the exact meaning of that word, for the reason that when a watched politics talking on tv as a kid, i felt their speeches in general devoind of meaning, like something that looked exagerated complicated and looked just like some “get around talk” anyway im now giving the right attention to this very important subject.

Meritocracy for me is what it is…a political ideology, that has the objective of putting the most talented individuals in their rightfull place, in the name of evolution, progress and quality of life, also this system doesnt have disrespect for others and wishes to give everyone an equal opportunitie, and to nourish every individual in the name of productive cooperation…this for me is the most glorious vision of society. :smile:

I would like to contribute for meritocracy in every way i can, but im still discovering how to do it best acording to my qualities and personality, but i have a will of fire to put meritocracy in practince since i got here, but im sure i will discover some things in a near future since im still need a full time for me to goo trough all of your ideas here in the forum. This was my introduction of who iam and how i got here and what i think, sorry for any grammar errors, they are most lickely to be here since i rarely write in english.

Cumplements from Portugal to everyone in the meritocracy forum.