Introduce yourself


Hello everyone,

I’m Yannick, a 22-year-old student from Southern Germany. My subjects are (Contemporary) History and Rhetoric, for my M.A. I’ll move to the Netherlands in August to advance my studies in September.

I spend my free time reading, writing, travelling, learning languages and getting excited about life. I published some experimental poetry in German literature magazines and am mostly involved in projects at the Universitys’ department of History. My main focus is shifting towards Colonial History, Global History and Historical Discourse Analysis/Intellectual History.
Furthermore, I’m interested in fitness, nutrition, Taoism, shamanism, ethnology, music (Stoner rock/metal, sludge, classical heavy metal, jazz and much more), cooking, wine, German and Belgian beer and lots of other nice & profane things.

Due to my general scepticism concerning politics, I’ve never been drawn to any form of political activism or party politics. I always prefered being detached from contemporary events and observing the way concepts and ideas evolve, but in fact, I was never satisfied as I constantly aware of the fact that I needed to express my political nature (after all, everyone of us is a “zoon politikon”, as Aristotle put it.) My main field of activism has always been literature, but after finding out that there is a shattered community of meritocrats on the internet, I thought that might be a good possibility for a contribution and exchange of ideas.

I’ve been blessed with a truly European childhood (born in the Netherlands, raised in Northern Italy during early childhood, moved to Germany at the age of 4 years). I always had highly sceptical views of status quo politics, but I always despised left- and right-wing activists for their totalitarian approaches. So, at one point, I consciously decided to leave the classical terrain of political thought in search for a superior model of society. Meritocracy has always fascinated me as a concept, but I always associated them with the Chinese Han-Dynasty and the political system of Singapore. I took some time until I realized that the basi elements of meritocracy enable us to blend the best of Western political thought - personal responsibility, social justice and, political stabilization and dynamism at the same.

Personal qualities… wow, that’s a tough one! Anyway, basing on what friends and strangers told me, I would say: I have a strong diplomatic gift, a convincing speechmaker and orator, but nontheless rather calm and considerate. Politically, the future of Europe is a huge concern for me, as we re witnessing a dangerous process of political desintegration caused by ignorant by the ignorant creation of economal ties between countries that don’t share common conceptions about productivity, output and efficiency. Seeing the results this is causing is just terrible…

I would love to elaborate some of my ideas in English and in German, but before I am able to dedicate myself to such an endeavour, I’ll just spend a bit of time getting in touch with your ideas.

To me, meritocracy is what a democratic (let alone communist) welfare state would never be capable to do: To combine social justice with a high degree of productivity and genius in all fields of economy, research and public life.

Glad to join the forum & greetings to all of you,


Hello all,

I am Nemesis (nicknamed after my “personal” goddess) and although I am of Greek descent, I consider myself a citizen of the world since I have lived in various countries and have been exposed to a wide array of cultures, ranging from the Persian Gulf to Greece and the US. I am completely bilingual in both Greek and English, with some knowledge of French. I do have some studies in art history & archaeology but I am mostly an autodidact in many subjects as I find formal education very limited. Particular areas of interest include astronomy, astrophysics, space exploration, (yes I do have an incredible fascination with and love of space!), quantum physics, ancient civlizations, psychology, mystery religions, biology & genetics, anthropology.

I have very strong religious views as I despise the Abrahamic religions, having dismissed them as an insidious, sadistic form of mass control long ago. Needless to say that I find religious childhood brainwashing abhorrent. I have been lucky enough to have been raised without any religious indoctrination whatsoever, while having come in contact with all major religions of the world. It is one thing my parents did absolutely right!

I am a borderline INFJ, with my F and T being very close. I want to note that I am a very private person and do not enjoy talking about myself, except to those few who are very close to me. As a result I feel somewhat awkward writing all of the above about myself, although it is a good exercise towards extraversion!

My main talents? I would say writing is something I can handle fairly well, as well as “reading” people and getting to the core of situations.
Ever since I was a child I have wanted to unlock the mysteries of the universe, to lay bare it’s deepest, darkest secrets. I prize knowledge and intelligence above all. And integrity, something the world is in frighteningly short supply.

I have always been a meritocrat. I am a hard core idealist with an archetypal thirst for truth and it is what has lead me here. However, being also a rebellious realist, I know fully well that the world will not turn from it’s current orgy of greed, philosophical corruption and intellectual degradation, without blood and toil. I have not been involved in political activism but I do share radical ideas and spirit that are on par with the AC website. Our world is in dire need of a spiritual, intellectual, artistic, psychological, philosophical and scientific renaissance and if I can contribute to that, even behind the shadows, then it will be a lifetime not wasted!

Now on to a topic that sadly has been mostly overlooked, even on Meritocracy (although that rests also on the people of this country) and that is Greece. I have lived in this country pretty much for the past several years and I must say that the current drama being played out between Syriza, the IMF, the EU and the ECB is of worldwide, historical importance. The last five years have driven the economy to the ground and have ushered in a dark ages in the labor market. The global banking barons, the local oligarchs and their cronies are doing their damnest to crush any opposing voice and teach anyone in the west a painful lesson (so they think) who might begin to consider that there is a viable alternative to the plutocratic dictatorship we currently live under. The bottom line is that Meritocracy, either as a fledgling political presence, or merely as an idea, does not exist in Greece and perhaps now is the right time for it to do so.

By the way, I did glimpse a Greek translation by someone here and I need to check that out!

On a final note, my time on here may be erratic due to various obligations, amongst which is a new baby, but it is not only quantity that ultimately matters :wink:


Where are you from?
Hello, my name is Martin, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Buenos Aires Argentina.

Where do you live?

Buenos Aires

How do you like to spend your free time?

working out, reading, watching documentaries, learning languages and skills ANY skills. I fell like I’ve wasted to many years of my life being complacent so I am desperately trying to catch up now.

Have you been involved in any political activism?

other than standing up for the little man whenever I can no, I grew up poor but my mum spend all her money sending me and my sister to the best school she could afford. I experienced inequality first hand for most of my life and I gave up on humanity pretty fast. I didn’t believe in any political system, nor I believed that humans could cooperate without falling prey of corruption and selfishness.
Over the years I developed my own set of ideas of what I consider to be a good political system, and you guys are the closest thing to what I envisioned. I finally have a cause that I believe in and I can rally for.

Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities?
I contributed with activist groups in my country who push progressive ideas like marriage equality, cannabis legalization, feminism, ending racism, the separation fo church and state and such. I believe that you can’t stop big corporations from shitting all over the people but you can win the cultural battle, specially now that we are all connected trough the internet.

What’s your native language?

Spanish, but I speak English, Portuguese and I’m picking up french and italian, always self-taught. I need people to practice btw!

What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise?

I’m a network engineer by trade and a computer tech, that’s what pays the bills but I’m mostly interested in history, sociology, psychology and philosophy. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about storytelling and game design. My goal is to be able transmit ideas to the masses in an engaging and effective way like tangential learning.

What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself?

I’m and idiot in a holy quest to stop being and idiot, that means that I’m open to other people’s ideas, I’m constantly reevaluating what I hold true, I question everything, even my own senses. I’m in a happy poly-amorous relationship with 2 girls so I know I can be a good listener and partner. I believe that personal qualities are meaningless if you can’t prove them with actions. so I live by that idea.

What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?

I picture humanity as a giant organism, as above so below, we are like fungus growing on the surface of an apple, the more we grow and consume, the more our planet decays. We are destructive force but I believe we can change that. As our minds evolve and our collective-consciousness expands, we can switch our efforts from destroying each other and the world we live in, to a more rational, aware, cooperative and positive force in the universe. Today we are faced with a choice, to evolve or to perish and I believe that meritocracy is a good way to archive that.

How would you ideally like to contribute? What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?

I could write articles for the site, spread the word. I think I can put up a nice crash course on self improvement. If you free your mind the rest will follow and what we need right now is more people willing to change themselves in order to change the world. We need to encourage those changes, once people start to think for themselves, they will naturally arrive to the same conclusions we did.


Hey Sumeet…my self Ravi and I also support this kind of thinking which can really enhance the chances of poor for not being poor and thus can really work for our country like India…Can we join hands to do something concrete. .can connect on fb [email protected]


I am from Indonesia.

I live in Indonesia too.

Sometimes I watch YouTube and play games in computer.

Not really, I guess.

I am a genital integrity activist, though mostly I went incognito and only active through Facebook, it might risky to be an activist when you have all the fanatics opposing your oppositions.

I am a native speaker of Indonesian language, if you like to, I could translate the Meritocracy website.

I had some psychological college education, though I didn’t finished and graduated back then.

I think I don’t have much, if any, outstanding qualities here. No, really.

I had been active in “The Pub” for some months, and as far as I can remember, I agree that the government of today are un-meritocratic, if not anti-meritocratic. I am interested because we need a new world now, more than ever.

I can translate to and from Indonesian, for starters. If there are enough participants in my locality, I wish to form a regional center of activity. I had already talked with some at “The Pub” and they said I could ask here if I can begin translations of the website. So I guess I will inform it here and now that I am doing that.


Dear all,

It is a pleasure introducing myself to you.
Let me get started with a few information:

I am from Germany and currently living near Nuremberg, probably known for some of you.
Freetime is spending in sports, family, friends, japanese sports culture like Kendo etc. (but unfortunately I have no link to manga, anime etc.)
In total, I have done some political and other volunteer activities starting with debates, volunteer to include international teams together means getting in touch with different cultures across the world.
Highlighting traits would be organizational, interculturals, strategic planing and execute plans as well as keep sucess tracking. Those traits are linked to my profession as a consultant.
As my job includes working with teamleaders, xEO levels etc. I often come across the problem, that any organization is run by someone who has not the right qualification for his current position. And this just made me over the last year thinking, that it is not right that people with the real skills and especially people who are real leaders are not able to get the position they and therefore the company deservers. Though thinking of it, you could probably believe that beeing a consultant would not suit the idea of a meritocracy in total. Despite the fact, that consulting in the past has been sorted to capitalism and especially beeing in part responsible for many wrong company descissions, I believe that the individual is responsible for actions. And if you have the wrong person in crucial positions and can lead to a lot of problems. Anyhow, my understanding of Meritocracy is simple:
Having the right person, in the right spot at the right time :wink:

Contribution from my side would be ideally in the area of creating a party in Germany and planing actions, gaining members etc.
Immediate actions, well let us think if some quick shots can help and let us discuss those.

If you have any questions, just ask me.

Cheers - Muji


Hello to all, my name is Tony, I am almost 49, and I live in Oregon, U.S.A. My goal in life has always been to seek the truth and uncover the lies. I am an deep thinking introverted type person who respects real people, not “actors” trying to be something they are not. One of the best quotes I have ever heard comes from Edmund Burke, an English Statesman, who said “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Since then I have used my skills at writing compelling posts to try to open the eyes of others to what is really going on in the world. Unfortunately, many are not willing to listen to the truth. Anyway, I had what can only be described as the most profound and deeply moving dream I have ever had a few months ago. I saw a series of equations and the universe, and realized that mathematics were the fundamental truth of the universe. The dream moved me deeply. I too believe that major religion is nothing but a tool to control the masses. I have always believed the true “church” is within one’s own heart. Everything in the Universe is connected, and I am a firm believer in the collective consciousness. I have read many Near Death Experience books, and it’s always the same story, beautiful, moving, people had access to unlimited knowledge, their spirit guides were with them, and most didn’t want to come back. Those who did were changed forever. What I bring to the table is a vast knowledge of subjects learned through extensive research. Reincarnation is real, and many studies have been done using kids 5 years and younger (after that age they lose previous life memories). In every case the child told the researcher what they did, there previous name, where and how they died. In every case, the evidence proved the kid’s story. Each life is spent learning how to become better and more enlightened until you learn how to fully know yourself. We each have a part to play. We have come to a tipping point in history. The U.S. government knows this and is conducting military exercises in 15 states, called Jade Helm, all designed to train troops in putting down civil unrest. The dollar is going to collapse very soon, and the gold that we used to have is long gone. This is why they will not open up Fort Knox, nor allow any country to view their own gold in the Federal Reserve Bank. Jefferson warned about the banking system. The Great Depression was manipulated just to enable the Federal Reserve Bank to be allowed to open in the United States. Banks control everything. They finance the wars, they keep countries in a perpetual state of owing. One banker once commented, “our ultimate goal is to have every country so far in debt that they can only make the interest payments.” Leaders who don’t fall in line will end up dead, or overthrown by some fake radical group. I look around at people today and am saddened to see what has become of us. So, seeing sights where the Illuminati were blamed for everything, I decided to research the history of the movement, and realized some serious misinformation was being done to make them look like evil people bent on destruction. I have found that doing research takes a lot of patience, because so much b.s. is out there. I read Jung’s statements about a person’,s mental makeup and it all seemed very true to me. I have known for years about the Bilderburger Group and the Rothchilds and the real power structure of the world. As always, follow the money. They control the masses through the media, through all sorts of manipulative systems, and now are even spraying aluminum oxide particles in our skies. This is why there have been so many die offs of aquatic and bird and insect populations. There is a movement to stop them from doing it. Supposedly this spray is used to try to reflect heat away from the planet, however aluminum is a well known toxin that causes dementia and Altzheimer’s. Naturally the powers in charge deny it all, but science is science, and many people have shown highly elevated amounts of aluminum in their system all over the United States. I believe it’s all part of their continued dumbing down of people. By keeping people sick and dumb, big pharmaceutical companies profit, and the true agenda of the elites remains hidden. Here’s a link to their site to prove this story I have stage 3 Parkinson’s, but still can type and have lots of time to research and write, so that is what I am offering to do for this group. I can help put out the message to others. If the dollar does collapse, martial law will ensue. The time for change is now, when people realize that our economic system has been a disaster that made a few people rich, and the rest of us are brought down to our knees. I love sharing stories and insights with others. This is how we learn. Enlightenment, that’s what it’s all about, that and personal growth. Thank you for reading. I tend to type lengthy comments.


Hello Tony! It would be great to read your comments on the topics of this forum.


Hi Ray, the Inheritance Tax FAQ at MeritocracyParty dot org would be the best first project, if you’re still interested. There’s a message for you on fb regarding same. :slight_smile:


Done the Meritocracy FAQ. I am taking a break for now, doing the Inheritance Tax FAQ later, maybe starting the 17th or 18th this month. Maybe I could e-mail what’s done first. How about it?


Hello, I am Zach from West Bromwich, living in Birmingham. I am a nature and outdoors lover mostly, spending what little time I have doing a bit of walking or cooking up some clean food to live an optimal healthy life. I haven’t been involved in political activism before but Meritocracy has put a hook in me with some of it’s goals and it’s history. Native language is English and I am a professional driver by day and hold a PCV license. I keep physically fit by following a natural fitness technique called MovNat in the U.S or Primal Play in U.K/Europe. The last 6 years I have been studying evolutionary fitness and diet and found out some alarming truths along the way regarding our current corporate system and food industry. We are not being told the truth about healthy food lets just say. This also led me to realise the power of the global elites when it comes to profit over people. I found out about Meritocracy accidentally while just browsing the internet and found I found it very eloquently written and enlightening. Meritocracy speaks to me on a lot of levels as I have always been a logical thinking person, and abstract thought never appealed to me. I would like to meet other like minded people, promote online either overtly or subtly and hand out leaflets.
Oh and my Myers-Briggs indicator is ESTP.


Hello, I am Drew from Baton Rouge Louisiana US. I am 24 and studying at LSU. I choose to try and do the right thing. This can be hard for me knowing what to do. I will put my energy into this cause. I classify myself as an INTP. I have a diverse character. I can act i guess. I have gotten good at talking with people. I plan on starting a meritocracy club at LSU. I am meeting people already.

One thing that I have done is that when I was at Baton Rouge Community College, I went through SGA and put on an event. We did a reading of Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. I got my philosophy teacher to interact with the crowd after, It was a successful event.
It would have been good if we had meritocrats in the crowd. So that we could have brought the discussion about free market capitalism and slave labor or something (if you read the letter, you will see the relevance of it today). Brought it to the root of the problem and then offer our solution. This could attract more meritocrats.

I am going to try to do the same thing through LSU, though through a different organization.

I have leadership skills and can be funny. I am having trouble knowing what I should do, I am having a conflict in knowing what career I should choose. I’m just going to try and understand life and have an impact on it, at the very least I will imrove myself and individuals in the process. At least I can bring together souls, so that we may improve ourselves and have fun changing the world in the process. Ourselves and our political Ideology.

Meritocracy is a way for us to unite our individual wills into something that we can agree upon. It is a system that contains diversity. It is a good vehicle to transform our world.


Hello, my name is Stian. And i am currently living in Norway. I am a northerner (which is about as close as you can get to the north pole) but now live in the south of Norway.

I don’t really have that much free time at the moment but what little i have i spend with my kid and family, otherwise everything is spent on work or personal projects. And my work (which periodically consumes a large amount of time) is security, i work freelance as an intelligence consultant and military contractor, and my field of expertise is south-east asia, so obviously it’s a busy time these days :slight_smile:

Personal projects however is something i always set aside a certain amount of time for, and this usually varies from pro bono services or “pet projects” or hobbies, like games or literature.

My previous experience with political activism probably goes back to my years in high school, when i was younger (and i’ll admit, naive) i was very fascinated with the ideas of social-democracy, communism and socialism. Over the years i moved on to classical capitalism, environmentalism, technocracy and finally meritocracy. Learning more and more on each step forward. But looking back i have realized that i was always a meritocrat,

Over the years i have participated in a number of political movements and parties here in Norway, helping out in elections, participating in questionnaires and debates, and both ran and financed a campaign.
Parties i have helped create, campaigned for or just been a member of are:
SV (Socialistic Left)
Høyre (Right)
Hålogaland (Separtists)
Borgerrettighetspartiet (The Civil Rights Party)
Folkets Velferdsparti (The Peoples Welfare Party).

I try to participate with volunteering when i can, i currently help two humanist European organizations by smuggling or transporting secularists out of oppressive regimes, primarily in the middle east and north-east Africa. I also help out at the local salvation army when they are doing something for poverty alleviation.

My native language is Norwegian, but i speak English pretty much fluently and i am “kinda tolerable” in other languages necessary for my work.
I suppose my formal skills would be both vocational and academic, well, close to academic at least. I study any subject i can whenever i get a hold of new books, as for personal qualities, i do try to be open-minded yet objective. Perhaps even a little bit pragmatic i guess, i am also a quick learner and well-articulated, much thanks to my current job.

My understanding of Meritocracy is pretty straightforward i think, its a system of merit, practically speaking, to let the expert govern the field correlating to the expertise, or to say it differently: To have an economist in the finance department, and to have a civil engineer or structural architect in the department of infrastructure. Simplified of course, but hopefully the point is easy to understand :slight_smile: The meritocratic system appeals to me for many reasons, first of all, and just to clarify; I very much believe that most people will support a political system which would profit or serve them personally (that is the pragmatist in me speaking by the way) and in that sense, meritocracy is appealing to me personally because it would be a system which would benefit me.

The second reason, and the strongest one; Meritocracy works. Its been tried again and again in history, and it has so far never failed. It brings technological advancement that benefits all people, it creates economic growth in a sustainable way, it encourages responsible governance, and it has made previously unstable societies both safer and more secure.

So before this post gets way to long (I suspect its already a bit over the edge) i want to contribute in any way possible. My skills might be a little unorthodox, but i offer them to any here who might need it. And i can write, i am well articulated and have experience debating so that might be useful, i can create advertisement strategies, help with wording of a message or translate to both tagalog and norwegian.

As for practical contribution i can start immediately?

I want to connect with other people from Norway, i need at least two other persons. Once we meet, and agree on a platform we can register for a political party at once and “get to work”. I have a network that can be usefull, both for getting into media or having financial support, i am also close to a number of people in national industry and entertainment through my work which could be beneficial. I also have access to web related resources to have videos and web pages up and running in less than a week.

What i am basically saying is this: Once i connect with two other meritocrats from Norway, we can have a Meritocratic party in Norway up and running the very same day.


Hi Stian! You can ask Roberto about translation projects. If you get some basic texts translated you can also make them visible in Norway and that way attract Norwegian meritocrats to get the party running.


Thank you, i will. I noticed the wiki “Meritopedia” and i thought that might be a good place to start.


Hi Stian, Welcome! The best first two docs would be the FAQs at MeritocracyParty dot org. Then there are some foundational articles that explain important concepts, too.

The landing page for MeritocracyNow dot net is a helpful intro as well:

Thank you for stepping up!


Hey all, my name is Christian.

I live in Sydney, Australia, I have previously been involved in political activism with minor electoralist parties here, so I know about some of the pitfalls and problems they face but also how to do other cool things. I study two degrees at the University of Technology Sydney, the 1st is a bachelor of science majoring in biotechnology, and the second is a new degree offered at UTS called the bachelor of creative intelligence and innovation. Aside from science, I also deeply enjoy learning about history, politics, philosophy and other cultures.

I have been frustrated by the massive problems in the so called ‘representative democracy’ that exists here and by the pettiness of all levels of political debate and activity in Australia (also the rest of the world). A participatory, knowledge and education valuing democracy of merit is a really exciting idea when you take a good look at what else there is being advocated.

I am really keen to get involved and find out about what is happening in Sydney and Australia. I have a fairly wide range of skill sets so I guess what I do is dependent upon what happening.


Hello all, my name is Connor!

I’m a British Citizen and have grown up in the Merseyside, then later the Nottinghamshire Area. Recently, I’ve become more and more disillusioned with the political situation of the United Kingdom as I’ve developed my political identity. With this, I’m currently studying at A-Level for my first year, and taking government and politics; alongside History, Philosophy and Ethics and Law. I am hoping to take a course in History and War Studies once my A-Levels studies are up and get a Joint Honours in that.

Again, like Christian above me, Representative and “Liberal” Democracy has been shown time and time again to be a façade with those of genuine opinion being sidelined to childish debate and jeering. The current career politicans of many countries, especially those within the United Kingdom have used the political apathy combined with the stranglehold of “safe-seat” culture into creating a system which only seems to develop more controversy and furthermore causes problems in regards to parties going back and forth.

I am on edge to learn and find out more about Meritocracy within the United Kingdom and will be definitely raising the ideals within my classes.


Hi there to all Meritocrats!!!

My name Is Adrian, live in Johannesburg South Africa and am 40 years old

Have been lucky enough to have been brought up in a family that did not give me any beliefs and therefore was a free thinker from an early age which enabled me to question everything that other people were believing in, so I guess it was inevitable to finally come across the AC website around the 2008 - 2009 and discover the greatest true understanding of existence that I have ever encountered.(Really am no mathematician and just getting through the God Series will take sometime and quiet a few re-reads, but Loving it!!)

I have 3 kids that are going through the teenage years and they all think their Dad is a little mad of course, believing in the “Illuminati”, I guess its understandable due to all the dis and mis information…

My Skills are practical in nature, was on a quest to design Functional Art using sacred geometry, but got grounded in trying to market and sell. (Defiantly not a sales person)
Am good with computers as they can really teach you anything and should be the way forward as far as education goes.

Being stuck in this corrupt system trying to survive even though am still one of the lucky ones who have parents who help financially when things are tough, I realize we the lucky ones need to put all our energy into making this change happen.

We started a Non Profit Organization Called Imvelo Future Earth Watchers with some members from a nearby township, and started designing a community model using shipping containers as housing and off grid power solutions for energy, also incorporating growing of food and skills development and just about every dialectical synthesis of evolving humanity forward at the underprivileged level.
This process has taken years to first get registered as a NPO all the bureaucracy just really stops things from happening almost in its tracks, but never the less have a pretty decent proposal with drawings on how we could achieve this idea, and of course funding it would be a whole other ball game…

We would adopt Meritocarcy in these community models of course!!

Wondering how to start a Meritocracy Party here in South Africa, and looking for some advice from yourselves.

Was thinking about the crowd funding option as there are quiet a few web sites here in South Africa, where you can post your ideas (Generally Business related) and people can search for and fund these ideas.

Alrighty that’s My Story in a Nut-Shell, Looking forward to working together and transforming our minds to evolve our world!!!

Cheers for Now.


Where are you from?

Where do you live?

How do you like to spend your free time?
Mostly reading then astronomy, gardening, bass-guitar.

Have you been involved in any political activism?
I am involved in an legalized association that write down a blueprint for the New World (Miscarea Dacia - The “Dacia” Movement) but I despise the political parties and the popularity contests named as “elections”. Also, I consider that the political parties are just tools for “divide et impera”.

Have you been involved in any other volunteer activities?
What’s your native language?
Romanian (romana).
What formal skills do you possess, vocational, academic or otherwise?
General and oncologic surgeon.

What personal qualities or traits would you highlight of yourself?
I’m smart, I have a tremendous ability for syntheses and a longing for a just World. I run a website where I mainly translated meritocratic ideas from English to Romanian.

What is your understanding of Meritocracy and why does it appeal to you?
Rule of All by The Best, in the superior benefit of All. I believe it is a prerequisite for the reification of Justice.

How would you ideally like to contribute?
I’d like to activate in a realy Meritocratic group to guard the Meritocracy against the “Ben Bernanke’s type of meritocracy = Plutocracy” and to implement it in society. It is one of my goals at Miscarea Dacia.

What practical contribution can you begin making immediately?
Translations from English/French to Romanian language.

Keep in mind that Meritocracy, like free markets, is a Mean and NOT A GOAL and the Merit can have different values depending of the reference point. I agree that “best opportunities for all children” is a very good reference point. Unfortunately, best opportunities can be also understood in the light of greatest security (like that of the animals in the farms) or in terms of maximal optimization of all and everybody.